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Revenant Ascendancy - The Mycelial Network, U.S.S. Solare, Science Vessel, Location : Classified

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I'll introduce myself, my name is Dwight Huth aka "Dryson Bennington." Two years about this same time I broke and split my ring finger open while working at a demolition site. Going through the arduous task of dealing with the Ferengi employer and his Compensation Broker, I came out the victor. It would seem that the Compensation Broker seen more value in the Ferengi's reputation being tarnished. What ever the Ferengi had done someone else profited greatly from his status being lowered. But enough about Ferengi's, otherwise they will come running. After receiving m credits from the Compensation Broker I returned to Earth about a transport. While enroute back to Earth I had wild dreams of what I could do with the credits. Although a lot, the credits weren't enough to even purchase passage on a Klingon garbage scowl. Finding employment in the meantime I continued to have dreams of the stars. Then it came to me one day, I could purchase a telescope, not the best telescope but one that would be better than the plastic tube with telescope glass in it for certain. So I went about the business of purchasing one. In the package I purchased I also acquired a camera for the telescope. Needless to say the first night out was amazing. I took several minutes of video of the Moon and looked at Jupiter and its Moons. But I wanted more. Discovering that I could use my smartphone with an adapter to take photos and video through my telescope opened up a whole new world for me. Sure traveling at light speed, the stars whisking by like fireflies in the country field below my house was fine, but I needed some different. Some surprises or two. Did I get a few surprises and then some.

The first night I used my smart device to take photos I found that I hadn't set the shutter and ISO speed properly, according to what the Pretty Picture People were telling me were the correct settings. I didn't mind the weird photos I had taken though, something seemed mystical about them.

Beta Lyrae Aa or Sheliak taken through my 127mm Mak/Cass optical.

As you can tell the filaments, the artifacts around each star, are very inviting to the senses. They stir up the mind with imagination.


Here is a plate of filaments that appear golden in color.


During the long Winter months not being able to go outside and shoot the night I started to go back through my photos using Corel and GIMP 2.8. In the background of the darker filaments I seen odd patterns starting to emerge. Like words such as JOXEY. I remind you these are real filaments extract from the photos that I have taken of stars. The JOXEY filament was found in a photo taken of Vega. I know you will want to say that its just pareidolia, seeing "insects in rocks on Mars." Well this isn't Mars and these aren't insects. Most of these filaments, other than the star itself is most likely dust particles reflecting and absorbing light. But what are dust particles?

Dust is made of fine particles of solid matter. On Earth, it generally consists of particles in the atmosphere that come from various sources such as soil, dust lifted by wind (an aeolian process), volcanic eruptions, and pollution. So basically what you are looking at are millions of particles of soil, pollution and even particles of meteorites reflecting and absorbing the light. The filaments are therefore between the star being viewed and the primary glass of my optical. In most cases the filaments are sitting directly on the primary glass itself.

Not going into the more gross aspects of what dust is, such as human skin for example, other filaments would also be spores and fungi as well. When looking at these photos the brighter the filament means that the filament is closer to my optical, darker means that the filament is further away or underneath of the filament above it.

Okay enough of the boring talk. Here is the JOXEY filament I found in the Vega photo.


I wouldn't have found this filament if I hadn't turned the lighting and contrast up in the original photo of Vega. It was like being in a room full of dilithium and not knowing dilithium was even there until the lights went on. You're probably saying "that's impossible," light and dust can't do that. You would be correct. Light and dust particles do not form complex letters, let alone creating words at an even more complex angle of 90 degrees. Trying to discount every aspect of how such a filament would exist, I ran the particulars through a computer.

1.Government using a satellite to create such filaments.
2.Foreign government using a satellite to create such filaments.

These were the first and second parameters I ran through the computer. But the end results only proved that such a mission to create fake filaments would be too costly to develop and then send into space.

Then I came across the the filament of the female warrior seen below. You can tell that the filament is obviously a female. She also has what appears to be a staff or a bladed weapon in her right hand and a banner with what appears to be a tree on it around her waist. Remember the Tree on the Banner as it is important later on.


Finding such a filament excited me very much. How can light and dust form such a perfect shape in space or the atmosphere of Earth? It's nearly impossible for a random filament like the Vanant of Vega to take form. Not to mention that the light from Vega taking 25 light years to reach Earth and at the exact moment I took the photo all of the filaments were in perfect alignment. I thought "this has to be fake." Rather not fake but purposely put into the viewing range of my telescope by governments is some elaborate ruse. But once again timing would have to be perfect such a fake filament to be created. I then thought, "well maybe someone TRIBBLE into my phone and put these weird filaments in the photo", which made more sense, economically at least. I then started running tests on the photos using different effects such as contours that shapes each filament into a contour. If the filaments had been put in through a hack then the contour effect would have shown the TRIBBLE filament differently then a natural contour.

I'm getting to the art aspect in a moment, be patient.

The Vanant of Vega in Contours, all 100%, in Corel PSP.


Then it happened, I began to feel myself being pulled out of time and into a Universe inside of my dreams. Dreams of people with gnarled and decayed looking faces under hoods of gray tunics. Entering the dream in a tunnel made of soil I went to the left first and looked around the corner. A flat plain of gray brown soil with nothing growing. Far off on the horizon a mountain range veiled by by gray fog. Above the mountains, a large white crescent of a planet. Several people starting walking towards me. They were thin but not hungry thin. They were robed in grayish brown robes with hoods over their heads. What I could make of their faces presented an elongated egg like shape, thin though. Their eyes, their eyes seemed so hurt, like they were lost, mouths drawn taught with no expression. They were slightly shorter than I was. There was even a child that was ushered towards me from one of figures behind the lead figure. But I turned and walked to the right before the child could get to me. Even though a dream, maybe it wasn't, the fear of getting to close to the people pulled me away. Moving out of the right side of the tunnel I then seen thousands of people clad in the same garments. Some of their faces were gnarled but really grotesque, just different looking really. A feeling you would get when seeing a Klingon or Vulcan for the first time. Some of them were excited and talked amongst themselves in a language just as odd as their faces. Fearing that they were going to attack me, I suddenly felt myself being lifted into the air above them. Right before the dream ended I looked to the left again and noticed that the child was looking up at me. Another being also had what appeared to be be a baby in her arms that was looking up at me at well.

This dream took place about a year before I purchased my telescope. In another photo taken of Vega I found this filament that I call Star Child. The filament is highlighted and is near the right side of the photo.


What is even more odd just came to me. Could the tunnel that I was working in when I broke and split open my finger have been timeline of these beings guiding me from my dream to the events that led to me finding them in my photos? Why did I happen to and randomly take photos of Vega and Sheliak after a survey of Moon? Such precision can only exist in the form of alien intelligence or a soul guiding such events taking place. Was that tunnel at the demo site the beginning of the test for me that I had seen in my dream?


This is an image of Star Child that I extracted from the original image. Using another effect that highlights shadows using different color settings the shape of Star Child finally emerged. Just like the Vanant of Vega light and dust do not create such perfect form. The filament is in fact that of a child with two legs, a head and two arms. One arm is even holding onto what I call a "teddy bear."


Other dreams that I have had involving a tunnel started out on what can only be called a container of a life boat of some type. In the dream the inside of the lifeboat was rectangular in design. From where I was standing and viewing the dream had to have been on the right side of the lifeboat as the eight rows of seats four deep were aligned near the front left corner with a curved podium in front and a view screen behind the podium. To the right of the view screen was what appeared to be a hangar bay door. Several people were having a discussion, all humans, some men and some women. Then I heard a loud thud coming from the outside. Right away I said it was the Voyager probe. As I moved towards the left bulkhead I viewed the darkness of space outside of the life boat as if I was on the outside of the lifeboat itself. The Voyager probe then moved in front of the life boat and began to move away at a faster rate of speed until it disappeared. Next, I woke up on the floor the of the life boat, the rear hatch open and sunlight bathing the green and gray pasture. Beyond the pasture was a section of tall trees, very tall trees that were a mix a maples, birches, oaks and pines. There were some ground plants as well. Getting up I looked around but none of the other crew were in the lifeboat. Feeling alone I started to walk towards the hatch when it suddenly closed. A voice very gently said "You don't have too go out there." Not feeling alone at that moment I got the courage to open the hatch and walk through it. Upon leaving the hatch and to my right there was a large mound of dirt. Turning back to look into the life boat for some reason I then returned my eyes to the mound of dirt. There before me was a very large and muscular being, light blue and gray skinned who just grinned at me and pointed to his left, my right. Coming around the lifeboat I finally saw that it looked like an escape pod from a starship. It was rectangular in shape. No markings of origin but it was obvious that it had crashed. I then turned to my left and before me off in the distance, maybe a 100 km or so was a great pyramid, similar to a Borg Pyramid but instead of the dismal green lighting the hull was a brilliant and rough titanium type of metal that reflected the sunlight but was still dull. All around the pyramid was a great maze. On either side of the road leading to the maze were the same great trees behind me, set off the road about 100 yards. Between the road and forest were plants, green leafed plants. The plants were very similar to the Ngetal Reed but had very thin and and see through stems that led from the center of the plant that had a light yellow cone shaped flower on top. The stems of the plants all flowed in the wind that I could not feel in perfect motion back and forth. Not a single one was out of harmony with the other. The perfect flow of harmony. Then it started too rain. The rain was gray colored. As I looked at the pyramid I watched as a cloud fog descended from above it and around it that slowly rolled towards me until the dream ended and I woke up.

Twin mountains with sun in the middle - mkesDFD.jpg

The Flying Vanant of Vega in her Garden - HTuUDLi.jpg

Another dream that I had started out with me flying over an ocean until I came to a small island in the middle of the ocean. As I watched, the water slowly revealed that the mountain was in fact a great spire, sorta like a pyramid stretched tall. The water, seeming like it was being drained away revealed a bleak land of brown, no life. Just the great towering spire above me. I then watched as the pod circled around the spire and then left the planet.

One last dream before I get on with the filaments.

In this dream I was in a single seat ship, maybe a pod. I could see out of the front windows as well as seeing the control panel in front of me beeping different colors. Then without warning I felt myself outside of the pod with the pod nowhere around me. I felt very alone at that moment until I watched myself from the outside once again. As I watched I could see a bright glow reflecting off of the silver protective face shield of my helmet. I felt as if something was reaching for me. When I looked again there was a circle of space that wasn't nearly as dark as the rest of space. In this space there were three figures. Each clothed in glowing robes with heads covering their heads. I couldn't see their faces only the glow of their eyes. I could see that the one closest to me had arms at their sides that disappeared into the darkness of space at around the elbow. I tried to get closer but a brilliant flash of sun colored light brought me out of the dream.

For many years I wondered what the dreams could have meant. It wasn't until I found Star Child, the Vanant. Star Baby, the Lamassu and Ankh of Vega, did I finally understand.

Star Baby - MeSWoIM.jpg

Lamassu of Vega looking through a portal - UlLdNa5.jpg


Ankh of Vega - PVKMloj.jpg Remember the Tree on the Vanant's banner? If you look to the left of the Ankh you can see Tree with a base that is shaped in a triangle with an X at the bottom. I'm not certain what the X means but the black tree on the banner opposed to the white tree on the banner of the Vanant could be significant.

