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  • Me too. So annoying after 3 attempts. More so as they applied the update before the last Event ended resulting in ps4 players not getting the last two giveaways due to the servers going down early for almost 2 days. Event Campaign 1 had same issue resulting in them not giving the last token to get the Epic Ship prize…
  • Me too. Can't believe we are the only ones having this issue.
  • Thank you for the info. I would like to have a good looking ship with all these on though. Ship no.1 does look good.
  • I've purchased both FED interior add-ons. Like Voyager better. It would be great if Cryptic made ourselves and bridge officers larger on ALL bridges so our feet touches the floor when seated. Also fix it that they actually sit on the chair and not above it. Add option to place our other bridge officers at stations not…
  • I hope that they add thes to the ship as a 10th Anniversary year gift, 5 forward weapon slots, 4 aft. 5 Device slots, 4/3/3 combo on tactical, sci and engineering. And a built in Enhanced Battle Cloak. 2 Hanger Bays.
  • Hello Cryptic. I've levelled up on my other FED characters to the stage game gave me Duty Officers. Created a new one and S'stas again did not give me any Duty Officers. PLEASE FIX
  • I hope that they add two hanger bays on ship 1. Watched the video, they put one on but moving the design around the end result had no spot for it anymore.
  • Hiya. I've got the same issue with not getting the Event Campaign Progress award for February 28th, and days after. I only needed 50 ECP but bug issue stopped me claiming my token to get prize ship. I don't see why the ECP arrears can't be linked with the progress points of the latest event progress over the 14 days IT…
  • Due to the Borg Resurgence Bug, I did not get my Daily Event Progress on Friday 28 Feb 2020. Today is 20th of March 2020 and I am at 18 Daily requirements for the 10th Anniversary ship. I want my two Event Campaign Progress to get my Epic-Tier Phoenix Prize Starship. I only needed that last one... 2050/2100 on PS4. No buy…