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Revenant Ascendancy - The Mycelial Network, U.S.S. Solare, Science Vessel, Location : Classified



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    Its been another long week on the U.S.S. Solare. Continued reports from Alpha Point has the crew worried about loves ones and friends as an unknown virus continues to plague solar system after solar system. At least 25 starships have been found adrift with all crew lost to the virus. Starfleet Academy and every science facility across the Federation has been feverishly working around the clock to develop a vaccine, but to no avail. Most major cultures have been effected, including the Romulans and Jem'Hadar. Uneasy truces have developed between all major cultures as the race against time continues to push the virus deeper and deeper into all territories. At least 750 billion souls have been lost across regions at last count. I assure the crew on a daily basis that their family members and friends are safe and that we need to continue to focus on our mission.

    Out probe of the Drift hasn't returned much other than some feint filament anomalies. The most telling was a human looking face, seen below. The research teams and first contact specialists have tried numerous times to contact the unknown species using all known communication forms. We have even tried to use the Whale Probe song along with V'ger's language but the only reply that we get is dead space.

    My conclusion about this face is that it is somehow linked to an ancient grid of cosmic thought. Thought that might have come from right after the Big Bang. Thought that came from the other side and into this Universe where it sought to mold and shape creation anew. I have it the name, the Revenant Stardust, after our own ships Engineering and Science ship.

    "For we are all connected to the Universe through the dust of the stars and like the light that we are all made of, so to would the light carry our very beginnings across time and space through the Unseen Light of space and time, like the revenant, the Revenant Stardust is a long gone aspect of ourselves risen from the dust of space and time. An aspect of ourselves that reminds us that we have a long way to go to find out who we really are and what our place in the Universe is, what the place of the Universe is,in all of space and time itself. The Revant Stardust reminds us that No Matter Where You Go, There You Are."

  • drysonbennington#2140 drysonbennington Member Posts: 66 Arc User
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    Its been several weeks now since word of a viral outbreak across most major sectors was relayed to the Solare from Alpha Point. The crew is nervous and concerned about their families and friends back home, but I have assured them that Star Fleet has the best and brightest minds working on the cure. Losses have so far been severe but manageable. Seventy five starships lost with all hands due to the virus and at least one trillion dead. Manageable they say. Uneasy truces have been agreed upon by all sides as no one appears to be safe, not even the Romulans. Where ever the virus came from it spread fast among the populated sectors of space. No one is certain where the pandemic started or who is patient Zero, the sciences are baffled at how the virus got past the buffers of the transporters, though most think that the virus was brought aboard a shuttle craft from an infected planet. The outbreak seemed to happen all at once causing upwards of 100 billion in all sectors in the Federation reporting to Sick Bay all at once it seemed.

    I told Alpha Point that we would be do our best to develop a vaccine.

    Our probe of the Drift hasn't returned much other than a few filaments, one a human looking face and the other an alien looking body that seemed to float be floating in space. The sensors of the Solare were able to track the alien body but, no matter how many frequencies we tried with the transporter or tractor beam, the beams just went through the filament.

    We even tried using a shuttle craft to collect the body but the shuttle only passed through it every time. Shogath unsuccessfully tried to collect the filament using an EVA suit, but no matter we tried, our attempts were fruitless. To date we have only found a single alien body among the wreckage.

    Could the alien have possibly have been part of the crew of the Drift? Its dimensions of being over 8 feet tall does fit into the same dimensions of chairs found in the Drift at what appears to be stations of some type. All of the Orb stations were the same, each having a central podium with an orb on top of it made of an unknown material that is clear. Each orb was the same diameter as the other but had varying facets of 360, 720 and 1,080.

    On a lighter note, the crew has affectionately named the alien body "George."

    Alien body found near the Drift ( actual filament discovered in photo taken on 5.1.2020 of an unknown star)


    The second image, the human face, appeared on our sensors as a living biological but as we continued to scan the coordinates, the face seemed to phase out of biological activity and into a state similar to that of the alien body. Being this far on the outside of the galaxy, I can only wonder if the filaments that we have encountered are some residual of the First Beings to possibly have founded the galaxy or possibly even had created it. Beings, that came through from the other side of the Big Bang looking to create life a new in our Universe or possibly even the first form of sentient thought. After all we are all made of stardust and light. But what was the purpose of the Face? Were we looking at ourselves in the past as a reminder that we have a long way to go until we get to were we started from? Back to our beginnings to create a spark of life somewhere else with the knowledge that we had learned in this Universe?

    I named the face Revenant Stardust after our Engineering and Science Lab ship. A fitting name seeing as how the face reminded me that all life has a central point of origin and like the dust that covers the ancient temples long thought lost on a 1,000 worlds, our hands will wipe away the ancient sediments of space-time to discover who are, what our place is in the Universe and the place of the Universe is within space and time itself.

    Revenant Stardust, the hands of time emerged from the temples and revealed more its secrets, secrets uncovered that makes us only ask more questions and dig deeper to find out who is under the sediments of the past. Will we find ourselves before the sands of time covers us up like the temples of old only to be discovered by the hands of others as filaments of a memory of space time itself?

    The Face of the Revenant Stardust ( actual filament discovered in a photo taken on 5.1.2020 of an unknown star, also comes from the same photo of the Alien Body named "George."


    Face of the Revenant Stardust with light curve enhanced to make it stand out in greater detail.

    In the enhanced photo you can see the nose and eyebrows of the Revenant Stardust along with the twinkle in its right eye. There are also what appears to be two planets near the left eye, one larger than the other, possibly a reference to Earth.


    Image showing the relative position of "Jed" and Revenant Stardust to each other.


