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  • Yep just tried again and never ended. This was the worst TFO yet. They need to put some type of barrier around the star base that nothing will get stuck.
  • Thou at some resolutions the CSS seems to run into the inventory. Maybe a fix in today's patch? Or one soon afterward?
  • I am glad it will be resolved. I did not encounter the issue because I finished the last two events completely and got my T-6 ship. However, a lot of folks did not and could not progress. I hope that Cryptic will give all those who entered a ticket one day progression at least. My friend all three TFO's at least three…
  • I think some people are confused as to the Event prize and the Campaign T-6. I have Claimed the T-6 and I show the full campaign 2,100/2,100 total points. My guess the first two events were linked and was a progression. In any event they still should be giving credit for this event if you finished or not the last two. That…
  • All, I got credit and I did get the T-6 Claimed and 2,100/2,100 from the Event Campaign I event. I understand that many that are getting credit also finished the Campaign and received the T-6 Coupon. This may be the missing delta that needs to be fixed by the Developers. Everyone should be getting credit for the current…
  • I am getting timeouts when retrieving characters. It seems they have a network issue going on yet again :(
  • You have to create a Romulan then claim the bundle that you procured. Then the Reman is unlocked. I know it is a bit backward, but that is what the link states above to do. However, they did not say you needed to be a Romulan first to claim the bundle. Trying this on my Klingon that did not work, so created a Romulan and…