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The Timeline Needs You!



  • saurializardsaurializard Member Posts: 4,115 Arc User
    edited September 12
    The improved stuff and cutscenes are welcome and well-done if short.

    But I raised some eyebrows at some transitions during a couple of missions that make me feel either it was rushed or some scripts are missing.

    For instance,
    -once you place the bomb and successfully defend Chekov, you casually beam, transition to the timeline observatory and Daniels goes all "That was close, I thought I lost you there". It feels like a cutscene of the Orion ship blowing up just as you beam out is missing.
    -the first part of the Battle of Caleb is still badly implemented as you have to wait for that one Klingon ship to decide to go to the next script.
    -During the cloaking reveal cutscene, the pursued ship keeps switching models.
    -The Klothos is a D9 instead of a D7
    -While the previous cutscene where Kor kicks your TRIBBLE felt weird since you'd be likely to trash him, it was still better than him now simply despawning without even transporter effect when his HP reaches 0.
  • legendarylycan#5411 legendarylycan Member Posts: 36,764 Arc User
    I'm just tired of playing humans, and things that are humans but mildly different. Oh look, a taller human with pointy ears! Oh my a green skinned human! Oh this one is blue with tiny wiggler antenna, very different.

    Every mmo it's humans and either taller or smaller ones with different shades of skin. I want to play ANYTHING but, hell even the Caitians are barely different, but they're different enough.

    Elves: Humans with a haughty, self-absorbed, holier-than-thou attitude and pointy ears. May or may not be: nature lovers, edgy or excellent at bow use.
    Dwarves: Short hirsute Humans with a temper. May or may not be excellent miners and heavy drinkers.
    Orcs: Green humans with protruding lower canines and a bigger temper. May or may not be societal outcasts and thus highly likely to be bandits.
    Halflings: Short humans who refuse to wear shoes. May or may not be generally peaceniks and have a love of light narcotics.
    Goblins: Short greenish humans with large noses and leathery skin. May or may not be possessed of limited intelligence and an extremely aggressive nature.

    I think that covers most of the overused fantasy races, and those tropes tend to leak into sci-fi races too. I am SO glad for any game that does a race that ISN'T any of the above, or at least does them up in a way that isn't usually seen (Like Dragon Age with elves that are city-slickers and in no way graceful or possessing of any superior qualities to humans).​​
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  • opsjoyopsjoy Member Posts: 25 Arc User
    I like the TOS missions, but I noticed I can't get the Tier 1 Constitution there. But what better time to fly her than during those missions?
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  • phoenixc#0738 phoenixc Member Posts: 3,738 Arc User
    edited September 21
    angrytarg wrote: »
    > @unclegoldie said:
    > Actually, the first Caitian seen was Lt. M'Ress in the Animated Series which technically takes place around TOS era. The hairstyle mentioned is from that character. Even though there's been debate for decades over whether or not it's canon, there were a couple of references to TAS in Enterprise.

    Lower Decks referred to TAS multiple times as well. They even showed a picture of Kirk and Spock lifted directly from TAS at one point in a really clever way. So TAS is definitely canon for LD, and unless you want to sideline animated shows in general, it's fairly well established to be canonical now.

    The story goes that Roddenberry, himself, decided at one point that TAS wasn't canon; however, I believe it was decided to be canon by CBS/Paramount sometime later. (BTW, since TAS was produced in the early 70s, M'Riss' hairstyle more reflected that period than the late 60s.)

    That was a time that Roddenberry went on a rant and declared that he did not consider anything he was not directly involved in canon, which included TAS, all but the first movie, and most of third season TOS (because he was so busy with administrative/diplomatic (schmoozing) matters as executive producer that he did not have the time to do much that season with the creative end of things), but he recanted the rant a week or two later.

    It didn't take Paramount long to realize that Roddenberry getting so frustrated at being locked out of Star Trek by the movie division that he started venting like that was risky because it stirred up the fanbase so they offered him TNG (though by that time he was distrustful enough of Paramount that he insisted his lawyer be installed in the production team, and that was an unmitigated disaster since the lawyer was a toxic troll who liked to make everyone miserable and drove away every single writer they had in the first season).

    And his final word on the matter before he died was that it was all Star Trek and all canon.

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