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  • drysonbennington#2140 drysonbennington Member Posts: 66 Arc User
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    Ichthys Particle discovered in a recent sensor scan of the Unseen Light of Creation of space-time using my 127mm Star Max.

    Stand your ground United Federation of Planets, there is no enemy of Creation that will ever defeat you as long as you are one.

    Complements of U.S.S. Solare, Deep Space Exploration Carrier Group, location: Classified. Transmitted to the Federation via Alpha Point 6/16 at 0216 am.

    Will post the image later when Imgur isn't throwing a fit.

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    A new take on God.

    What if God were a wormhole or a wormhole wear the hands of God? If you think about it, a wormhole defies all of mankind’s laws on physics. Physics that limits matter traveling at the speed of light. But matter inside of a wormhole is able to travel faster than the speed of light, which God would think and create at.

    Not to mention, matter entering into a wormhole travels across the Universe but also travels across the entirety of Infinite much faster than the speed of light. Wormholes could even be said to be the jumper between Universes. When God determines that a new Universe needs to be created, God simply moves one hand from one point to another point across the void, matter passes through the wormhole and when enough matter has amassed, God gives the new Universe a good smack on its a%$. Let there be light.

    Based on the movie Interstellar, time increased dramatically back on Earth. Every minute on Miller’s planet was something like 10 years back on Earth. I think what they did with the time mechanics is that once the ship left the wormhole the distance traveled at the speed of light to the planet was added to the aging process of people back home. We also see Romilly age 23 years as well within only a few million kilometres from Miller’s planet as well. But what we don’t see are Cooper and Brand instantly aging once they return.

    Millers planet must have been inside the zone of the black hole where time speeds up around the planet exponentially while time remains the same for the crew of the Ranger that is based on Earth time, which makes no sense at all. They didn’t lose or gain any time as they traveled through the wormhole because a wormhole resides outside of normal Einstein space-time, they merely covered a very large distance in less time.

    If anything time would have stayed the same on Earth when they excited the wormhole instead of increasing. Due to the wormhole having been created in the local space-time of the Sol System, the expedition was protected from the aging effects. But what aging effects? If a wormhole keeps local space time ticking inside of the wormhole, then the wormhole is an extension of that localized space-time and would not change.

    The fact that the aging process back on Earth started to rapidly increase once they left the wormhole does not make sense either because the expedition would merely have crossed space and time from the Earth to their exit point at much faster rate velocity than light speed while the wormhole maintained the same localized space time as the Sol System.

    Just because a person travels through a wormhole at faster than the speed of light does not mean that localized space time at the exit point somehow causes a rapid acceleration of time and aging at the entry point in the Sol System.

    If anything the wormhole would have been created by the black hole as an anomaly of interactions that one of the planets was the focal point of with the rest of the planets residing is some type of residual field of the wormhole that would shield the planet from falling into the black hole which would then put the planet in the same localized space-time of the Sol System.

    If you take a wormhole that only takes you 30 seconds to travel 2,500 light years, for example, there is no time dilation on the other end of the wormhole once you exit the wormhole. Light from the Sun that left the Sun in the Sol System the moment you crossed into the wormhole would still be traveling to the point 2,500 light years away.
    Light from our Sun that would be seen at the exit point however would be from a point in time 2,500 years in Earth past.

    A wormhole could be what happens when a black hole has too much mass and for some reason an aspect of the core of the black is ejected into space-time.

    I would also have to say that the immense waves on Millers planet were not caused by Gargantuan but by the wormhole itself as the waves were being pulled toward the wormhole and not towards the black, which the black hole would have stripped the planet of its water without the wormhole shielding the planet or planets.

    Few days later...

    I took a few shots of Shaula / Lesath tonight.

    Coordinates of Shaula/Lesath at 10:28 PM, 8.08.2020

    Ha : 00.44h
    Dec: -38.17h
    Ra: 17.47h
    Alt: 11.07 deg.
    Az: 185.32 deg.
    Distance from Earth : 702.59 light years.



    The image above shows what looks like small balls that get larger the closer to the dish that they are.

    …and I have clouds in my pocket, clouds in pocket, clouds in my pocket…

    Shaula, the larger sun, and Lesath, 702.59 ly years away.

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  • Do Virtual and Micro Black Holes account for 99.9% of the mass of the Universe?

    I watched a video, about a week ago, that discussed Quantum Foam and Virtual Black Holes. According to theory, VBH are temporary black holes that have very small mass and reside in the TeV range, which are available in particle accelerators such as the LHC. Since VBH are only temporary, existing for a only a Plank second before evaporating, there must be a process that is similar to a black hole that creates the VBH.

    We know that a black hole is formed from gravitational collapse, or when the object's internal pressure is insufficient to resist the objects own gravity, which normally occurs as a result of the star having to little fuel, which generates heat, left to maintain its temperature or because the star receives extra matter in a way that does not raise its core temperature. Heat or the rapid acceleration of particles, seems to be what keeps a star from collapsing into a black hole.

    The star also collapses as a result of receiving extra matter that doesn't cause the temperature of the star's core to increase to resist it's own gravity, instead the extra matter that it receives would increase the gravitational pull of the outer layer of the star on the core of the star itself. The outer layer is pulled inwards, toward the core. The matter that is added must therefore be matter that causes the outer layer of the star to cool down, just enough, so that the interaction between the core, the cooling matter and the elemental composition of the outer layer of the star creates a sudden and extremely cold region that increases the magnetic properties of the outer layer that then comes crashing into the core at extreme velocities. Magnets lose their magnetic properties above 176 degrees. Therefore the outer layer would cool, almost instantly, to below 176 degrees, causing a sudden change in particles with magnetic properties. Basically the particles with magnetic properties sudden become magnetic and are pulled toward the core of the star.