Other filaments include the word IF - GPv50N5.jpg
The letters for the word Sight found in the photo taken of Sheliak - v5JGBbe.jpg

Being an artist who loves space exploration and the unknown I began to have a feeling, a connection to something that I had felt most of my life but had never been able to put a finger on what I felt or was feeling. As I looked through the filaments and my dreams started to connect with the filaments I felt inclined to mold and sculpt the filaments in art.

This one I call "Two Young Boys Uplifting the Spirit of The World Together" - aLRKYnf.jpg In this piece, like every piece of Stardust Art I have created, all of the colors and shapes have come directly from filaments taken from the photos of Vega and Sheliak.
I have a piece that will have two young girls and a young boy and a young girl in the same piece uplifting the spirit. I just haven't gotten around to working them.

I started to ask myself, "Why was I creating these pieces of artwork?" The key word is creation.

This is a long read on my aspect of Creation - https://www.reddit.com/r/RevenantStardust/

Basically, we can see in the visible light, the Seen Light. We cannot see the invisible light or the Unseen Light, accept with special equipment and cameras. What we see of Creation in the Seen Light is amazing, the life force is omniscient. But what about the Unseen Light? Is that light not as powerful as the Unseen Light? How many times have you heard the saying "Follow your dreams?" How much of today's and future societies have been and will be built on the dream? When we work the filaments of Unseen Light in photos taken of night sky, the planets and Moon we give life to that which would never have been seen, ever noticed and always regulated to the darkness. When we give life to the Unseen Light we complete the Three Parts of the Whole. Creation's Light both seen and Unseen, God's teachings of Creation and ourselves.

In this piece that I worked from the same photo of Star Child, I worked the filaments into a sense of Star Child receiving the instructions of Creation from God who then passes those instructions onto the the first borne of sentient life across the Universe. From there the first sentient life in the Universe, keeping their secrets hidden from the darkness, painted on dirty little cave walls what had been passed onto us. If sentient life were to ever forget the Three Parts of the Whole then we would fall from the grace of Creation herself into the bottomless abyss of the Darkness where we would become nothing more than meaningless nodes in the design of Those From Beyond the Void.

Filaments from the Star Child photo of Vega - IyYJnnq.jpg

Filaments worked into a piece of artwork that the darkness despises - BuBoYIj.jpg

The hooded people with gnarled faces worked. The gnarled face is from another section in the Vanant of Vega photo.

The Midnight Reaper of Vega




What I am convinced of is that Mycelium Network is real and just like Ripper who was connected to the network was able to instantly travel across the galaxy the same is true of our thoughts and the thoughts of alien races. Somehow, someway the spores that are in the atmosphere during the spring, summer and fall, when most humans are there happiest and release a lot chemical energy, that such energy is picked up by the Mycelium Network and is then molded into life by the spores themselves. I'm not certain how they do it, but its the only logical explanation left.

In this photo I have shown six filaments that I have no idea what they are or what they are doing in the same photo of the Stone Map of Babylon. Being very careful you can see that most of the pieces of each filament fit into the stone map somewhere. These are all the same type of filaments that have been captured in various movements through time and doing, what ever it is they are doing.

These filaments do relate to a prominent series of constellations seen from Earth as well.


This is a screen capture I took of the prominent stars and constellations near Vega - 94H7Shi.jpg

You can see the same shape of the filaments in the constellation.


Could these three be what the Mycelians look like? Pn0CCJG.jpg

Or are these Mycelians? FPKCbbX.jpg

Or is this what the Mycelians in the Mycelium Network evolve into from the Big Heads?




I do need some sleep. But I will post more later on. For now I leave you with section of filaments from the Sheliak photo.

Mold it.
Shape it.
Give the Unseen Light filaments life and I can guarantee that you will eventually be able to access the Mycelium Network as well.

But most importantly you will give life to the Unseen Light around you. No more fear of what goes "bump" in the night as your dreams make that "bump" your creation.


I found a really good online mycology library - https://mycology.adelaide.edu.au/

Now comes the arduous task of finding my little spores. The problem that I will run into most likely will be that if Star Child and Star Baby are in fact some type of spore, fungi, algae or yeast like life, then such data would be locked away in some forbidden knowledge vault. After all if mycologists were able to determine that such a spore that resembled the human form existed, then there goes the notion of Earth based religions being all knowing and exact without actually knowing, right out the window with the baby and tub of washing water.

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    In this photo I show the dip in the filament created by something passing close to it or the filament moving itself around the unseen object.

    I think the filaments are part of an airborne network of fungi. The twists and turns of the filaments do fit in with a ground based network of fungi filaments.

    Photo of a fungal network.


    Filament of a fungal network from the photo of Vega.



    I started effect editing the image of the Tardigrade tonight. There is no denying that the dark artifact in the center is in fact a Tardigrade.

    Logic would tell me I can see the eye slits and mouth opening of the Tardigrade, the shape of the head and the legs. Therefore the artifact is a Tardigrade.


    In the following images I have outlined, in yellow, the upper most layers that are reflecting the most light. The layers appearing as white artifacts are in fact the closet to the camera sensor. The darker the artifact becomes shows depth or less light being reflected by the artifact.


    In this image you can see that the artifact is passing behind the artifact making the outline artifact just slightly further away from the camera then the artifact above it.


    If you look just to the left of the Tardigrade you can see a trail of matter connecting the region above it and below it. The darker area if you will. The matter trail also has a curve to its shape. Now seeing as how the two artifacts are connected then something happened to cause the middle section of the trail to curve deeper and away from the other two sections of the artifact. Maybe a filament of Dark Matter passed between the two sections causing the dip in the light curve of the artifact itself.


    1.a slender threadlike object or fiber, especially one found in animal or plant structures.


    In this image of the filament I have used my engineering and drafting knowledge to recreate the approximate depth of the light curve of the filament.

    The first image is the filament to the left of "Ripper", if you will. Everyone should know who Ripper the Tardigrade is.

    The second image is my best effort to recreate the filament when looking at the filament from its side. The darker regions of the original filament is where the object passed close the filament causing the dip to take place. The dip in the curve of the filament is best likened to that of a planet transiting across a sun that causes a decrease in the sun's overall light output that determines a planet has passed close to the sun. The third image is what the original filament would look like if the object had not passed close to it causing the dip to take place. Even fungi know that a straight line from point A to point B is the faster route to take. That is unless something that is unseen living on the filament itself caused the dip to occur so that the overall distance from point A to B would be reduced even though the entire central length of the filament remains the same.

    Basically a Heisenberg-Einstein Bridge.

    Brilliant deduction to say the least.

    The bulge in this case is circular based on most interactions in the Universe being of circular design. The darker area of the bulge represents a type of plane, possibly or field that the filament is passing around. Taking the shape of the brighter sections of the filament that lead into the dip appears to be an arrow shape.

    What could be happening is that the bulge in the center of the filament somehow becomes the ring around the filament itself. The filament could be directing material from the bulge into the center while continuing to create the ring on the outside.

    The overall end result would look something like this.


    The artifact in the lower right hand corner was found in the Star Child photo taken of Vega with the original artifact all the way to the left being from the photo take of Vega at 0142 am.

    The reason why the middle artifact in the image above appears to have two spear heads is because I was looking at a photo of the object in the lower right hand corner that I had outlined without taking the appendage going into the sheath into question.

    In both cases we have similarities of the artifact having a bulge that would create the ring around the central shaft region. You can also see that the "alien sensor dish" has an appendage that leads into what appears to be a sheath of some sorts.

    Now why would an microbe one Earth need a sensor dish? The same that we use a satellite dish on Earth. To collect or broadcast a compressed signal .

    In theory the sensor dish has a very thin membrane that would function the same as a spider web. Vibrations specific to the food staple of the creature would cause the membrane to fluctuate thus sending a signal to the brain of the creature that X creature was close by. The vibrations picked up by the sensor dish could also alert the creature to a potential mate as well as rival suitor.


    In this mage I have increased the lighting and contrast to show the variable depths of each filament. The brighter the filament the closer to the camera sensor. The darker the filament, the further away from the camera sensor.


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    Myth and the Sands of time swirled as one in the night.

    I call this filament the Winged Signum of Vega


    I cleaned the filament up a bit and got rid of the filaments that were a distraction. What is odd yet very mystical at the same time is not just the Winged Signum but the tower in the background on the mountain tops with smoke rising out of the top of it. As you can tell the wing part of the filament is almost identical to the wings that you see in many artifacts from ancient Egypt. The filament even has the center slot where a medallion, such as a scarab or sun would be affixed. There would be another layer of feathers per ancient Egyptian images. The vertical filament could be casting a shadow on the Winged Signum that is the creating the slot. Or maybe the vertical filament is meant to placed in the slot of the Winged Signum. The bottom part of the filament has a the characteristic C like clamp of the Tiger Tail. It almost looks as if the lower section of the vertical filament is some type of mechanical device, a crane if you will that sits a top the lower section of the vertical shaft that appears to have a circular operators cabin. You can also tell that there is depth to the filaments as the two "planes" or the horizontal filaments are casting a shadow on the landing strip.

    Distance of depth: unknown at this time.


    The components of the filament are also arranged very precisely as you can see. Straight lines existing on X,Y and Z in the U dimension. The U dimension meaning the Unseen Universe. The Winged Signum, as you can see for yourself is flying high above what I call the "Landing Strip" or the filament that is larger at the base, the lower left hand corner and gets smaller as it progresses into the horizon of the mountain tops. The Winged Signum looks almost like a mechanical device used to measure time, a clock if you will. Filaments once again do not arrange themselves in this manner unless put into position by a force outside of the U-verse or from within the U-verse itself.

    In this image I have drawn different colored lines representing each X,Y and Z filament.


    Kiri-kin-tha - "Nothing unreal exists, that which is unreal has not existence, and to be without existence is be unreal."

    The filaments above and others that I have collected do in fact exist, they are all around us at all times. Do things not exist because we can't see them and only value the surface as it is safe from the darkness of the lair? Do filaments see us or do they not care for the light and the surface, scared of what is within it? Yet both are an aspect of Creation. Two parts of the whole of the mind. The Seen Light and the Unseen Light that creates the Light of the Dream. A dream is unreal yet it exists in our mind. A dream has form and life, the dream calls out those it seeks to bring life together in the three parts. To give life and meaning to the unreal. A nightmare, a sharp and enticing lure. A rule of Creation found in the rune of a lunar crater fraught in a deep and cold shadow, being passed over day by day, asking, Is there nothing more? If nothing unreal exists and life is real, then the filaments are in fact a life form. Especially the ones that form words and other images that isn't possible with random light traveling through the Universe. Only sentient life has the need to communicate using language and pictures expressing emotions or depicting something in nature or a dream.

    Could the filaments I have collected be a language of some type an attempt from a life form in the U-Verse to say that we are not alone in the Universe and no matter where we go some aspect of life, even when were are alone, will be there watching and learning from us even if we can't see the filaments without special equipment.

    A theory that can tested is as follows:

    On a warm night at 0142 am at star in the Lyra constellation should be view through a 127 mm Star Max + 90 degree correct view diagonal + 25 mm Plossl. Smartphone settings: 1/ 3 shutter speed, ISO 3200.

