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Not getting Duty Officers from Lt. S'stas.

gilles#8843 gilles Member Posts: 14 Arc User
After completing a story mission (as Klingon character) I got a message from Lieutenant S'stas to see him to collect Duty Officers from him. When I go and speak to him, there is no prompt from him for me to collect them. Please can help and fixed as soon as possible so I can do duty officer tasks.


  • gilles#8843 gilles Member Posts: 14 Arc User
    Hello Cryptic. I've levelled up on my other FED characters to the stage game gave me Duty Officers. Created a new one and S'stas again did not give me any Duty Officers. PLEASE FIX
  • sthe91sthe91 Member Posts: 4,128 Arc User
    Still waiting for it to be fixed for PC.
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  • millefune#8468 millefune Member Posts: 291 Arc User
    This has happened to me too, but for PS4. From a Google search, it looks like a bug that has been around, and remains unfixed, for a long time. :-(
  • avinhgence#0752 avinhgence Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    I have two (formerly three) Klingon characters on PS4 who did not receive their duty officers from Lt. S’stas as well.
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