    I have three layers. The first layer or the core, is a very magnet. The second layer is a hot layer, 200 + degree, that disrupts the magnet from pulling the upper layer of star into the core, which is also very hot. Enter the extra matter that causes a Swiss Cheese effect in the hot layer. The holes in the hot layer caused by the extra matter allows heat from upper layer to escape that cools the particles in the upper layer. The magnetism in the core is now able to effect the particles with increased magnetic properties that pulls the outer layer inwards.

    What you will need are two magnets, one flat with a hole in it and one cylinder shaped that is around 5" long, plastic washers for the inside of the flat magnet, a metal post for the center of the magnet that would be loose fitting but slightly tight around the pole that is attached to the top of the sieve,a sieve and a blow torch.

    1. Securely fasten the larger magnet in the middle of a table, this will be the core of the star.
    2. Hold the sieve, metal pole and flat magnet attached to the center, above the core pole.
    3. Move the sieve close to the core pole, the flat magnet should be attracted to the core pole and would move faster along the metal pole towards the top of the sieve, if the resistance between the metal pole and the plastic washers was done correctly. Record the distance that the sieve is from the top of core pole that caused the greatest attraction between the core pole and flat magnet
    4. Return the magnet to its starting position.
    5. Using the blow torch, super heat the sieve until it glowing red hot but not melting. This would simulate the heat being generated that reduces the magnetic properties of particles within a star.
    6. Move the sieve close to the core pole again, there should be almost no magnetic interaction taking place between the core pole and the flat magnetic.
    7. While the sieve is still super hot, move the sieve to the location recorded in #3.
    8. As the sieve cools down, you should be able to see the flat magnet wobble slightly on its pole as the result of gaps in the heat allowing the core pole to attract the flat magnet.
    9. When the sieve has lost its heat, the flat magnet should instantly align to the core pole and very suddenly crash into the top of the sieve.

    Oh yes, the VBH.

    The extra matter that causes a star to collapse into a black hole must also be responsible for causing Quantum particles to suddenly collapse into a VBH or MBH. But unlike a star collapsing into a black hole, the gravitational influence of the outer layer crashing into the core of the Quantum particle being effected upon is not great enough to create a singularity but would instead create a sudden pull inwards before the VBH evaporates. We also know that a black hole consumes all matter within its Event Horizon. The VBH, however, must not have the same mechanism or transfer of energetic properties between the extra matter and Quantum particle to instantiate a large and massive gravity well like is seen in a black hole.

    Therefore, with an infinite number of VBH coming into existence and evaporating almost instantly, the need to overcome VBH would require an infinite amount of propulsive energy to overcome the infinite number of VBH encountered times an exponential based on the increased velocity of the object over a said distance, where object would encounter an infinite number of VBH times and exponential that would create a gravitational effect on the object that would limit a particle's top most speed at c.

    Basically the faster an object travels towards the speed of light, the object will encounter more VBH that creates a near infinite gravitational pull on the object. The slower an object travels means that it is still encountering an infinite number of VBH but the rate of VBH evaporation and creation is just enough to allow a rocket to travel through space time. Therefore, the gravity created by Virtual Black Holes would theoretically account for 95% of all gravitational influences upon an object traveling closer to the speed of light.

    In theory, being able to prevent the extra matter from interacting with Quantum particles that create VBH could be another key to the door of FTL drive. By basically turning off the interaction between the extra matter and Quantum particle, VBH would not be created in a region around the object. With no VBH in the region around the object creating micro flashes of gravity, the object could travel through space time at close c speed velocities.

    The interaction between the extra matter and Quantum particles must also be very specific, the extra matter would only effect certain Quantum particles or just one particular Quantum particle to create a VBH, otherwise the interaction between the extra matter and Quantum particles would create the real of infinite VBH being present from all Quantum particles that would keep anything from being move around at all.

    The atom has only been studied since the 1800's. In 220 years, there is no way possible for scientists to fully understand how the Universe functions. Conformity Science however tries to limit new discovers or even ideas that would somehow offend the very foundation of what science is.

    The energy that existed prior to the Big Bang could have existed without mass, because black holes, stars, planets, etc. would not have existed yet to generate mass that almost all theories of Relativity revolve around. Therefore the energy prior to the Big Bang, which would have been everywhere, might not have needed mass to exist.

    Without mass, nothing can exist. But how can energy and matter exist in space-time before mass existed? As far as anyone knows it, the only mass that we are certain of is mass that comes from atoms that existed after the Big Bang. But there we have it. A Universe, prior to the Big Bang, full of matter and energy existing without mass, as we know it. Otherwise if the Universe prior to the Big Bang did not have matter and energy that existed without mass, then how did mass and the Big Bang get created to begin with?

    Like anti-matter and matter, I would also have to think that there is mass and anti-mass.

    Added 11.8.2020

    Micro black holes, also called quantum mechanical black holes or mini black holes, are hypothetical tiny black holes, for which quantum mechanical effects play an important role.[1] The concept that black holes may exist that are smaller than stellar mass was introduced in 1971 by Stephen Hawking.[2]

    It is possible that such quantum primordial black holes were created in the high-density environment of the early Universe (or Big Bang), or possibly through subsequent phase transitions. They might be observed by astrophysicists through the particles they are expected to emit by Hawking radiation.

    Stephen Hawking's introduced the idea of the Micro Black Hole in 1971. Hawking proposed that MBH were created during the early Universe through subsequent phase transitions in the high density environment of the early Universe.