    For over 2,000 years, since Aristotle posed the question, we have been wondering why some mushrooms glow in the dark. Researchers from Brazil’s Instituto de Química-Universidade de São Paulo and Dartmouth’s Geisel School of Medicine say it’s to attract insects, including ants, wasps, flies and beetles.

    The mushrooms want the insects to come because they spread their fungal spores around. We want the spores to come to learn from us and develop a better way to communicate.

    If my theory holds true, when we form shapes that are commonly found in photos. such as the mountain ranges in the above image with a tower that has smoking rising from it and the spores are attracted to the filaments that we create, then perhaps a base of communication of communication has been formed. If spores are creating images from Unseen Light then they must be able to understand us and can see us as well.

    If the communication is successful then a message should be seen in the photo taken of the star much the same way that Joxey and the Sight along with the word If appeared in my photos of Vega.

    If nothing unreal exists and sentient life in the Unseen Light of the world of filaments are sentient in their own respect then a base of communication using their Unseen Light can be converted into the Seen Light that we can see. Light a dream that exists in the Unseen Light that we covert into the Seen Light my theory does hold a communication value.

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    I'm certain that life in the spore world is trying to communicate with us.

    In the photo below there are size filaments taken at various times, which I have included.

    The six filaments do form the shape of the stars to the left of the Vega star. Two arms with claw like hands. A body with head on it and a tail appendage.

    Six different different filaments found in two different photos taken of Vega on the same night.

    Light does not interact in this way to form the shape of a group of stars. Perhaps the spore responsible formed itself in the same shape as the grouping of stars to tell me that it can see what I am viewing through my telescope. Like a child saying " Hey here I am, what about me?"



  • I found another "Borg" like filament in the photo of Vega.

    While playing STO earlier I was at a console performing at task and just happened to notice the diamond on the screen. Remembering that I had scene a diamond in the photo of Vega that I had taken, I took a snip of the screen.

    Here are the comparisons.

    Screen shot of the diamond from STO.

    Key components:
    1. Plunger on top of diamond and behind the letters.
    2. Short and bright vertical bars inside of the diamond.
    3. Horizontal bar in the middle above the triangle that is pointing downwards.


    Diamond filament found in the photo of Vega.


    Vega diamond filament with colored edges effect. I have also blackened the plunger, two vertical bars and horizontal bars for clarity.


    In this image the vertical bars of both diamonds match perfectly, height wise (blue dotted lines). Now why would the internal components of the Borg diamond from the screen of STO show up in the internal components of the Vegan Diamond? Not to mention the fact that vertical bars are the same height and the central plunger appears to have moved into diamond itself moving the horizontal bar lower?


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    Found some interesting Filament UTO's.

    The first one looks like a Mycelial Network Assembler Device. In theory the device would take components of the Mycelial Network and assembly them into other components used elsewhere in the network.


    Highlighted and annotated image.


    This is an image of a disc shaped UTO that appears connected to the network via two Mycelial umbilical cords at the top and bottom. Maybe a control craft patrolling the network. See the two lighter colored dots in the darker region?


    I then used the Blur/Sharpen tool after I adjusted the color variance or the bright yellow regions.


    #5 is an edge to the disc that is not reflecting light like the rest of the disc is. Perhaps the area that has been highlighted is some type of film that does not reflect light. The curved surface does maintain the overall shape of the disc as well. The area that has been highlighted was not effected at all by the Blur Sharpen tool.


    #4 appears to be some type of device that is fastened to the interior curved surface.
    #3 is a dark spot inside of the disc that if the UTO wasn't solid then the filament trail seen directly to the right should be seen passing through the dark spot and continuing to the other side of the disc. Therefore the disc itself is a solid material that is blocking the light of the filament to the right.
    #2 Possible second chair for Mycelial operator.
    #1 Looks to be a body with a waist and right leg with a right and left arm. Possible in the motion of trying to get out of the photo being taken.

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    Epstein-Barr Virus Reactivated by Electromagnetic Field

    “Exposure to a 50 Hz electromagnetic field induces activation of the Epstein-Barr virus genome in latently infected human lymphoid cells”. That exposure resulted in “an increased number of cells expressing the virus early antigens. This finding provides additional evidence that DNA can be modulated by a magnetic field”.

    Radiation-eating bacteria could make nuclear waste safer


    Certain microbes can use radionuclides such as uranium and neptunium in place of oxygen, studies have found. In doing so, they convert them from soluble to insoluble forms, making them less mobile.

    Therefore microbes feeding on radionuclides would have been the first life on Earth or any habitable planet. In order for a planet to be habitable, the planet will need to not only have uranium and neptunium but also oxygen. Natural processes, such as the interaction of cosmic radiation with nitrogen producing radioactive Carbon-14 would also be necessary. Carbon-14 is a critical element found in the human body. Without carbon-14, humans would not exist.

    The microbes feed on the radionuclides and other forms of radiation to basically clear the environment allowing oxygen consuming organisms more access to oxygen.
    If an organism evolved to filter out radionuclides while the main source of nutrient was oxygen intake, the organism would remain smaller due to its biological systems focusing on filtering the radionuclides out of the organisms system. At the same time the organisms systems would consume oxygen, just enough to keep the organism alive. As the radionuclide levels gradually reduce the organism is now able to concentrate its biological systems on consuming oxygen. The filtering system, which could be the human appendix, no longer being needed, stops being a nursery for radiation eating bacteria but now becomes a factory producing bacteria that could assist in the digestion process.

    “Radiation levels found at nuclear waste dumps don’t kill these bacteria, they stimulate them”
    The radiation levels typically found at nuclear waste dumps don’t seem to pose a problem for bacteria either. “It doesn’t kill them,” says Lloyd. “If anything, it actually stimulates the microbes.”

    Right after the Big Bang the Universe expanded and then suddenly slowed to light speed and below light speed velocities. One theory could be, bacteria existing in the Primordial vacuum feeding on quantum packets of energy suddenly became stimulated by the new source of nutrients. There are types of bacteria that feed and reproduce A-sexually when there is an abundance of nutrients. The same bacteria will reproduce sexually when there is a lack of nutrients. The sexual reproduction practice is meant to ensure that nutrients from both parents is consumed by the offspring which ensures that a minimal number of the species remains alive. Bacteria that existed prior to the Big Bang that fed on quantum packets of energy would therefore have possibly have reproduced sexually. With the sudden increase in nutrients available the bacteria began to feed and reproduce A-sexually a very rapid rate that could have added mass to the expanding fields of energy.

    Such a rapid growth would be very similar to the Electric Bacteria Shewanella and Geobacter. Both types of bacteria are adapted for low-oxygen environments. Instead of consuming oxygen to release excess electrons that produced in metabolizing sugars, these bacteria breath metals instead of oxygen that results in both the intake and excretion of electrical charges.

    Another fascinating aspect of the Electrical Bacteria is that the bacteria will grow biological equivalents of electrical wires out of their bodies, so that other microbes further away can hook up to the electricity source, thus creating a living power grid.


    The main topic of this post is to prove that bacteria feeds on the four fundamental forces of nature ,which I have proven for at least two, electromagnetism and the nuclear force.

    With Dark Matter or Dark Energy being a thing, as it is called, I would also have to say that within Dark Matter there exists bacteria. Bacteria, similar to the Electrical Bacterial, that would grow jumper cables connecting to other Dark Matter bacteria to then pass electrical charges through the Dark Matter grid to possibly create Dark Energy.

    Therefore, life could have existed prior to the Big Bang. Large regions of space covered with bacteria that fed on any available charged particles in the form of Exotic Matter, interconnected with jumper cables to create sheets of Exotic Matter Bacterial Drift. The Exotic Matter Bacterial Drift could even have been the cause of the Big Bang. With a large enough Exotic Matter Bacterial Drift massing charges across its grid, the entrance of a particle that became excessively excited, due to the amount of charged particles present, could have suddenly expanded to become the Big Bang.

    With Dark Matter or Dark Energy being a thing, as it is called, I would also have to say that within Dark Matter there exists bacteria. Bacteria, similar to the Electrical Bacterial, that would grow jumper cables connecting to other Dark Matter bacteria to then pass electrical charges through the Dark Matter grid to possibly create Dark Energy.

    Therefore, life could have existed prior to the Big Bang. Large regions of space covered with bacteria that fed on any available charged particles in the form of Exotic Matter, interconnected with jumper cables to create sheets of Exotic Matter Bacterial Drift. The Exotic Matter Bacterial Drift could even have been the cause of the Big Bang. With a large enough Exotic Matter Bacterial Drift massing charges across its grid, the entrance of a particle that became excessively excited, due to the amount of charged particles present, could have suddenly expanded to become the Big Bang.

    In theory, if there are bacteria that thrive in Dark Matter and create Dark Energy and the bacteria are interconnected like the Electrical Bacteria and the grid continues to grow as more and more Dark Matter Bacteria connect to the grid drifting in space and we are able to tap into the grid, we could, theoretically, send an electrical pulse through the grid in the form of Morse Code. Such a signal would most likely pass through the Dark Matter Bacterial Grid unaffected and could possibly be perceived as a form of communication.

    Using different frequencies of current might also cause a region of the Dark Matter Grid to compress and be pulled closer to the central source of energy excitation as the bacteria in the central region mass together collecting the new current of energy. Once the energy signature had returned to normal the Dark Matter region effected would be clumped in one area thus stretching and possibly breaking the network connections. Such a break in the connection would potentially leave regions within Dark Matter weakened or having less gravity allowing a ship to travel very faster through the rift. If two regions of Dark Matter are effected in the same way as the first region then a larger rift could be created allowing much larger ships with mass to pass through.

    Science and Exploration is not about applying the same result over and over again to prove a fact where the question exists 10,000 light years from Earth.

    Electric bacteria are forms of bacteria that directly consume and excrete electrons at different energy potentials without requiring the metabolization of any sugars or other nutrients.[1] Shewanella and Geobacter are two known types of electric bacteria. This form of life appears to be especially adapted to low-oxygen environments. Normal life forms require an oxygen environment in which to release the excess of electrons which are produced in metabolizing sugars. In a low oxygen environment, this pathway for releasing electrons is not available. Instead, electric bacteria "breath" metals instead of oxygen, which effectively results in both an intake of and excretion of electrical charges.
    When an electron absorbs energy, it jumps to a higher orbital. An electron in an excited state can release energy and 'fall' to a lower state. When it does, the electron releases a photon of electromagnetic energy. ... The electron can absorb one quantum of energy and jump up to the excitation state.

    New theory - If electric bacteria can directly consume and excrete electrons at different energy potentials then electric bacteria should be able to be used to consume the electrons of heavier atoms in space where the atomic charge would attract to a vessel traveling faster and faster towards the speed of light thus creating an exponential amount of mass. The electrons that are then excreted at different energy potentials could be reconfigured into higher energetic forms of exhaust potential. Reducing the mass of atoms around the vessel by consuming the electrons and then using the electrons as needed should allow a vessel to exceed a 1/4 the speed of light without the requirements for large amounts of liquid fuel that adds to the overall mass of the vessel in a gravitational medium.

