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  • Hello @edrickvellorin, thank you for your answer. My question was more tongue-in-cheek and spiced with a pinch of cynicism, as I was hoping @AmbassadorKael would follow up on the discrepancy between announcement and implementation, and also to make it clear. Thank you for confirming this discrepancy and helpfully…
  • It really is. Thank you for taking a look at it. Regarding proof as a picture, or similar - in my case it is as follows according to my memory (joined in 02/28/13): I have 15 character slots available on a regular basis. 14 of them are taken. Three I got as an F2P player, another four when I became LTS on 04/06/13, an…
  • Well, then I join the chain of those who miss a character slot after the patch from May 25. Unfortunately, I also have no proof by picture or the like. The silver account still has its three free slots available, but my LTA account has been stripped of the last free slot. I sent a ticket for this yesterday.
  • Greetings! I`m from Hamburg, Germany.