    MBH's, like VBH, are only temporary that come into existence and go out of existence so fast that a single MBH would possibly only generate a single Joule of energy, maybe even less. But like the ION Engine, less is actually more

    1 Joule is 1Kg-meter/second^2.

    In other words it is the energy sufficient to accelerate on Kg at an acceleration to 1 meter/second^2 (which is about 1/10th the acceleration of gravity). It is also enough energy to accelerate 1/9.8 Kg at the acceleration of gravity (1/9.8 Kg is about 1/10 the of a Kg or the energy or an object in free fall that weighs about 1/10th of a Kg),

    One MBH generating 1 Joule of energy wouldn't effect matter very much, but if you have a million MBH coming into and going out of existence that are replaced by MBH, a Planck later and then more MBH after that, you have a layered effect of 100 billion
    MBH generating enough energy within one second to make the need to have an infinite source of energy to overcome the mass created by MBH.

    If the MBH, like Hawking stated, is created by a subsequent phase transition, then each subsequent could be insulated against to reduce or block altogether, the phase transition taking place around an object could be controlled to the point of creating Pre-Big Bang Space where gravity and mass would not exist as there would not be any MBH as well as using the phase transitions to slow the object to velocities slower than light speed or sub-light.

    MBH can be looked upon as ripples created by the rain on a pond during a constant rain storm. Each ripple creating a wavelength of energy that comes into contact with other ripples that would cause the water bug to expend nearly an infinite amount of energy to overcome the work created by the ripples.

    But as the rain drops slow and the ripples become less and less, the water bug will move more easily across the surface of the water compared to the water bug that is trapped in the ripple and tries to move but cannot.

    But does the rain not still exist without the pond being excited in jubilee when the two dance?

    Moisture is around us in the air all of the time, just like MBH's, small but still there. We only see the moisture in the air when it rains and creates cause and effect. We can only see a black hole when a star collapses. From moisture to raindrop is a phase transition, much like an MBH is a phase transition to a black hole. Do we try and avoid moisture on a daily basis like we try to avoid the raindrops in rain storm? How much energy do we use trying to avoid moisture in the air compared to the energy that we use trying to avoid rain drops?

    There is more moisture in the air compared to raindrops and yet we use more energy avoiding what we can see then what is there that we can't we see.

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    A new artifact discovered at Betelgeuse.


    The artifact rendered using Sketch-Up


  • drysonbennington#2140 drysonbennington Member Posts: 66 Arc User
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    Shagoth has uncovered a rather unique time displacement algorithm from within the Drift. It is nothing like I have ever seen before. We tried running it through the ships "Tardigrade" navigational computer system but after several of the workbees, that were surveying the Drift suddenly shot off in all directions, we decided to run the simulation in the Secure Quantum Holodeck.

    All crew members were recovered without injury, the seats however, did sustain light to moderate, damage.

    New Spatial Algorithm

    We know that there are 26 letters in the English alphabet. We also know that numbers sequence themselves from 1 to 9.
    Therefore we can assign letters A through I to the first set of numbers. To get the rest of the alphabet adjusted properly we have to combine various numbers until we achieve the total number of 26. For example to get J (10) we have to combine, either through addition or division, numbers to achieve the sum of 10. 1+9 = 10 or A(1)+I(9)=J(10), 2+8=10 or B(2)+H(8)=J(10), ect.
    Division is somewhat more difficult because when division is used the first number, always seen as a whole object is divided an equal number of times by the second number. For example 1(A) / 1(A) = 2(B), 1(A)/2(B)=3(C), 1(A)/3(C)=4(D). When the the first number is a 1 and the number being divided is 1 through 9, you can simply add the two numbers together to get the result. For example 1/9 becomes 1+9 = 10 as a result of the single solid object being divided equally 9 times to yield an additional piece that is equal to all other pieces of the original solid object.

    So for 1-9 the results would look like this:
    1/1=2 or A+A=B
    1/2=3 or A+B=C
    1/3=4 or A+C=D
    1/4=5 or A+D=E
    1/5=6 or A+E=F
    1/6=7 or A+F=G
    1/7=8 or A+G=H
    1/8=9 or A+H=I
    1/9=10 or A+I=J

    Now comes the tricky and fun part. The problem is now 2 / 1 or B/A. In order to get the correct result, the original two solid objects must be aligned either vertical or horizontal to each other in any dimension. Remember the first number is always the objects being divided and the second number is the object doing the dividing.

    2/1=4 or two solid objects being divided equally by one divisor. Each object being divided with have an equal number of pieces.
    In this case the upper object has two and the lower object has two or four total. To get the precise number of equal pieces in the next object, simply add the first number, two and the second number,1, together to get 3.


    Since we know that the top block has three equal piece to the bottom block, we can add the 2+1 from the first set block to get 3 and then multiply by 2 to get the total number of both pieces in the second block which is 6.


    If we use the formula for the 2/2=6 for 2/3=8, the same that we did with 2+1, we get 2+2=4 times 2 = 8.

    2/4=10 or 2+3=5 x 2 =10 (J)
    2/5=12 or 2+4 = 6 x 2 =12(L)
    2/6 = 14 or 2+5 = 7 x 2 =14(N)
    2/7 = 16 or 2+6 = 8 x 2 =16(P)
    2/8 = 18 or 2 +7 = 9 x 2 =18(R)
    2/9 = 20 or 2 + 8 = 10 x 2 = 20(T)

    So far we have been able to mathematically converted the alphabet from letter A through T with all odd numbered letters up to J.

    3/1=6 or 3 - 1 = 2 x 3 = 6
    3/2=9 or 3 - 2 = 1 x 3 = 3 or 6 + 3 = 9
    3/3=12 or 3-3 = 0 x 3 = 0 or 3+9= 12
    3/4=15 or 3-4 = -1 x 3 = -3 or 9-3=6+9=15(O)
    3/5=18 or 3-5 = -2 x 3 = -6 or -3 x -6 = 18
    3/6=21 or 3-6 = -3 x 3 = -9 or 9+12 = 21(U)
    3/7=24 or 3-7 = -4 x 3 = -12 or - 12 x -2 = 24
    3/8=27..syntax error as there is no need for the result of 27 as there are only 26 English letters in the alphabet.