    Using electric bacteria to consume electrons would allow one quantum of energy to jump up to the excitation state of a higher rater of potential exhaust potential of a 1:2 ratio of fuel consumption to potential output.

    Einstein said that it would take an infinite source of power to reach the speed of light. How much power does a ship need once it is able to reduce the atomic mass of atoms and convert that atomic mass in the form of electrons in a propulsion system?
    Theoretically speaking, the faster the vessel goes the more electrons are consumed and less mass is present where the amount of energy potential needed to propel the vessel would exceed the amount of mass being placed on the vessel.

    The biggest problem would be programming the bacteria to not consume the electrons of the hull material being used for the vessel.



    Examples of metals that Shewanella are capable of reducing and degrading include uranium, chromium, and iron.

    Abundance of metals creating more mass on a ship traveling through space.

    Figures are based on Universal estimates

    Iron Mass fraction (ppm) 1,090 - using Shewanella to reduce the electrons of iron in the space that a ship is occupying to 100 ppm and lower values will allow greater velocities. Iron is the sixth most abundant element in the Universe in free atom form.


    Geobacter - For quite some time,[when?] it was thought that Geobacter species lacked c-cytochromes that can be utilized to reduce metal ions, hence it was assumed that they required direct physical contact in order to use metal ions as terminal electron acceptors (TEAs).[6] The discovery of the highly conductive pili in Geobacter species, and the proposal of using them as biological nano-wires further strengthened this view.[6] Nevertheless, recent discoveries have revealed that many Geobacter species, such as G. uraniireducens, not only do not possess highly conductive pili, but also do not need direct physical contact in order to utilize the metal ions as TEAs, suggesting that there is a great variety of extracellular electron transport mechanisms among the Geobacter species.

    Since Geobacter does not have to be in direct physical contact in order to use the metal ions as TEA's a forward field of hull mounted systems designed to mimic the process of TEA's could also further help reduce the mass of metal atoms in space. Reducing the atomic mass of atoms in space would allow a vessel to travel faster over a longer distance while it used less fuel as the mass of metal based atoms would not interact with the hull metal of the vessel as much.

    The reason that electric bacteria would be perfect for a hull based film is that the bacteria do not consume oxygen and therefore shouldn't have to much difficulty surviving in space. Other than consuming the atomic mass of metals, other bacteria would also prove beneficial in consuming harmful radiation before the radiation was able to interact with the biological's on board the vessel.

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    Stardate 97746.68. After reading about Lagrangian Points, I have been able to confirm an overlay of a filament, the Cross of Vega, that was discovered by the SB on stardate 97372.84 while taking images of Vega in the Lyra constellation, does fit into the same Lagrangian Points of Earth.


    In celestial mechanics, the Lagrangian points (/ləˈɡrɑːndʒiən/ also Lagrange points,[1] L-points, or libration points) are the points near two large bodies in orbit where a smaller object will maintain its position relative to the large orbiting bodies. At other locations, a small object would go into its own orbit around one of the large bodies, but at the Lagrangian points the gravitational forces of the two large bodies, the centripetal force of orbital motion, and (for certain points) the Coriolis acceleration all match up in a way that cause the small object to maintain a stable or nearly stable position relative to the large bodies.

    Animated model - https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d0/Lagrangian_points_equipotential.gif

    Flat image of Earth Lagrange points - lrFv0qe.jpg

    Connected lines of Earth Lagrange points - fKYy3BB.jpg

    Although my equipment would not be able to recreate such a precise image as there would need to be many other sensing equipment involved, I do believe that a form of life on Earth is able to sense the gravitational influences of a planet with life on it. Such a lifeform would be able to rearrange particles able to be seen through a telescope as a form of communication. Visible light would be the base communication of sentient life. Visible Light is the easiest form of communication between sentient lifeforms. Lighting bugs use flashes of light during the night for mating purposes. Native American Indians developed a system of using fires, light at variable frequencies that created smoke signals proportional the fires output. Humans use flashlights to find each in the darkness as well as using intrigue patterns of light to create messages. The only logical conclusion would be that sentient life in the world of the microbe would be able to communicate using light as well. Light reacts with it's surroundings and would never assume forms of complex letter's, numbers or images without an exterior force, a sentient force, forming the into such complexities. The Unseen Light would function in the same manner as Visible Light, we just can't see it. Therefore, a life form on Earth or space based, would have the capabilities to generate complex images using UV frequencies. To equate with certainty that because a message isn't seen in the visible light spectrum because it would be easier to discover that an alien life form or microbe wouldn't have the ability to communicate using UV frequencies. Much like the light we see created by the lightning bug and humans that are visible light, both worlds are completely different. The same differential association would exist between life forms communicating using UV light. Life forms using UV light to communicate would be like the lightning bugs and other life forms that are able to see human the patterns of light we use. They just can't respond. Microbes however are very small forms of life that are much more likely to sense a photon burst, a flashlight being turned off and on. Due to their smaller size, the microbe would be better suited to understand how an atom works as well as understanding how photos work.

    During the very first few million years of the Universe, after the Big Bang, life would have needed to have rapidly determined which forming planets would be suitable to colonize. Because the ability to communicate with visible light had not been developed, microbes would have used UV light to communicate with. Normal air is largely opaque to UV with wavelengths shorter than 200 nm; oxygen absorbs "light". Microbes that were slowly evolving would have understood that oxygen is a source of energy. Therefore microbes living within oxygenated regions would have sensed the amount of light being absorbed by the oxygen atom. A UV pulse would then have been used by the microbes to signal other microbes of the same species to form together into a larger mass. Over time these microbes would have found other elements that the microbes used to build their DNA structure from into sentient life. Therefore microbes would be able to mass together to create complex images in the UV spectrum as a form of communication.

    Theologically speaking, the Cross of Vega, the Lagrangian points of Earth around the Sun and the overall shape of the human body from head to toe, does fit perfectly. Before humans even knew what a Lagrangian point was, the human body existed body existed in the same shape for millions of years. A head, a spine and two arms. The significance of the shape that bore Jesus also is a factor as well. The Lagrangian points existed long before Christ was born and crucified on the cross. The question remains is why was the Lagrangian points of Earth around the Sun chosen as the same shape to crucify people on? The only reason that I can deduce, logically, is that an alien race was behind the crucifixion of Christ. Based on myth, God and envoy of Creation, sent Christ to Earth to die for the sins of humanity. That is total B.S. Christ came to Earth in the form of Unseen Light or unconventional means of reproduction, possibly as a microbe from the realm of the Universe that existed while life was becoming microbialy sentient. An alien race holding sway over the Earth, a race that didn't want humans exploring space and colonizing planets and space, must have detected the intrusion of Christ inside of Mary and set about trying to ensure that the seed was never born. Christ was born however and began to teach the manners of his Father, God. Teachings that always involved and aspect of the Unseen world or the unseen light of Creation in the form of UV light. Messages that the alien race did not want humans to receive due to progress of humanity being determined by nature, the nature of early life being explorers. A nature that the aliens detested and detest to this day. Such an alien race detests humanity because the alien race believes that it is the soul of the Universe, the God of all and the direction connection to Creation herself. With humans being able to understand that the Unseen Light like the Visible Light, was a guide, humans would have the ability to carry two torches into the cave instead of only one torch. Thus humanity would no longer be afraid of the darkness, in which also exists life. Life that needs humanity to colonize planets, life that the alien race detests as well. With the many stories that humans believe in that exist in the Visible Light spreading out across the solar system and beyond, millions of colonies would be formed, working together, too benefit the goal of Creation spreading life in the Universe. The alien race or races want to keep humans on the Earth for some reason. The only logical reason can be that there are other humanoid species that exist in the Universe that the alien races have encountered and have either enslaved, destroyed or been destroyed by. With Earth being among the 8% of planets that have formed that has life on them since the Big Bang took place, Earth is therefore very close to the heart and soul of Creation herself. The aliens, who either come from this Universe or another, must detest all humanoid based sentient life in this Universe, otherwise why brutally murder a messenger of the both the Seen and Unseen Light in the same shape as the Lagrangian points of the Earth around the Sun? Some life form in the Universe hates life on Earth. Therefore the alien race would use the Lagrange points of Earth to create a duality of fear associated with the darkness that we as humans should never pursue. A pursuit that would however lead humans to find other humans in the Universe as the Lagrange points of Earth around the Sun would have to be nearly the same within the habitable zone for other sentient humanoid species to exist.

    Why was Christ crucified?

    First and foremost to be ashamed that when we look up the clouds and into space that we should first see his suffering that we should ourselves feel. In order to keep humans from looking up and wanting to explore the darkness of the unknown of space as well as colonizing space, aliens crucified Christ so that every time we look up and ask questions that the alien state has not prepared answers for their pre-determined questions. we are meant to feel ashamed. Pre-determined questions and answers meant to be given to various people in both science and religion that are designed to keep humans on Earth and from ever wanting to explore and colonize space. The aliens want us to believe that God sent Christ to die for our sins to once again make us feel ashamed when we look up. But the aliens design has failed. When they murdered Christ in the hopes of keeping humans chained to the Earth for all eternity, they actually opened the door to their eventual discovery. A discovery that will lead to their destruction entirely or a more perfect union with the 8th Pillar of Creation, the Earth and sentient humanoid life.

    Four images comparing the Cross of Vega filament with the Lagrange points of Earth, the human form and the cross of the crucifixion.


    I have changed the name of the Cross of Vega to the T'Pol Filament of Vega

  • I received my first Bondic kit in the mail today. Pretty cool. I looked at the UV light and instantly seen little squiggles traveling away from the center of the bulb very fast. I could also see the veins in the back of my eye reflecting as well.

    Really cool to say the least.

    What did I fix with Bondic, rather what did I build?

    I built a new kick stand for my keyboard. Very firm and did not crumple under the five pounds of weight I put on it.




  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dark_matter

    I wonder, could Dark Matter actually be some type of Primordial film, if you will, that existed prior to the Big Bang? A film comprised of small amounts of anti-matter that when matter came into contact with the pockets of anti-matter created very energetic releases of energy. Perhaps the reason why there are stars that are older than the Universe itself could be that such stars or Pillar Stars might have been pockets of anti-matter that came to be stars after interacting with matter.

    The Universe could actually have been very similar to a Einstein–Rosen bridge prior to the Big Bang, space-time being very compact but still having a great distance between two points where the two points could be traveled by going directly to point A from point B. If Dark Matter did exist prior to the Big Bang and maintained cohesion between both points, when matter and anti-matter collided causing a great release of energy, the two points of the Einstein-Rosen Bridge could have separated at the speed of light and possibly faster until the Dark Matter film in between both points exerted a pull on the other that slowed the expanding mass to light speed while at the same time still allowing the momentum of the expanding Universe to expand.

    A wormhole (or Einstein–Rosen bridge or Einstein–Rosen wormhole) is a speculative structure linking disparate points in spacetime, and is based on a special solution of the Einstein field equations.

    A wormhole could connect extremely long distances such as a billion light years or more, short distances such as a few meters.

