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  • I'm choosing to be hopeful, even if it's
  • The one worrying part about this deal is that they didn't ONLY buy Cryptic but PWE too. I'm hopeful, but won't hold my breath.
  • I thought so too at first, but I deliberately tried running ahead before anyone could light candles, or in that spiderweb hallway where a few groups spawn, there is no light there but they still died.
  • This sounds like it's gonna be a new TFO event...but we are missing a LOT of story leading up to here. Like others have said, no WAY Quinn would let Leeta anywhere NEAR ESD! It sounds fun, and I'm assuming this is what the attacks on Tribble were testing, but we seriously need a lot of IN-GAME story to clarify things.
  • Lmao XD Also, I'm calling it now: I HIGHLY doubt enough testing was done on the personal transporter and I can totally see people breaking the game and going places they're not supposed to.
  • Agreed, no idea what they were trying to test, but they way to did was a lot of fun. Not sure what they're proper handles are but Brian and Mercy were great hosts.
  • Those aren't real issues. The spawning was just the devs being trolls intentionally spawning them on the respawn point, maybe part of the test? As for the V-rec clipping, that's because they were never meant to be spawned on the map, definitely not 5 at once. I for one had a LOT of fun during the test. Only issue I noticed…
  • Legacy Tokens don't advance campaign progress, is this broke or intended? Also, how often can we use them? I recently found a few on some rarely used chars and dont want them to go to waste. The last few events didn't let me turn them in, will the next two events for the campaign accept them too?
  • I'm a little confused, so far Legendary ships have all been different specializations from their basic T6 counterparts, unless they weren't "full" specialization ships. Like the T6 Defiant having Pilot seats but no maneuvers, and the Legendary Defiant does. But the Nerendra was already a full Temporal Cruiser, was…
  • Am I the only one who uses Inhibiting Polaron? But they look so good on Jem'Hadar ships! I just want to admire the ships without the stupid bugged fx in the way :'(
  • Only problem with this idea is that BattlePass' usually require you to play EVERYDAY to get the "good" rewards. If I can take SOME breaks and still earn the rewards fine, but even I can't play STO that much. Also, just want to say I find it funny that they didn't bother creating an official forum post for the ship, they…
  • I'm also having this issue. Tried both Chrome and Edge (or whatever it's called now), browser doesn't seem to matter.
    in Buying Zen Comment by gilion August 2020
  • Love all the references to "Crazy eyes" Gowron XD Never liked him as Chancellor, but damn, he had some of the best none vocal acting I've ever seen with just those eyes.
  • Hold up, is that Robert O'Reilly? I'd know those crazy eyes anywhere!
  • $120?!? That's insane! They're obviously only expecting people to buy it while it's on sale, but what sense does that make? This pack is for players who don't play too often, or are new and wan't to skip the grind, and obviously the whales that need EVERYTHING. The last group is going to buy it immediately, but money can…
  • Plenty of pro's and cons in this pack. Some amazing skins, and real happy it comes with a Command Oddy. But some of the other Spec choices are a little disappointing. Most disappointed that the TOS Connie doesnt have a 5/3 loadout though. Also, hope the lock box Konnie is getting an update to 5/3 to match the bundle. Every…
  • I swear the Doctor slapped someone before. Also, why does it look like it's raining in the pic?
  • The DIsco story arc so far has been amazing, PLEASE don't ruin it with a poorly conceived Holo Stamets! Either you include a piece of dialogue (optional even for people who don't care) of how they got a sentient holo version, or make it the real deal. You could totally pull another Enterprise C and say something happened…
  • That Holoemitter better be the decoy Asteroid from the show.
  • That's what I'm thinking. *DISCO S2 SPOILERS* I REALLY hope that Control isn't hiding on that disk.
  • Very good read, kinda want to re-play the attack on Utopia Planitia now... even if it will make me feel like an TRIBBLE :P One minor nitpick though: Exotic particle generators? Isn't "Exotic particle" supposed to be a vague term used to describe any kind of by-product generated from special anomalies? Edit: lol really?…
  • So first, I't only T6 ships that are going to be level-less, everything else is going to stay as is. Not sure about fleet T6 though. This is also going to be a retroactive upgrade, meaning any T6 ships you already have will be updated to work like this, so as soon as the feature launches, you can make a new char and claim…
  • Ya, I'm also really disappointed with how lazy this "new" TFO is. With the level of quality that the story missions have had recently, I was expecting something way better than this.
  • ... I don't care what kind of well thought out technobabble you come up with to explain it, the spinning saucer section still looks stupid XD
  • I feel like people are yelling for/at me when I didn't mean this to be that big a deal. Yes, I know things change but this: Is why I'm upset. Ya the Swords can be still used as a melee weapon, but without the ability I basically spent about $20 for a shiny weapon skin since they're no better than a bat'leth. Sure, those…
  • I know of a few people who bought them for the exact same reason. I don't understand WHY it's a problem though. You can ALREADY summon an army of pets, why does the sword need to be the one thing boffs can't use? Exactly, when I tested it, it actually took my boff a good 5 min to use the power, and only then it was after…
  • Almost 5pm EST and still getting this problem.
  • I second this. ... Since when has PvP been balanced? But ya, I agree that the stat bonuses should go, we don't need more power creep. And as much as I like more rewards, I'm worried that this is just going to make the inflation in-game even worse.
  • Wait he did? What happened? XD For the most part I get what you're saying, allied ships in general need a buff. That being said you could have left out this part, like what's so bad about healing?
  • Is this a problem on higher difficulties? Because I never encounter this on normal.