    What these formulas relate to is spherical space time. In order to have a sphere you need each of the three dimensional, X,Y and Z to have equal parts. Therefore a sphere, relative to time on Earth or 24 hours, will have 8 sections each comprised of the number 1-24 and the letters A through X. Thus the three dimensions of a sphere relative to time. Letters Y and Z can be considered new dimensions that regardless of where the two numbers and their mathematical formulas result from, will create a spatial anomaly relative to surface to the sphere.

    To locate where we are in the sphere itself we can simply use any of the formula and results. For example 2/4=10. When we assign letters to the formula as a whole we get BDJBCEBJ. B tells us that we are in the B section of the sphere at three points relative to two points of J section with D,C and E each having a single point relative to our location in B section.

    B is at 3 points.
    J is at 2 points. These points are multiplied to get the result of six + single points for D,C and E gives us the result of 9.
    There is a missing combination in the formula that has kept us from being located at exactly 10 or J based on 2/4=10. Perhaps when we add in X and Y or the result of 1 in the difference between each number, then whatever dimension, either X or Y that we wish to be relative to will put us at the exact point that we need to be at.

    For example 2/4=10 or BDJBCEBJ which puts us at 1/8 = 9 but not 2/4. But if we add either X or Y or 1, depending on the relative nature of travel through space time we can get to 2/4=10. Therefore the formula would look like 2/4=10 or BDJBCEBJ + X or Y.

    Shagoth assures me that with continued exploration of the Drift, that we will discover more to this puzzle. The names of the crew members involved have not been entered in the general logs.

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    To Catch a Lucky Snowflake

    The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come....lights that can illuminate each snowflake as it falls to the ground during a snow would make for some for very terrific walks during a Wintery night. Just imagine walking through the falling snow and little sparkles of yellows, blues, greens, reds and white falling all around you. Then one lands on your finger and melts, the illuminated color of the snowflake absorbed by your skin.

    When you find a snowflake just floating in the night sky and seems to be simply hovering, go catch it and let it melt in your hands. Because that's a lucky snowflake.

    The below image is a Virtual Black Hole Box. A VBH is a very small black hole. On each of the facings is a Virtual Black Hole that is perfectly aligned to the Virtual Black Hole on the opposite facing. All six VBH have collapsed at the exact same time and only last .001 of a second. During the .001 second time frame, any particles caught inside of the box are pulled in all six directions at once, but themselves don't collapse or shred. Basically the sudden and immense collapse stretches the particles, much like a rubber band, that now has an amount of stored energy potential. The collapse is over as fast at it began, but during the collapse, other particles pass through the box and avoid being stretched. Instead they are now the anvil upon which the stretched particles will themselves be colliding with as the stretched particles return to their former atomic distance.

    What type of Exotic Matter would be created as a result of particles being stretched and then collapsing back in on themselves and colliding with particles passing through the box at the same rate of velocity that the VBH pulled on them that can then used as propellent thrust potential due to the reactions taking place?

    Notice how the curved triangles in the center both align to the right and left side and bottom facing VBH centers, even though the triangles are formed from the left, facing left, facing right , top and bottom VBH facings?




    A little better alignment.

    Notice the large circle that is created from all six VBH facings?


    How to swoon a female Klingon Science Officer.

    Hopefully she is wearing the spiked gauntlet.

    My Grandma, The Klingon Gardener, My Grandpa, The Human Gardener

    The Klingon War Flower

    Why Flowers Make Us Happy

    Flowers can only make you happy by triggering your happy brain chemicals.


    After I read the article I got to thinking, If the chemicals in flowers make people happy, then the sensation center of the brain must be linked to chemicals in DNA that were the best to form life from during the early beginnings of life in the Universe.

    Something else is telling me that the same chemicals in flowers that make us happy and are connected to our DNA, might also point in the direction of locations in the Universe were life might exist or has planets with flowers on it that would make humans the happiest. The reason being is that the same chemicals found in the flowers that we like here on Earth should also be present on alien worlds where aliens also developed due to chemicals found in their flowers that made them happy.

    Developing a tracking system in, space, to determine which chemicals that are present in flowers that humans like that might be present in space, like a stream, could set us on a path to locate regions of space that are enjoyable for humans along with planets that would have life on them.

    Regions of space where the light that we see would be similar to the colors of the best smelling flowers that humans like, rather all flowers that humans like.

    Think like a Honey Bee and you might find a habitable new world.

    What chemicals in flowers can be linked to chemicals in human DNA that are both attributable to liking and growing?

    After all humans don't like the smell of s*^t for a reason. That's why humans aren't attracted to life less rocks. But like a tree to the honey bee, those moons and planets without life on them can be made into a home to further explore and gather honey from to expand the colony.

    What are your thoughts or opinions?
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    Ten million kilometers above the Drift, the U.S.S. Solar, NCC-A12572, remains motionless. Far below her and the crew, the Drift spans as far as the eye can see in all direction, like a sheet of space-time frozen in place.

    Today is the day. After months of sending collecting data on the Drift using ExoDro (ExoDrones), we have finally being able to piece together and recreate the interior the Drift. Although the ExoDros have only mapped about about two square kilometers, these two kilometers are very telling.

    "Admiral Bennington to all hands, Stand by for a lengthy video report on our efforts in the Drift. Report to your quarters and report to your section leaders when you have made ready. Section leaders, you have twenty minutes."