    Basically, our Universe could have been several Dark Matter Einstein-Rosen Bridges that were very compact but contained thousands of light years of Dark Matter. Matter and anti-matter collides inside one of the bridges causing the great release of energy, that due to the very short distance between point A and point B, the sudden release of energy would have had more than enough force to expand the bridge points at faster than light speed velocities for a few seconds until the distance between point A and point B became to vast and the energy released by the Big Bang started to be absorbed by the stretching Dark Matter film.

    If Dark Matter can't be detected but is known to comprise 85% of the mass of Universe then Dark Matter could have existed as Einstein- Rosen bridges, very dense, almost to the point of being a singularity. If Dark Matter didn't exist prior to the Big Bang then what type of mass would have been present to slow down the anti-matter/matter release of energy? Without Dark Matter being present prior to the Big Bang then the Big Bang should have expanded at faster than light speed velocities until the first star, HE 1523-0901 the oldest star in the Milky Way was formed 13.2 billion years ago. The age of the Universe is thought to be 13.8 billion years. That leaves at least 600 million years between the Big Bang and the first star forming that gravity in the form of light speed limiting gravity created by a sun was actually present in the Universe.

    As far as I know a star creates the velocity of light speed based on the photons escaping from the star. If there weren't any stars in our galaxy until 600 million years after the Big Bang, and HD 1523-0901 is the oldest recorded star in history, then what type of mass would have been present that could have slowed the expanding release of energy from the Big Bang down enough to form HD 1523-0901 that releases energy at in the form of photons, at the speed of light?

    I think the reason why there is a gap between the age of the Universe and the age of HD 1523-0901 can be explained by two points on a Einstein-Rosen bridge expanding at FTL velocities until the distance between both points or several point became to vast for the energetic release to maintain. Due to energy bleed off from the expanding two points creating a gentle tug on the Primordial Dark Matter Mass due to interactions between the Dark Mark Primordial Mass and bleed off energy that was taking place behind the expanding mass.

    The numerous CMD of our Universe could be a result of the collision between matter and anti-matter that very forcibly and very rapidly expanded Primordial Dark Matter or the aspect of the Big Bang ripping holes in space-time itself.
  • We know that an Einstein-Rosen Bridge has two points of entry, A and B, that provides a shorter travel distance between the overall distance between both points. Matter has to have mass as does Anti-Matter.


    In this article the author says that there is no such thing as negative mass of anti-matter.

    Gravity is always attractive and never repulsive.

    Let's put this notion to the test for a moment. Gravity is always attractive and never repulsive the author stated. According to science, there are 1 billion, trillion stars in our Universe plus an unknown number of black holes that are thousands of times more gravitationally powerful than the total sum of all of the gravity generated by all of the stars in the Universe.

    Gravity is always attractive and never repulsive. With all of this immense gravity in our Universe always pulling on everything in the Universe, the Universe itself should actually be shrinking inwards towards the point of the Big Bang. Science however has proven that the Universe is expanding. Although the Big Bang was a great release of energy, the forward momentum of the edge of the Big Bang would have lost all of its energy by now. With Dark Matter comprising 85% of the matter of Universe as well as Dark Matter being effected by gravity, Dark Matter could be considered to be similar to a spiders web. Each planet and star caught in the sticky web unable to escape the gravitational inward pull of the largest black holes and suns in the Universe.

    If a rocket ship loses its propulsive thrust that it uses to escape the Earth's gravity and falls back towards the Earth, then the leading edge of the Big Bang, after losing its initial outward release of energy would no longer have the ability to expand outwards. Energy, even the Big Bang, would dissipate over time without a continuous source of energy being added that would maintain the original thrust velocity that the leading edge of the Big Bang had when the Big Bang first occurred. Especially in a Universe where some much gravity being present pulling on matter would cause the energy in leading of the Big Bang to dissipate very rapidly as more and more stars and black holes formed in the Universe. Just like the fly in the spiders web becomes more entangled the more it struggles, Big Bang energy would lose its forward momentum the more stars and suns formed in the Universe.
    Theoretically, the entire Universe should be falling inwards and not expanding.

    Every fundamental particle of regular matter has an antimatter version - author of the article

    If we think of the Universe in the form of being matter and the void around our Universe as being negative mass anti-matter we can theorize that matter on the leading edge of the expanding Big Bang is being pulled outwards while the gravity of the matter of the Universe pulls inwards.

    With matter not being able to travel faster than the speed of light and all matter being connected together through Dark Matter, then the pull of all of the black holes in the Universe would be slowly pulling all matter inwards.

    While special relativity prohibits objects from moving faster than light with respect to a local reference frame where where the local frame of reference being a sun whose gravity is responsible for the speed of light of a photon, without a Universe full of stars and black holes generating gravity, special relatively does not exist, just like special relativity does not exist inside of a black hole.

    Before the Big Bang and gravity that was generated by anti-matter colliding with matter, something had to have caused anti-matter and matter to collide. Something was pulling on both particles, otherwise neither particle would have collided together to create the Big Bang but would have remained motionless for all eternity.

    With primordial space dark matter theoretically being made of negative mass anti-matter, matter and anti-matter could have had a force exerted on them that when the two forms of matter collided, negative mass anti-matter pulling on the structure of both forms of matter in an outward direction, particles inside of the Big Bang mass could have been pulled outwards causing other interactions within the Big Bang to occur causing even more energy to be produced.

    As the two points of the Primordial Dark Matter E-R bridge were pulled outwards and occupied space-time, eventually both points would have occupied the same space allowing both matter and anti-matter to collide in the same space and time to generate and even larger amount of energetic release potential.

    But the big question is, what type of force was present in the Primordial Void that moved anti-matter and matter around that without such a force moving both forms of matter around, neither form of matter would have ever have found each other but would have remained at rest. A body of matter, regardless of whether that body is matter or anti-matter will remain in motion if a force is exerted against the body. The body will remain at rest if a force is not exerted against the body. Therefore matter and anti-matter were separate prior to the Big Bang and did not occupy the same space at the moment both forms of matter were created. A force would have been needed that pulled matter and anti-matter around the Void. Otherwise, a central and very dense region of space with an immense inward gravitational pull attracting both forms of matter would have been needed to cause the two forms of matter to collide.

    But if such a structure did exist then it would violate special relativity as nothing is able to travel faster than the speed of light, which FTL and faster velocities would have been needed by both matter and anti-matter and the resulting release of energy to escape the Primordial Black Hole. Otherwise both forms of matter might have collided and created the Big Bang but would never have been able to escape the event horizon of the primordial black hole.

    But if both particles did remain at rest and never moved then a force still would have been needed to create an Einstein-Rosen Dark Matter Primordial bridge to bring both particles together causing them to collide.

    What was that force?
  • Viruses and bacteria are intelligent as they have desire and want, otherwise they wouldn't have the need to replicate themselves in as many cells as possible.


    Water is a critical molecule for human life, and, because it is abundant in the interstellar medium, it also plays an important role in the life of molecular clouds and the stars and planets that form in them. Radiation from water vapor helps to cool a collapsing cloud of material, allowing it to dissipate heat and thereby shrink until a new star can develop. Water ice acts as a glue on dust grains, helping them coagulate into planetesimals and then, it is thought, into planets. Liquid water transports molecules on planetary surfaces where they can facilitate complex chemistry.


    Water in molecular clouds plays an important role as radiation from water vapor in the molecular cloud helps cool a collapsing cloud of material, allowing it to dissipate heat and thereby shrink until a new star can develop.

    Within these molecular clouds would exist life forms capable of surviving in space without the need for oxygen but could create oxygen as a bi-product of consuming other elements within the slowly collapsing molecular cloud. As rocky planets, such as Earth became cooler themselves due to water settling on the rocky planet as the molecular cloud collapsed into a new star, the life forms within the watery regions of the molecular cloud settled on the rocky planet. With new elements to feed on the life forms in the molecular cloud adapted and evolved to become something new. New forms of life excreting new forms of excrement that other newly adapted and evolved forms of bacteria fed as well. The process continuing until plant life evolved to use the excreted bio-mass in the soil to grow from. Thus bacteria that once existed molecular clouds settling on planets to eventually become sentient life.

    Life - the ability to ingest an element, convert that element using a chemical process to create a usable source of energy and then through another chemical process, convert the unneeded remainder of the original element into excrement that would be used by another life form.

    The last time I checked, a rock has never taken a 8472 on anyone. Therefore it if 8472's, then it is a life form with intelligence.

    The Vulcan's say that "Logic is the cement of our civilization with which we ascend from chaos using reason as our guide."

    I seriously doubt that the Vulcan's meant for someone to wear a bucket of cement on their head. It makes breathing somewhat difficult.

    If it troubles you to know that humans ingest the excrement of plants in the form of oxygen, then I suggest not breathing.
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    Stardate 97760.75

    I created a new manufacturing process today called Bondic Ice Casting.

    It is actually really simple and affordable to try.

    Get a block of ice that is a three inches tall by five inches wide and 3/4" thick.

    Drill holes into the the 3/4" x 3" tall section.

    The holes should be no larger than 5/8" in diameter and no deeper than 2.5"

    Fill each cavity with Bondic Gel making certain that you place a tooth pick in each cavity before curing.

    Use the UV Light Wand to cure each cavity making certain that you shine the UV on both sides of the cavity for at least ten seconds each.

    Then simply remove the newly formed clear plastic part using the tooth pick.

    I tried the experiment earlier today and did in fact confirm that you can use an ice cube to cure Bondic without the ice cube bonding to the Bondic Gel glob.

    On a larger scale, freezer molds or molds designed to freeze water in certain shapes, such as a T. Can be used to rapidly create support structure with minimal core metal used to reinforce the overall strength of the column.

    I made videos of the experiment but You Tube was being slow today. Here is a collection of photos that I screenshot from the videos.


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    Stardate 97766.2, Manufacturing Deck, U.S.S. Solare

    The engineering team and myself have created a primary work up for creating living modules using material that we had present. Although we could simply fabricate them using the ships Fabrication Replicator we wanted to see if we could created living facilities in a somewhat more traditional manner.

    Space sustainability involves being able to reduce the costs involved with establishing colonies on any planet or in this case not having the use of the ships Fabrication Replicator.

    To reduce the cost of colonizing a planet the manufacturing of durable shelters must be preformed on the planet being colonized instead of the building material having to be shipped to the planet that is being colonized.

    I have,at least fundamentally, solved the problem of building on planets where the use of the Fabrication Replicator is not possible. The process is called Bondic Ice Manufacturing.

    I first discovered BIM a few days ago when I was experimenting with Bondic gel and two ice cubes. I was curious to see if Bondic bonded to the ice cube while being cured. Since I received my first Bondic kit in the mail a few days ago I have been wondering "How can I use Bondic and a UV light source to mold a panel on planet?"

    It wasn't until I conducted my experiment using Bondic and the ice cube did I find the process I was looking for. After curing Bondic on an ice cube and the Bondic Button slipping off of the ice cube without any problems at all,producing panels, simple tools, wheels, tubes and structural support frames is rather easy.

    The first step is to find large chunks of frozen ice on the planet.
    The chunks are then cut from the ice flow using a portable ice cutting laser.
    Next the chunk is placed on table where a second ice cutting lasing is used to cut the chunk into the needed sizes for flat panels or rectangular sections for tubing and support castings.

    In this case a simple panel mold for a 80" tall x 30" wide x 3" deep panel will be made.

