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Revenant Ascendancy - The Mycelial Network, U.S.S. Solare, Science Vessel, Location : Classified



  • drysonbennington#2140 drysonbennington Member Posts: 51 Arc User
    Its been another long week on the U.S.S. Solare. Continued reports from Alpha Point has the crew worried about loves ones and friends as an unknown virus continues to plague solar system after solar system. At least 25 starships have been found adrift with all crew lost to the virus. Starfleet Academy and every science facility across the Federation has been feverishly working around the clock to develop a vaccine, but to no avail. Most major cultures have been effected, including the Romulans and Jem'Hadar. Uneasy truces have developed between all major cultures as the race against time continues to push the virus deeper and deeper into all territories. At least 750 billion souls have been lost across regions at last count. I assure the crew on a daily basis that their family members and friends are safe and that we need to continue to focus on our mission.

    Out probe of the Drift hasn't returned much other than some feint filament anomalies. The most telling was a human looking face, seen below. The research teams and first contact specialists have tried numerous times to contact the unknown species using all known communication forms. We have even tried to use the Whale Probe song along with V'ger's language but the only reply that we get is dead space.

    My conclusion about this face is that it is somehow linked to an ancient grid of cosmic thought. Thought that might have come from right after the Big Bang. Thought that came from the other side and into this Universe where it sought to mold and shape creation anew. I have it the name, the Revenant Stardust, after our own ships Engineering and Science ship.

    "For we are all connected to the Universe through the dust of the stars and like the light that we are all made of, so to would the light carry our very beginnings across time and space through the Unseen Light of space and time, like the revenant, the Revenant Stardust is a long gone aspect of ourselves risen from the dust of space and time. An aspect of ourselves that reminds us that we have a long way to go to find out who we really are and what our place in the Universe is, what the place of the Universe is,in all of space and time itself. The Revant Stardust reminds us that No Matter Where You Go, There You Are."

  • drysonbennington#2140 drysonbennington Member Posts: 51 Arc User
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    Its been several weeks now since word of a viral outbreak across most major sectors was relayed to the Solare from Alpha Point. The crew is nervous and concerned about their families and friends back home, but I have assured them that Star Fleet has the best and brightest minds working on the cure. Losses have so far been severe but manageable. Seventy five starships lost with all hands due to the virus and at least one trillion dead. Manageable they say. Uneasy truces have been agreed upon by all sides as no one appears to be safe, not even the Romulans. Where ever the virus came from it spread fast among the populated sectors of space. No one is certain where the pandemic started or who is patient Zero, the sciences are baffled at how the virus got past the buffers of the transporters, though most think that the virus was brought aboard a shuttle craft from an infected planet. The outbreak seemed to happen all at once causing upwards of 100 billion in all sectors in the Federation reporting to Sick Bay all at once it seemed.

    I told Alpha Point that we would be do our best to develop a vaccine.

    Our probe of the Drift hasn't returned much other than a few filaments, one a human looking face and the other an alien looking body that seemed to float be floating in space. The sensors of the Solare were able to track the alien body but, no matter how many frequencies we tried with the transporter or tractor beam, the beams just went through the filament.

    We even tried using a shuttle craft to collect the body but the shuttle only passed through it every time. Shogath unsuccessfully tried to collect the filament using an EVA suit, but no matter we tried, our attempts were fruitless. To date we have only found a single alien body among the wreckage.

    Could the alien have possibly have been part of the crew of the Drift? Its dimensions of being over 8 feet tall does fit into the same dimensions of chairs found in the Drift at what appears to be stations of some type. All of the Orb stations were the same, each having a central podium with an orb on top of it made of an unknown material that is clear. Each orb was the same diameter as the other but had varying facets of 360, 720 and 1,080.

    On a lighter note, the crew has affectionately named the alien body "George."

    Alien body found near the Drift ( actual filament discovered in photo taken on 5.1.2020 of an unknown star)


    The second image, the human face, appeared on our sensors as a living biological but as we continued to scan the coordinates, the face seemed to phase out of biological activity and into a state similar to that of the alien body. Being this far on the outside of the galaxy, I can only wonder if the filaments that we have encountered are some residual of the First Beings to possibly have founded the galaxy or possibly even had created it. Beings, that came through from the other side of the Big Bang looking to create life a new in our Universe or possibly even the first form of sentient thought. After all we are all made of stardust and light. But what was the purpose of the Face? Were we looking at ourselves in the past as a reminder that we have a long way to go until we get to were we started from? Back to our beginnings to create a spark of life somewhere else with the knowledge that we had learned in this Universe?

    I named the face Revenant Stardust after our Engineering and Science Lab ship. A fitting name seeing as how the face reminded me that all life has a central point of origin and like the dust that covers the ancient temples long thought lost on a 1,000 worlds, our hands will wipe away the ancient sediments of space-time to discover who are, what our place is in the Universe and the place of the Universe is within space and time itself.

    Revenant Stardust, the hands of time emerged from the temples and revealed more its secrets, secrets uncovered that makes us only ask more questions and dig deeper to find out who is under the sediments of the past. Will we find ourselves before the sands of time covers us up like the temples of old only to be discovered by the hands of others as filaments of a memory of space time itself?

    The Face of the Revenant Stardust ( actual filament discovered in a photo taken on 5.1.2020 of an unknown star, also comes from the same photo of the Alien Body named "George."


    Face of the Revenant Stardust with light curve enhanced to make it stand out in greater detail.

    In the enhanced photo you can see the nose and eyebrows of the Revenant Stardust along with the twinkle in its right eye. There are also what appears to be two planets near the left eye, one larger than the other, possibly a reference to Earth.


    Image showing the relative position of "Jed" and Revenant Stardust to each other.


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  • drysonbennington#2140 drysonbennington Member Posts: 51 Arc User
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    Ichthys Particle discovered in a recent sensor scan of the Unseen Light of Creation of space-time using my 127mm Star Max.

    Stand your ground United Federation of Planets, there is no enemy of Creation that will ever defeat you as long as you are one.

    Complements of U.S.S. Solare, Deep Space Exploration Carrier Group, location: Classified. Transmitted to the Federation via Alpha Point 6/16 at 0216 am.

    Will post the image later when Imgur isn't throwing a fit.

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