    The chime from the bridge dings a soft tone as the crew of the U.S.S Solare, begin making their way to their quarters or the crew quarters of close friend to watch the much anticipated culmination of seven months of mapping the Drift anomaly.

    "So how's your family doing back home, the galdemic and all?" Ensign Toppen, an Asian human security cadet, asks of the man walking with her towards Deck 25's conference room.

    The Andorian's antenna droop slightly as he takes in the medium gray carpeted deck and sea gull white bulkheads. "So far my family hasn't been effected by the virus, they listened while the others rebelled." Lt. Commander Iteb Ephryp replies as they continue to walk towards the conference room of Deck 15.

    A long and sorrowful look crosses the systems engineers face. "Many however did not."

    "Seven months of sending ExoDros into the Drift, hours upon hours of compiling infrared and acoustic measurements. This is going to be very interesting to say the least. What we might find in this little slice of the unknown could advance all of our cultures across the galaxy." Laments diplomat Hevahis in an exalted voice across the P.A.D.D. Hearing the excitement, crewmen and cadets quickly gather around warp theorist Lt. JG Pia Donnie Dubbin to see what the excitement is all about.

    "What do you think we will find Somet?" Nadru asks.

    "It would be illogical to assume what we might find Sergeant Nadru." the Vulcan biochemist replies.
    The Wadi female places her hand on the shoulder of her Vulcan friend in a medical reassuring manner.
    "No assumptions then Mr. Somet." Nadru replies as the two turn the corner of the corridor.
    Perplexed, the Vulcan calmly replies in his monotone voice. "To assume is to say that all species keep their hearts in the same place."
    Somewhat agitated and feeling provoked by the Somet, Nadru turns to Somet, "Do you even know what a heart is?" before continuing down the corridor by herself.

    "Commander Flores."

    "Yes Admiral?" replies the human female from Earth. Turning away from the report that she is sorting out and handing it off to the bridges Yeomen, Commander Elisa Flores, tactical bridge officer and First Officer of the Solare, approaches the Admirals command chair in the middle of the bridge.
    "Run another diagnostic on the video system. I want to be certain that everyone on board sees what they have worked so hard for the last seven months."
    "Yes Admiral." Flores replies. Turning to the raised section of 20 consoles behind the Admiral's chair, five stations to my left and right side and two out in front of me facing the viewscreen, Flores issues the orders with a smile on her face. "You heard the Admiral, seven months of work and we'll damned if we show the crew what they have achieved in black and white."

    Looking out into space and the Drift on the viewscreen, I watch their actions in the highly polished black bridge decking. Dull black with light gray trimmed console podiums rose from the raised deck behind me like great tritanium pillars holding the ceiling above it in place. The console deck is much like that of the NCC-1701-D. Like a vine the deck curved behind me to the five Science stations, Duty Captains Ready Room along with the bridge crew lounge on the left and the five Engineering stations, Admirals Ready Room, and Conference Room on my left and right. Between the Science Stations and the first station of the Console Deck was a Bridge Transporter Room capable of transporting four crew member at time. The carpeting on the Console Deck, all ramps and corridors leading to the bridge is a fine non-slip fiber that is the same color as corridor carpeting with Sea Gull White piping. The bulkheads are darker gray then deck carpeting with the bridge structural support frames being Sea Gull White.

    On either side of the Bridge Transporter Room were two turbo lifts that would rapidly take any bridge crew to any part of the ship without having to exit and take another turbo lift to continue. The turbo lift shafts themselves were separate from the main turbo lift shaft piping to further defend against access to the bridge. However, the bridge turbo lift shafts can be mated to the crew turbo lift shafts on order of the Admiral only and was seen much the same as the self destruction of the ship when used. Two secure turbo lifts grant access to the battle bridge on Deck 17. Each turbo lift to the battle bridge can carry up to 8 personnel at a time. Normal shift changeover usually took place via the two bridge transporter rooms where the replacement crew would then use the crew lounge while they waited for shift change. To access the bridge transporter rooms from the bridge, a crewmember would first have to walk behind either the Science or Engineering stations to my left or right and then down a small corridor where the are scanned by sensors being attended by four heavily armed security officers. Entering the bridge from the transporter rooms was done in reverse. In emergency situations the paneling separating the transporters from the bridge area could be retracted into the deck below allowing direct access to the transporter room itself.

    The Console Deck curve continues around the Science and Engineering stations before tapering to the Helm and Navigation stations directly to my front. A raised walkway with three fanning steps on either side that led down into the Guest areas on either side of the walkway allowed at least three crew members walking abreast access to my command chair situated on top of a raised platform that allowed me to see over the heads of the Helm and Navigation stations no more than 10 meters from me. The Guest Area, on either side of the walkway was used to seat up to ten Guests, the seats rising from their storage locations directly beneath the bridge deck. The preference of seating choices by each Guest was done prior to their arrival and maintained by crewmen who requisitioned the proper seating requests from the Guests home planet or had them hand made aboard ship. The Guests were then more than welcome to take their seating with them upon their leaving the Solare or the seating could be kept aboard for future use. Directly behind the Console Deck is the Bridge Shuttle Hangar and Bridge Docking Port. After walking around a curved corridor that sloped slightly, the crewmen would come to the hangar bay that was offset to the center line of the bridge by 36 degrees. In the hangar bay was one Type 9a-1 Shuttlecraft redesigned to ferry up to ten passengers who might not be to keen on using the transporter system. Two Type-10-1 Escort Shuttlecraft round out the compliment of Bridge Hanger Bay Shuttlecraft. Redundancy in consoles was the main focus of the bridge layout. Engineers had turned away from Galaxy class bridge design in favor of more bridge crew facing forward and using dedicated consoles then the programmable consoles. Theory suggested that if more of the crew had their eyes forward, anticipation behaviors were more likely to set in compared to the crews having their backs towards the action that could take valuable time away from decision making.