    After the sheet of ice has been cut with the laser to 84" tall x 34" wide and 5" deep, the sheet is moved to the router table.

    The router table then routes the ice mold to the overall dimensions of the finished panel including the addition of a Freud Joint being added to the ice mold so that the finished panels can be locked into place once cured.

    Before the Bondic is poured,cutouts are added so that when the panel is cured, there will already be holes, slots and windows already present instead of having to cut the access ways out after the panel has cured. The holes and slots would be used to channel the conduit through the panel. In this case the cut outs would be routed into the mold itself and would not have to be cutouts made on Earth and brought to the planet.

    The conduit could be used to protect or insulate wires, used as routing source for water as well as routing source for heated air.
    Bondic can withstand temperatures -40 degrees to 150 degrees without any type of exterior or interior insulation.

    The first layer of Bondic is then poured into the mold to a total depth of 1".
    Hollow Aluminum or ALON support tubes 79 31/32" x 2" x 2" in dimension with holes drilled in the tube to allow Bondic to flow through the tubes are added to create structural support for the panel. The support tubes would be manufactured on Earth and sent to the planet being colonized. Panels with cutouts would have the support tubes cut on Earth to ensure proper length and to facilitate faster manufacturing of the panels. Each of the holes in the tubing facing the flat surface of the panel would be threaded to allow for threaded anchors to be fastened to the tubing so that exterior fixtures could then be screwed into the insert. An example of an exterior fixture that would be screwed into the insert would be a TRIBBLE-in Snap Button Stud. The Snap Button TRIBBLE-in Stud would then be used to secure the UV Reducing blanket to the outside of a panel designed to be an exterior wall.

    While the Bondic is being poured stirring the Bondic with an ice stick will help keep bubble from forming. A very low current of electricity can also be pass through the Bondic to ensure enough heat is present to get rid of the air bubbles but not cause the ice form to melt.

    Once the fixtures are in place, KRT Lead Sheeting is placed into the mold. Pre-cut sections of KRT Lead Sheeting would be manufactured on Earth for panels with cut-outs in their design. With the KRT Lead Sheeting in place, the last layer of Bondic is poured. The KRT Sheeting will need to have a UV reflective surface added to it so that the UV light will reflect off of the sheeting surface and cure the Bondic in the middle.

    The Bondic is then cured on from both sides using a powerful UV lamp. Once cured the panel is removed from the ice mold and sent to surfacing where budges are removed .

    Next the panel would move to finishing where the exterior aluminum sheet is fastened to the exterior facing using more Bondic poured into the mold between the aluminum sheet and top layer of Bondic. TRIBBLE-in Snap Button Stubs are then used to fasten the sheet to the panel.
    The interior surface of the panel could be painted with any type of color if desired.

    ALON portholes could also be added as well to the exterior panels by placing the ALON Bubble in the mold prior to pouring the Bondic. To secure the panel to the deck, overhead deck and panel to panel would be conducted by using magnetism. One edge of a panel would be the magnet while the other edge of the other panel would be metal. The magnet would remain non-magnetic until a charge was ran through it. The magnetized metal then magnetically seals the two panels together much the same way that the magnet on the clutch of a A/C Compressor pump works.

    Once the entire structure has been magnetically sealed , Bondic would be used to seal the seams in the interior. On the exterior Bondic is used as well along with a strip of stainless steel, 1/16 " thick being TIG welded over the seam to create structural cohesion in case the generators for the magnets decided to take a vacation and visit Curiosity.

    Updated with new Gore-Tex Film Layer

    I recently did some research where I cured Bondic gel on the surface of an ice cube using a UV wand.
    Since the Bondic gel does not cure to the ice cube the ice cube can be used to create a mold from. Once the mold has been created in the sheet of ice using a CNC table based router, the Bondic is poured into the mold and cured. The only problem is that the ice cube melts rather quickly causing mold deformation requiring a new ice mold to be routered. The ice cube works the best because of its transparency that allows the Bondic gel to be cured from the top and bottom. Obviously the Bondic would adhere to the Gore-Tex film during the curing process.
    The Gore-Tex 500 lb film would be used to line the mold with so that when the Bondic is cured the Gore-Tex film would allow UV penetration to cure the Bondic but would block the heat exchange between the Bondic gel and the ice cube during curing that will help reduce the melting of the ice mold. Not only will the Gore-Tex film help retain the mold characteristics the Gore-Tex film would add structural strength to the Bondic mold much like the frames of a wall help support the weight of the roof. The Bondic Gel + Gore-Tex layering could even create a panel that protects the people inside of a structure while allowing the correct light through the paneling to grow crops while at the same time not allowing Bondic gel damaging UV light through.
    This idea is an attempt to create very cheaply produced walls and roofs for habitats that will be erected on the Moon, Mars and Enceladus. For planets that have ice, such as Mars and Enceladus, the panels would be manufactured on the planet to reduce the overall cost of missions to said planet where habitat structures would be needed. If the new Gore-Tex film can be created in sheets that block out UV from the sun completely, then a Gore-Tex layer film could be applied to the exterior of the Bondic wall panel to protect the inhabitants from harmful UV exposure as well protecting the cured gel itself from excessive UV spectrum radiation.

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    You know something, Physicists say that FTL is not possible. I think that such a disillusion is really lacking any real love of space flight and exploring space. Saying that FTL isn't possible is pompous and disrespectful to all dreams that center around the Warp Core.

    All I can say is, "If FTL isn't possible then how in the bloody hell did matter and anti-matter exist prior to the Big Bang? If Matter and Anti-Matter has to have mass to exist, then what constant was present prior to the Big Bang that added mass to both forms of matter? The addition of mass by a force that obviously didn't Einstein's theories to exist. Rather a force that exists outside of Einstein's laws. Laws that govern a Universe full of stars, black holes and celestial bodies that generate gravity. But a Universe prior to such things that was without gravity, still existed and still exists today. A force that brought Anti-Matter and Matter together. A region of space and time that existed prior to the Big Bang and before Einstein's Laws. A region of space time where Einstein Gravity does not govern matter let alone anti-matter.

    So how does matter and anti-matter with mass exist in space time when the very foundations of how matter and anti-matter should exist based on Einstein's Laws of physics shouldn't exist at all?

    Either anti-matter and matter are able to travel at FTL velocities and collided causing the Big Bang or matter and anti-matter escaped from a black hole and created our Universe.

    The simple facts are that matter and anti-matter with mass had to have existed prior to the Big Bang. A time when Einstein's Theories of gravity had not yet come to be because the Universe had not be born yet.

    Cheers to all of those who hold the Warp Core and FTL close to their hearts and minds.

    Bloody physicists who think they know it all it should really be tied to a starship traveling at warp 6.

    Matter and Anti-Matter with Mass existing prior to the Big Bang, now that's worthy of an Accolade in Engineering.
    Maybe two, one for Matter and one for Anti-Matter. If the Universe doesn't need God to exist, then Matter and Anti-Matter with mass doesn't need Einstein's theories and laws on gravity to exist, obviously.
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    Anti-Matter Created in Thunderclouds.

    If a thunderstorm produces anti-matter and the eventual outcome are gamma rays, there should be increased gamma ray bursts that are detectable prior to the transit if the planet is Earth like. Since clouds on Earth are formed from elements that are vital to life on Earth, being able to detect gamma ray bursts from a planet that is transiting a sun where the gamma ray bursts interact with the elements of the sun should create a very noticeable ring around the planet.

    The ring of gamma ray and solar element interaction would denote the actual orientation of the equator first and foremost based on the video below.

    Secondly, based on the total saturation of gamma rays and the interaction between sun elements and the gamma ray bursts, a telescope should be able to determine how many thunder storms are taking place on the planet at any one time. The frequency of detected thunder storms and the duration of each thunderstorm could prove valuable in determining what type of eco-system is on the planet.

    There could even be planets out there that have just the right conditions to produce anti-matter in rather large amounts.


    I never knew that anti-matter was being created in a thunderstorm. Rather cool to say the least.

    But how do we collect anti-matter from a thunderstorm?

    If you watch the video you can see that most of the storms are located near the Earth's equators where anti-matter has been detected. Therefore there would have to be a way of re-creating the conditions at the equator that produce thunderstorms where anti-matter is created.

    I just wonder if the particulars that make a create a thunderstorm can be condensed into a shorter tube like environment allowing for gamma rays to create more anti-matter over a shorter period of time.

    But how do we create an atom that will interact with an electron to create a gamma ray that is deflected off of the atom and then strikes another atom precisely in the same location to create anti-matter?

    One step closer to unlocking FTL.

    In physics, the baryon asymmetry problem, also known as the matter asymmetry problem or the matter-antimatter asymmetry problem,[1][2] is the observed imbalance in baryonic matter (the type of matter experienced in everyday life) and antibaryonic matter in the observable universe. Neither the standard model of particle physics, nor the theory of general relativity provides a known explanation for why this should be so, and it is a natural assumption that the universe is neutral with all conserved charges.[3] The Big Bang should have produced equal amounts of matter and antimatter. Since this does not seem to have been the case, it is likely some physical laws must have acted differently or did not exist for matter and antimatter.

    In order for the Universe to have charged particles, particles must have mass. If particles had charges prior to the Big Bang when gravity, created by stars, blackholes and planets did not exist, then another force was present. A force that allowed particles to have charges as well as particles with mass and charges not being regulated to the speed of light.

    If the entire Void Universe or the Universe outside of ours is comprised of mass and the Void Universe is infinitely expanding, then the Void itself must be comprised of a force of nature that governs matter and anti-matter being able to travel faster than the speed of light but never at the speed of infinity.


    Based on the above notation found in Wikipedia it appears that Matter and Anti-matter might not have been bound by general relativity prior to the Big Bang. The only reason that matter and anti-matter appear to be bound by general relativity is that gravity produced after the Big Bang acted like a crosswind and slowed the limits of matter and anti-matter down to below light speed velocities.

    We can think of matter and anti-matter as being as ship on the ocean catching the wind in their sails from either the front or back of the sail. Such a force would allow matter and anti-matter to travel at FTL velocities and still maintain their atomic cohesion.

    Then comes along gravity from the sides of the sails and catches just small corners of the sail. The ships forward velocity is now slowed to below light speed due to the sails turning slightly in all directions catching more and more gravity until matter and anti-matter are spinning around in a circle losing a lot of their forward velocity.

    Spinning matter and anti-matter around in circle at FTL velocities means that matter is spinning the gravitational pull of the entire Universe around it all at once, like a fly in a spider web that gets tangled a lot fast and eventually cannot move at all.

    But if we remove the spider web completely or gravity,in this case, by cancelling out the effects that gravity has on matter and anti-matter, based on the force prior to the Big Bang keeping matter and ant-matter together where both forms of matter were capable of traveling at FTL velocities, based on the force binding them together that did not require gravity, a ship could travel to FTL and faster as the crosswinds of gravity would never catch the sails that would spin the ship down to the point of never being able to escape the crosswind of gravity.

