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Am I misunderstanding something here?

carly2013carly2013 Member Posts: 6 Arc User
Hello all,


so either I'm misunderstanding the written word, or the announcement that all previous packages will return to Mudd's market at a 50% discount is wrong. All I see is the wormhole package with a 35% discount. The three previous packages, whose names I can't come up with at the moment, are not shown, but the two "Into Darkness" packages are at the regular price. Also the Gamma Vanguard package special offer, after buying the Gamma Starter package is not taken into account, although it is an expansion bundle. So where is the error? In my understanding of an official announcement or in the discontinuation of the same by Cryptic/PWE? Thanks in advance for a clarifying answer and until then my wallet will remain closed for safety's sake.



  • edrickvellorinedrickvellorin Member Posts: 346 Arc User
    edited June 2021
    As far as Mudd's bundles, I see the same thing you do. Most are missing, the one that is there isn't 50% off. As far as the Gamma Vanguard expansion pack, when not on sale it should show up at a lower price as I recall, but right now for some weird reason it's showing up as on sale from full price for me even though I already have it and did buy the starter previously. So it looks like something strange is going on with that particular expansion.

    Edit: Just noticed something that makes this even weirder. Gamma Vanguard Expansion is listed twice. Once as unpurchased, once (with discount) as purchased. So one shows up with Not Purchased filter, one shows up with Purchased. The non-discounted one shouldn't be showing up at all for me since I bought the discounted one.
  • carly2013carly2013 Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    Hello @edrickvellorin,

    thank you for your answer. My question was more tongue-in-cheek and spiced with a pinch of cynicism, as I was hoping @AmbassadorKael would follow up on the discrepancy between announcement and implementation, and also to make it clear.

    Thank you for confirming this discrepancy and helpfully supporting my request.
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