    The Console Decking is arranged ergonomically as well as strategically. The first two stations at the farthest point along the Console Deck arc are Security. Two armed Security Officers manned these stations at all times during Yellow and Red Alerts. During Green Alerts only one Security Officer manned each console, the others waiting in the Bridge Security Ready Rooms to either side of the transporter corridor security stations. These officers manage events ranging from internal threats as well as protecting the bridge itself. In total 12 armed Security Officers are within seconds of response to any matter on the bridge. To break the monotony of their shift, Security officers are allowed to roam behind the Console Deck as well. Ready at the present to rapidly deal with any threat force that might be able to beam onto the bridge behind the Console Deck. During times of Red alert two Security officers from the watch sections would stand ready behind the Console Deck, armed with heavy phasers set to kill. The Security Officers Console Deck stations also has the duty of defending the area behind the Science and Engineering coming onto the main bridge area section if need be. Security stations on the bridge are stand up duty stations.

    The next four consoles are dedicated to Science and Engineering with Science being located on the left and Engineering being located on the right. These Engineering stations manage everything from reactions in the warp and virtual cores to the Bussard Ramscoop Harvesting sections that operate 24 hours a day collecting fresh particles of gas. Particles that would be later converted into fuel. The Science stations manage all aspects of sensor duties and scientific endeavors aboard the ship that range from simple sensor recalibration to the arduous task of managing elementary aged children conducting experiments for school and forgetting about them for several weeks. You think Tribbles are bad. These duty stations are sit down stations due to the length of duty required for each station. Duty officers may stand if they choose.

    The next two stations manage shuttle and other flight operations for the ships complement of 75 assorted shuttle craft and defense craft. Each Flight Operations console is manned by two Flight Engineers. These stations are also sit down stations. Duty officers may stand if they choose.

    The remaining four stations are Tactical and Intelligence Stations. Arranged like towers on the wall of castle, these stations jut out from the Console Deck arc and are ramped down to eye level with my own command chair. To make directing their actions easier, engineers have placed these stations in their own arc around me, two on each side at 45 and 90 degrees from my front to make it easier to see them using my periphery. From these stations the weapons and defensive systems of the Solar are easily brought to bear on any threat force along. Shields, hull armor and resistance modules are brought online with just a blink of an eye from me. Communications is also conducted from any of these stations and is rotated among the four Tactical and Intelligence officers. The TaIS stations are manned at all times or at minimum, two duty officers are present with the other two assisting bridge security. These stations are normally stand up but can be converted to sit down if need be by flipping down the chair that is stored in the crenelation behind the duty officer. These stations are all equipped with extra Type II and Type III Phaser units as well as extra medical kits.

    Centered at the front of the bridge is the viewscreen that is 12 feet tall by 50 feet long. If a direct view of space is wanted the viewscreen is replaced with a much smaller, 12' x 30' portal constructed of classified material. Wrapping around the entire bridge from the border of the main view screen to the other border and behind the Console Deck is one continuous viewscreen divided by bridge structural members. The viewscreen is normally used to supplement Engineering, Science, Tactical, Communications, Flight Operations, Security and other ship based functions. The viewscreen has limited touch to activate sensors in the event that a main console should fail. The wrap around viewscreen can also be used to give the bridge crew and any Guests a 360 degree field of view of what is taking place outside of the ship, which is very beneficial for reviews of ships and monitoring repairs along with giving the Admiral a full view of combat actions taking place.

    As with any Starfleet vessel, centered at the top of the ceiling is the lower section of the Upper Planetary Sensory Dome.

    In all there could be as many as 30 to 50 personnel and or Guests on the bridge at any one time. A normal shift will see the bridge manned by 20 crew members with 15 on stand-by and 15 in auxiliary stand-by.

    Coming in at 1,402.7 meters overall length, 650.5 meters at the beam and a draft of 250.2 meters, the Solare is comparable to the Invincible Class of Fleet Carriers-Command Battleships. Instead of a combat focus, the Solare was built for Tactical Deep Void Space Exploration and as such was designated a Deep Space Tactical Exploration Fleet Carrier. A total of 50 decks, 20 in the saucer section and 30 in the engineering section, house the more than 3,000 crew members,(850 officers, 2,150 enlisted) plus 5 diplomats and 100 families with a total of five members each, that adds another 505 rounding the total number aboard out to 3,510. With an additional 1,200 Holographic Crew able to be drawn from their learning racks to support the crew, the crew of the Solare totals out at 4,710.

    The Solare mounts the same engines as the Invincible class but has four of them instead of two. The design idea was that due to the Solare's Deep Void mission, having four warp nacelles would reduce the stress on the engines overall as well as having an extra set of nacelles for parts if need be in times of extreme emergency.

    The armament of the Solar is impressive for an exploration carrier. 20 Type-XII Phaser Arrays cover the Solare at all angles. One of the most distinguishable traits of the Solare is the single phaser array that wraps around the entire Excelsior angled saucer section separating the upper and lower halves of the primary saucer section. Having such a phaser array emplacement not only allows the Solare to cover any exploit points between the upper the lower saucer section phaser arrays, but also allows energy to be directed to three heavy emitters located along the leading edge of the angled section, lessons learned by Starfleet after taking on the Hutet head on. There is also an aft heavy emitter that has its own housing and is not part of any array. The drawback to using the heavy emitters all at once is that total phaser array power is reduced by 55% for eight minutes while the phaser coils recharge. If only the aft heavy emitter is fired, phaser power is reduced by 40% for five minutes.