    If space-time is like a grid, then two lines of the force of nature prior to the Big Bang passing through two lines of gravity that occurred after the Big Bang would have created energetic crosswinds. If the interaction between the force prior to the Big Bang and Gravity can be separated just for a second and maintain that second for x number of minutes or light years , then matter can slip into the force that was present prior to the Big Bang that moved matter and anti-matter around.
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    I modeled my first filament in Sketch Up today. The filament from the photo taken of Vega is in the lower right hand corner.


    The silence within could be an interaction with the Unseen Light or particles of UV light that we can't see trying to interact with our mind.
    In the two photos below I have taken filaments/artifacts from photos I have taken of Vega through my telescope and modeled them in Sketch Up.
    Thus the Mind of the Seen Light interacting with the Unseen Light to that creates a industrial/artistic/mystical connection in the brain that is then made real in the 3D modeling world. The next step would be to 3D print the models, thus bringing the design of the Unseen into the Light of inspiration.

    Some type of portal that is able to capture and redirect another filament through the portal.


    The filament in the image looks very mechanical, so I decided to model the filament into a type of robotic assembler. The hook at the base would be used to move along a conduit of magnetism that the assembler could manipulate in whatever direction it needed to travel.


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    Stardate 97777.57,

    The Solare has been exploring Quadrant X for one month now. The ship is now approximately 75 light years from Alpha Point. The ship is holding up nicely, a few bumps and bruises here and there, but for the nearly 2,600 crew aboard, rather the 2,000 crew plus 600 Support and Facilitation Hologram Entities based on Voyager's "The Doctor" EMH program, all is well. The crew is still getting used to the SFHE's though as the Solare is the first ship in Starfleet to set sail with SFHE's. The bed side manners of the SFHE's are somewhat to be desired. They appear when least expected or wanted, maybe a residual of the Doctor's primary core. But I'm certain that the Doctor's core program will, over time train them to be more intuitive and less, retisent. I will note that the SHFE emitters do need to be calibrated precisely. We had an incident where three SHFE's projected from the same emitter causing them to merge into one entity. One SHFE is bad enough telling us what we are doing wrong, but having three joined at the waist barking orders, walking around like Tholians and fighting with each other about which direction they were going was amusing at first. We tried sending the SFHE's back through the primary emitter, but the more that we tried the more SHFE's came back joined at the waist making for one gigantic headache. We did eventually get the emitters fixed though. It is imperative that all SFHE emitters aboard a ship with multiple SFHE's be tuned to a. 0034 directional sequence pattern to keep each SHFE from crashing into each other when using the same emitter.

    We have not found any signs of life yet, as we know it. We have encountered and continue to encounter many new filaments that the Solare's Bajoran and Vuclan led philosophical sections have deemed, "The Unseen." It is rather odd to see a Vulcan view the unknown in such a theological manner to say the least. There is no shortage of work for the Design and Replication teams who find thousands of filaments in a small fragment of a sensor reading. To cut the time down on the analyzation and implementation process, I have determined that the filaments to concentrate on are the commonly re-occurring ones, nothing else. I have also given section commanders the go ahead to allow selected crew members in their sections to continue the replication process of other filaments in their off time, but only digital based.

    Based on our preliminary scans we have become aware of a lifeform that is sentient. Based on the sensor readings and countless hours of analyzing that the crews of the Solare and the Detachable Mobile Science/Engineering Section, the Revenant Stardust, have conducted both crews have determined that we have in fact found life outside of the edge of the galaxy. The Void, once thought of desolate and without life is capable of sustaining life. Thanks to the Mycelial Network and its ability to connect to any Primordial or Post-Expansion trace of energy. Chief Engineers Thethay, Zarva, Shagoth and Tryel along with Science Officers T'Vrell and Sub have begun designing a device that will allow the ships computer to communicate with any life that we might encounter that is based on Commander's Sub's Betazed capabilities.Chief Medical Officer Graak has made it quite clear that we might encounter energy signatures in the form of unknown viruses. Viruses that could alter the embryos of pregnant women not to mention the reproductive organs of all lifeforms on the ship. Graak then reinforced his position by reminding me of the incident that occurred at the Qu'Vat Colony in 2154. I told him that his concern had been duly noted and that he would be given personal command over the powering on of the Empath Device that we are attempting to build. Although the rest of the team expressed their concerns over a Klingon being put in charge of the operation, what other species on board the Solare has had the history of being afflicted by a virus that changed the physiological appearance of their entire species?

    Although we haven't found or communicated directly with the lifeform, we do know that they exist. On 97720.81 our sensors picked up unusual patterns. I dispatched the Revenant Stardust to investigate while the Solare stood by. What they discovered were several very large structures, square in design. Some where five times are large as the largest Borg Cube surface. Others were smaller, but none the less impressive. The Revenant Stardust take sensor samples from the structures that reveal a similarity to Borg assimilation techniques. The findings were deemed not Borg however as the signatures usually associated with the Borg were not present. Whatever created the structures must have towed the materials all the way out here to fabricate them from. I denied the request by the Revenant Stardust to take samples of the structures as well as landing on them at the behest of Graak. Graak was concerned that we might bring aboard an invasive species that might try and assimilate the crew and vessel. I confirmed his request, much to the discontent of the senior officers in charge of the Revenant Stardust. I assured them that eventually we would take samples and land on the structures to study them further. But for the time being, I rather liked the idea of not being assimilated by what ever had built the structures.

    Below are images taken of three structures along with the thermal imagining and x'ray cross sections of each surface. From the surface scans, it appears that the lifeform was building these panels to resemble to the surface of a planet. The intricate weave of isolinear based processing networks shows a very connected network in the lifeforms ability to communicate rapidly. We were unable to determine the age of any of the structures due to mix matched material present. Some of which dates back to the beginning of the galaxy itself, some 13.51 billion years ago, while other material dates back to around four or five billions years ago. Needless to say, the Exo-Planet and Planetary Scientists are going Mugato over the find. Then we found it the Drift

    Surface scans of Panel Structures x100, x101 and x102

    WLZ8lWF.jpg x100

    rhe5Drb.jpg x101

    pVu4UY2.jpg x102

    Scan of Panel x100 showing the detailed circuitry present.


    Scan of the underside of Panel x102 showing circuitry networks


    Stardate 97770.99

    One of the long range reconnaissance craft, Shirelight picked up something rather large on one of it's patrols. It took Sub a few minutes to calm the young ensign down from her sensory numbing experience with the Drift before she was able to initiate the override security program that permitted the Solare to access the data her recon flyer had collected. When the data began coming in, everyone on the bridge was awe struck. There in front of us, on the main view screen was the Drift. An immense structure that measured 5 light years long by three light years wide but only a few kilometers in depth. It is relatively flat like the Panel Structures and is comprised of the same material along with using the same assimilating design techniques. Surface, material and x-ray scans of the Drift taken by the Solare while the Revenant Stardust remained on station evaluating the Panel Structures.

    Upper Surface Scan of the Drift


    Underside Surface Scan of the Drift


    Material Scan of the Drift


    X-ray scan of the Drift


    Enlarged sections of the Drift.




    *How I created the Panel Structures and the Drift Structure.

    I simply took several small filaments from the photos I took of Vega and first applied a Sharpen brush set at 100% rate in GIMP 2.8 to the entire filament. Sharpen brings the light out of each pixel to its finest point. Next I used the Blur function of the Sharpen/Blur tool set and blurred the images to create the material composition look. Finally I used the Emboss effect to generate mountains and other features for each surface scan. Using the Emboss function prior to the Blur effect generates the computer circuitry and node effect, how I have no idea. Unless the fractals jumping around are electrons and the square nodes possibly being interactions between the electrons the surface of a material, dust possibly or water or maybe even an atom.

    The Drift itself comes from a section of the Star Child photo where thousands of filaments have been sharpened, blurred and then embossed to generate the final interior x-ray scan of the Drift. At first the Drift reminds you of a frozen sheet of ice where air has been frozen in the ice sheet as it moved around.

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    Stardate 97786.7,

    The crew is really apprehensive about not being able to study the Drift and Panel structures. Their primary claim is that the Solare is an expeditionary and exploration vessel, so why is she sitting in X Quadrant taking sensor readings? Is our job not to seek out and find new life? I am in complete agreement with the department heads assessment of our primary mission, but until Alpha Point gives the go ahead to make the first landing and return with samples, then we would all have to be patient and await the go order. Just be cause we are the the most advanced deep space expedition and exploratory ship in Starfleet doesn't mean that we should riding in like cowboys, guns blazing after a night of whiskey drinking. Being prudent is our first and foremost duty and responsibility. Until the go order is given by Alpha Point, we would continue our preliminary scans along with concern replication of artifacts and filaments.

    Shagoth, the only Elachi aboard, brought an idea to me regarding a probe. His idea is to use the SFHE emitters and the Doctors core program to create a holographic probe. The probe, although real in terms of looking like a biological would not read as a biological pattern, if the sensor systems of the structure suddenly activated. The SFHE being able to transmit data back to the Solare and establishing a link was also a concern of mine. Up to this point our scans have not triggered any response from the structures, but none the less, I still didn't want to cowboy kick open the door or be mule kicked in response. Commander Shagoth assures me that he can program the SFHE probe to be non-invasive. Unlike Voyager, the Solar was built with ten photonic processors, giving the SFHE's 80% more computing and processing power. Shagoth says that he can create the probe so that the hardware can be replicated, restored, backed up and copied multiple times without any problems, even while inside of the structure. In essence Shagoth would be creating a probe that created itself over and over again while copying and backing up all the recorded data. Once the SFHE probe had replicated, it would collect the data for two minutes and transfer the data to a newly replicated probe before de-replicating. To mask our signature, I suggested an algorithm be added where each probe being replicated would appear to be a different species signature such as Klingon, Vulcan, Tellerite, Human, etc. Replicating each probe based on unique species Identifiers would, hopefully, isolate attempts by whatever processing systems were on board the structures from being able to readily identify any specific species as being the core architect of the probe. If the sensors on board the structures aren't able to determine who we actually are, then perhaps the defensive measure would confuse the structure, if the structures decided to attack us. Shagoth agreed, the algorithm would be really no different than when a Borg scans an EMH. Although the Borg can recognize the EMH as being Human, Klingon or Vulcan visually, the biological signature scan would return a non-biological association. Shagoth also suggested that taking the signature masking one step further by de-replicating the SFHE pattern and not returning the particles to the main core. Instead the pattern should be stripped of all of its atomic characteristics and be released as free Quarks. Therefore no traces of any biological signature would be detected. If the structure did activate during the SHFE probe, the structure would ultimately triangulate the direction that the probe had been launched from after not detecting a carrier wave of data transmission. Standard Starfleet protocol regarding Mobile Configuration will be used during the initial scan by the probe until all assurances have been met that we can escape, if need be. Once the time table for the SFHE probe has finished, the Revenant Stardust will return to the structure to collect the SFHE probe. Once collected, all data from the SFHE probe will be analyzed on the Revenant Stardust. I also instructed Shagoth that when storing the data on his project in the ship's library to use the name "Baby" for enhanced security reasons. Shagoth assured me that all security precautions would be taken and that Baby would be ready in two weeks. First Officer Flores and Tactical Officer Commander Dlatckon informed of Project "Baby" and instructed to assist Shagoth if need be. I have deemed Project Baby, a Code Black project. All "must know" crew members have been made aware.

