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  • lordmalak1
    Can you clarify if the 'infinity prize ship' as rewarded in the 'Voth advance' event is a single character unlock or an accoutwide unlock for all characters please ?
    February 24
    • strathkin
      It's single character just like the Lockbox or Promo ships are
  • strathkin
  • gaalom
    I have tried putting this up in the Bug report section many times before. This is a critical game breaking bug. When you load into a ground map your keys linked to selecting a specific row of abilities will not function. Its not a rare bug it happens far too often. The other bug is your traits you pick when loading between maps will wipe your trait choices most notably space traits. This can really mess you up on a mission if you do not catch. Lastly during melee combat you at times will lose the ability to click on any of your abilities. In fact you have to jump up and down to get them working again. This is not a snare, root, or other game mechanic. Myself and another KDF player battling each other in a mock Bat'leth fight. My abilities ceased to work. I could not swing my Bat'leth any direction.
    January 29
  • slar#6042
    Per ARC Supports request, I am posting this bug report here.

    Hello, ———-!

    Thank you for contacting Player Support.

    I am sorry to hear that the Universe-class Temporal Heavy Dreadnought Cruiser is unable to equip Support Frigates. Do not worry, I will be taking note of your ticket and raise it to the developers for further investigation. I strongly encourage you to share your experience on our bug report forum to support what I will be passing on today. For your reference, you may use this link. Posting this on the forum is also a good way for other affected players to pitch in their ideas and experiences. The QA and/or development team reviews all submissions here. Any fixes or changes in-game will be posted on the Star Trek Online news page.

    Please submit a new ticket if you have other concerns or queries. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention!
    GM Etelia
    Game Master
    January 25
    • slar#6042
      Bug Report: The Universe Class Temporal Dreadnaught is unable to equip Support Frigates(Frigates from Support Carrier bundle), while the Romulan Valkis Class Temporal Dreadnaught(confirmed) and the Klingon Durgath Temporal Dreadnaught(unconfirmed) are both able to equip them. The three Temporal Class Cruisers are the same ship, however two are classified as carriers and one is classified as a cruiser.

      I own both the Valkis and the Universe. I have attached photos to this ticket.(Unable to attach photos to this post)

      I am almost 100% certain I used the support frigates on my universe before.


  • strathkin
    Yea, I'd love the Walker bridge for the Garagin, or Titan to allow for Lower Decks access. The same would be nice for the Romulan Scimitar Bridge, or the default Origin Bridge for each faction slightly modernized, given a little Aquarius treatment with Holo displays.

    Saw Ten-Forward, regarding interiors customization. Be however nice to customize through expanded Trophy Mechanic to replace Chairs, Desks, Rugs, Lights, Paintings, Artifacts, Musical Instruments, Beds, and others as they do in Ten Forward, Ready Room for Wall or Floor Trophies. If they allowed Trophies being acquired another way, with Zen, Lobi, or GPL & DIL, or something else. I think it be a nice to reflect more of the Captain's personality in those 3 rooms of Starship interior; if not changing textures, floor colors, etc..
    January 17
    • strathkin
      While replacing specific sized rooms of a blank canvas (empty holodeck example), filled with a graphic overlay base template, till changed at ship tailor for rooms purchased or acquired rooms be ideal; or changing floor, or wall textures colors won't occur from Ten-Forward. Still think most be happy with the above... ...love to show our Captain's personality more on their ships!