    Photon Torpedo Tubes are arranged at various locations on the ship and total 15 launchers. Two twin tube launchers are located in the Upper and Lower Saucer sections, four are aft firing, another compliment to the success of the Hutet class. Two launchers are fitted to the port and starboard sections of the engineering hull, one along the interconnecting dorsal to deter incoming threat force ships from trying to cut the spine of the ship and one fast firing rotary launcher located on the ventral section of the engineering hull that can be extended and retracted to reduce sheering at high warp speeds. The Solare boasts a meager torpedo compliment of 25 Dark Matter, 225 Quantum and 775 high-yield Photon torpedoes. More than enough to defend herself with and more than enough to deter a threat force attack after the ship has been scanned.

    Defenses are standard Invincible class multiphasic shielding and ablative armor. As a second and last line of defense, the armor can have resistances for thermal, explosive, kinetic and electromagnetic and variances of each damage type distributed through the plating in an attempt to harden the armor once a threat force weapon has been able to penetrate the ships shields. Hardening the armor gives the armor a 25% survival rating before the ablation process takes over and cannot be used while the main shield is above 10% operational levels.

    On a side note, the corridors of the Solare, Delegate Deep Space Tactical Exploration Fleet Carrier Class have either moss or bulkhead planters. Various types of colorful mosses or plants along with simple green plants from around the Federation are grown and maintained by elementary schools kids. Plants have always shown to increase morale and feelings of well being. All personal living space has the same bulkhead planters that are maintained by the occupant or occupants. Occupants are able to to choose from a wide variety of plants and mosses, from home world species to create an attachment while on long run missions to wild and festive species. Aggressive types of plants, even a Venus Fly Trap, are not allowed and will be removed immediately, confined and then transplanted at the first habitable planet. Some crew members, under the direction of Commander Shagoth, have even taken to growing mushrooms in the corridor planters as well as their own personal planters in their crew quarters. During times of stress, the ships environmental computer, under the direction of Commander Sub, is able to elevate the chemicals being produced by the mosses, plants and mushrooms in the planters to create a less stressful environment. Lower level lighting and a slight fluorescent ambience effect add to the soothing effect. A common saying aboard the Solare when someone is having a bad day is "Relax, have a mushroom."

    On Commander Shagoth's deck, all of a non-aggressive species plant and mushroom species are taken directly from the Mycelial Network itself. Shagoth often times finds himself hurrying elementary children and even adults from his deck who mysteriously seem to get lost and find themselves taking in the essence of the the plant life. Shagoth really doesn't seem, to mind though, as his reports detail his joy in explaining what each type of plant is and how the plant is connected to the Mycelial Network.

    The command structure for the bridge of the Solare is as follows:

    When all of the below Senior Bridge Officers are on duty and on the bridge at the same time, command is structured as so.

    Admiral, XO, Chief of Security, Chief Engineer, Chief Medical, Chief Navigator + Chief Helmsmen have the same seniority, Chief of Flight Operations

    Admiral Dryson Bennington - Admiral
    Commander Elisa Flores - 38 year old Human female, Executive Officer, Chief Tactical Officer ( Dtalkcon joins her plus two Commanders in the Tactical Arc around my command chair during Red Alert. The Tactical Arc is manned by one Lt. Commander and one Commander at all times.)
    Commander Dtalkcon - 40 year old Saurian male, Tactical Bridge Officer(Security), reports to Flores but has control over the Tactical Consoles on the Console Deck in her absence, 1st Officer to Flores. Operates one of the tactical stations plus security for the bridge.
    Commander Shagoth - unknown age, Elachi male, Chief Engineering Officer. Is always in Engineering unless needed on the bridge.
    Commander T'Vrell - 35 year old Vulcan female, Senior Navigator, doubles as Chief Bridge Medical Officer when on duty and not at Navigation. In charge of twenty Science officers and crewmen. Chief Medical Officer on Away Missions.
    Commander Tethay - 37 year old alien female, Senior Helmsmen, doubles as assault squad member on Bridge Officer Away Missions. In charge of twenty Engineering officers and crewmen. Chief Engineering Officer on Bridge Officer Away Missions.
    Commander Zarva - 42 year old Bolian female, Chief Bridge Engineering Officer(classified), mans one of the five engineering stations. In charge of boarding party activities when on duty plus shuttle flight operations. In charge of twenty Engineering officers and crewmen. Chief Engineering Officer on Bridge Officer Away Missions.
    Commander Graek - 50 year old Klingon male, Bridge Science Officer/Chief Medical Officer. Can be found in sickbay or on the Medical Deck or working with elementary children on their experiments. But you'll never find Graek on the Hollow Deck, Bloodwine in hand singing Klingon opera. Well, not everyone has found him on the Hollow Deck, drinking Bloodwine and singing Klingon opera. In charge of 25 Science and 25 Medical officers and crewmen. Graek also oversees the Crew Hologram Programs
    Commander Marta Okataya 41 year old Human female, Chief Science Officer(classified) Department Liaison between Science and Medical In charge of 20 Yeomen, including all Bridge Yeomen. Asst. Chief Medical Officer on Bridge Officer Away Mission. Is in charge of 25 Crew Hologram Programs as well.
    Commander Sub Elbroz 32 year old Betazoid male, Ships Counselor. Doubles as Asst. Chief Medical Officer on Away Missions. Is in charge of 25 metaphysics that include five non-binaries and one Trill.
    Commander Jetta Sadie Longinotti 33 year old Human female, Chief Bridge Engineering Officer(classified), Department Liason between Engineering departments, mans one of the five engineering stations, Is Zarva's First Officer concerning Flight Operations of shuttles and defense craft. Is also in charge of ExoDros and other shipboard drone operations. Assists Graek with Crew Hologram Programs. She is also in charge of 20 officers and crew including 35 Crew Hologram Programs.

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