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    While the crew is busy with their assigned duties and the ship running without any problems, I have started my own project called the B25 Virtual Reality Telescope. Basically how the B25 functions is as follows. A standard 127mm Star Max telescope is used to collect light samples. The camera captures the light being collected and sends the data through graphics editor program. The GEP then optimizes the image by increasing the light that is present so that all filament artifacts are recorded. Because the increased lighting will show variables of depth based on darker colors representing filament artifacts that are further away from the telescope compared to brighter colors representing filament artifacts closer to telescope, A 3D image can be rendered. Once the GEP has satisfied the necessary parameters to ensure accurate projection, the image is sent to a fiber optics core. Once in the core, the image is pulse fired for 60 seconds with 1/128th of a second in between each firing. The image that is pulsed fired is then directed down the fiber optics wiring is that perfectly straight. A total of 128, 1/16th of a millimeter in diameter fiber optics wires complete the bundle that the image pulses as sent through. At the end of the fiber optics wiring bundle the light is collected by another camera sensor. Each fiber optic wire has its own sensor. The sensors then direct the light to be fired through the Point Light System of the Digital Modeling Program. Inside the Theater (Unity Engine) the surface area can be set up to a couple trillion meters. With the Unity Engine surface area being a couple trillion meters on all sides the amount of surface area to place digital sensors is immense to say the least. Within each meter squared surface there would be 128 digital sensors measuring .0078125 square meters. .0078125 meters squared equals one square meter. The sensors in this case are in fact digital colliders that respond to actions based on the scripting for each collider. Each sensor would be divided into 128 collider layers where each layer would create a draw function based on the amount of light that interacts with the layer. Each 128 layer is then divided up into four additional stacked layers for a total of 512 collider layers. Each layer would be scripted to create a draw function based on the amount of light that it encounters. Brighter light would cause the upper layers to create a draw function on said layer but would not penetrate to the next layer as the triggering mechanism would cause the next layer below it to not create a draw function as the primary layer had already met the criteria to create the draw function based on the amount of light that the layer received. With the brighter layers being drawn first the layers below the primary layer would continue to create a draw function based on the amount light that is interacting with the sensor. The less bright the light, the deeper the light penetrates into the collider layers to create depth and a 180 degree 3D structure. Once the pulse firing of the image had completed and the sensors been imprinted the processors would attempt to connect the dots between each layer so that brighter light gradients will merge into darker light gradients.







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    Report of Suspected Borg Cubes Found at Our Sun by SOHO

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    Humans also produce anti-matter, as do bananas.


    But other antimatter sources are even closer to home. For example, bananas produce antimatter, releasing one positron—the antimatter equivalent of an electron—about every 75 minutes. This occurs because bananas contain a small amount of potassium-40, a naturally occurring isotope of potassium. As potassium-40 decays, it occasionally spits out a positron in the process. Our bodies also contain potassium-40, which means positrons are being emitted from you, too. Antimatter annihilates immediately on contact with matter, so these antimatter particles are very short-lived.


    From the articles that I have been reading, the amount of anti-matter present in the Universe far exceeds the current model of volumetric based data regarding anti-matter.

    Scientists think the antimatter particles were formed in a terrestrial gamma-ray flash (TGF), a brief burst produced inside thunderstorms and shown to be associated with lightning.

    The GBM constantly monitors the entire celestial sky above and the Earth below. The GBM team has identified 130 TGFs since Fermi's launch in 2008.

    Let's say that each TGF created by a thunderstorm generates, .05 nanograms of anti-matter. Since 2008, Fermi Lab has recorded 130 thunderstorms that have generated on average, 0.5416 nanograms of anti-matter per storm.

    Let's say that the Earth has been producing thunderstorms for 3 billion years. Three billion years times 130 equals 390,000,000,000 times that thunderstorms on Earth has produced anti-matter. Therefore, over the last three billion years thunderstorms have produced 19,500,000,000 nanograms or 0.6878 ounces of anti-matter.

    Earth would not be the only planet that generates anti-matter due to thunderstorms. Gas giants would be the primary source, with habitable worlds being second in anti-matter production. There are four gas giants in the Sol system. Le's say that Jupiter and Saturn produce .085 nanograms of anti-matter each, along with Neptune and Uranus each producing .075 nanograms of anti-matter every TGF. Using the Earth model of 3 billion years times 130 TGF we have an additional 420 times each year that anti-matter is produced within the Sol system, 550 total including Earth. Over 3 billion years , there has been 1.650 trillion TGF's, multiplied by the total amount of anti-matter each planet produces gives us 528,000,000 nanograms of anti-matter or 528 milligrams. The amount of matter that Earth and the four gas giants in our solar system has created in the last 3 billion years comparable to the lead in 528 pencils.


    Bananas release for more anti-matter compared to storms. What is interesting is that the most abundant regions where TGF's occur in are also the same regions where banana's grow.

    Below is a comparison of anti-matter producing thunderstorms and the regions where bananas grow. Bananas are the only fruit that I have been able to find that releases anti-matter through the decay process.


    Bananas, Anti-Matter and Space Viruses

    Therefore, there is a relative factor between bananas and anti-matter producing thunderstorms. Does anti-matter producing thunderstorms help produce banana growth patterns or do banana's provide elements that interact with thunderstorms to produce anti-matter?

    I think SAR-CoV-2 is result of the interaction between thunderstorms that produce anti-matter and fruits in the region that produce anti-matter.

    Perhaps an interaction took place in the fruit that a bat ate that contained the SAR-CoV-2 virus that was created as a result of anti-matter reactions.

    Its rather interesting that fruit and thunderstorms in the same region of Wuhan Provence both produce anti-matter. If a virus is the anti-particle of a living cell much like anti-matter is the opposite of matter, then when both come together a release of energy is created.

    In this case a virus created by anti-matter interacts with matter that annihilates the cells of the living by causing COVID-19 that causes a rapid decay of the biological host overall.

    There must be a connection between anti-matter causing some type of mutation in a gene that causes SARS-CoV-2

    Asteroid to fly close to Earth


    What will probably happen is that a new virus will emerge at the some time next year, maybe around the middle of May 2021. Particles drifting from OR2 to Earth would pass through anti-matter producing thunderstorms. The anti-matter effected dust particle, now in a breathable oxygen environment becomes active and lands on fruit where it begins to reproduce where the fruit is then eaten by a bat that then becomes the new vector. .

    I have been reading about how viruses infect certain animals such as rats that are preyed upon by cats. The virus makes the rat less averse to the cat and as a result, is eaten. The virus then grows inside of the cats gut, the only place it can grow and is then passed out of the cats body waiting for another rat to come along.

    If viruses are intelligent like the Rat Virus is on Earth, then viruses being carried in a dormant stage on a meteorite could also posses the same type of intelligence.

    A virus from a distant planet catching a ride on particles are carried high into the planets atmosphere where thunderstorms producing very energetic explosion potentials, hurl the virus further into space. The virus then becomes dormant on its long ride on a passing meteor or asteroid or possibly even a comet.

    The object passes close to Earth where dust enters our atmosphere and settles to the ground becoming active again. Within new DNA to replicate from the Exo-Planet virus now becomes a new virus that doesn't have any characteristics of being associated with any Earth based virus.

    Anti-matter and Bananas - Fuel of the Future

    I recently discovered an interesting connection. Fermi Lab has proven that thunderstorms create anti-matter. Bananas are one type of fruit that produces anti-matter through decay.
    What I found out is that the areas of highest concentrations of anti-matter produced by thunder storms also has the highest concretion of banana growth as well?

    So called 'scientists' are calling the comparisons "pseudo-science." How can the associations be pseudo-science when science has proven both accounts to be factual, Factual in-so-much as the highest concentration of anti-matter produced by storms is also the same locations where the highest concentration of bananas are grown?
    Bananas produce anti-matter approximately once every 75 minutes. Fermi Lab has even stated that anti-matter might fall upwards which could account for the reason why the areas where anti-matter is produced by storms is also the same areas with the highest concentration of of banana growth.

    There has to be a form of entropy that extends from the core of the Earth to the regions where the anti-matter banana/thunderstorms producing regions exist and then out into space.

    The Anti-Matter / Banana connection is important for second reason.

    1. There is a connection between the reason why bananas are curved, the shape of the Earth's core and the regions where thunderstorms produce anti-matter which is also the same regions where bananas grow.
    2. The second reason involves searching for habitable worlds. If a planet has thunderstorms and the thunderstorms produce the same or nearly the same amount of anti-matter across a section of the planets EM field that is comparable to Earths, then the core of the planet should be nearly the same as the core of Earth. Meaning that if plant life does exist on the planet, then a species of fruit that releases anti-matter in the same region as the thunderstorms should also exist.

    2. Antimatter is closer to you than you think.
    Small amounts of antimatter constantly rain down on the Earth in the form of cosmic rays, energetic particles from space. These antimatter particles reach our atmosphere at a rate ranging from less than one per square meter to more than 100 per square meter.

    4. There is such a thing as an antimatter trap.
    To study antimatter, you need to prevent it from annihilating with matter. Scientists have created ways to do just that.

    Charged antimatter particles such as positrons and antiprotons can be held in devices called Penning traps. These are comparable to tiny accelerators. Inside, particles spiral around as the magnetic and electric fields keep them from colliding with the walls of the trap.

    Penning Trap - http://alpha.web.cern.ch/penningtrap

    But Penning traps won’t work on neutral particles such as antihydrogen. Because they have no charge, these particles cannot be confined by electric fields. Instead, they are held in Ioffe traps, which work by creating a region of space where the magnetic field gets larger in all directions. The particle gets stuck in the area with the weakest magnetic field, much like a marble rolling around the bottom of a bowl.

    Loffe Trap - http://alpha.web.cern.ch/magnets
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    8. Speed of Gravity

    Some people have argued that the speed of gravity in a gravitationally bound system is much greater than c or even infinite. In fact, gravitational effects and gravitational waves travel at the speed of light c. See the articles Does Gravity Travel at the Speed of Light? and What is Gravitational Radiation? for the explanation.

    (The speed of gravity is no infinite as the speed of gravity is a coefficient of the photon. Therefore gravity cannot and will not exist in a medium of space-time that is absent stars, planets, black holes and other celestial objects.

    The speed of gravity in a gravitationally bound system is of no consequence as the speed of gravity does not exist. Gravity is not infinite because gravity did not exist prior to the Big Bang due to the fact that stars, planets, black holes and Dark Matter did exist prior to the Big Bang in order to create gravity. Dark Matter would have existed first, much like the placenta of any animal must first exist before the life can be born. Regardless of the type of life form, all life must have a placental sack to exist in. All life, regardless of whether being cold blooded or warm blooded must first exist in a placental sack. Therefore, Dark Matter would have existed right before the actual Big Bang occurred, just like the placental sack exists right before the fertilized egg, a static container that has the ability or potential to become life, is fertilized to begin the cellular restructuring process. The Universe functions in the same way. You have the womb, representing the Universe that will one do possibly be something. The Universe is separate from the womb, much like the eggs are kept separate from the womb in the female species as well as the male species. The placenta,much like the expanding Universe, would not have taken shape unless the expectation of an increase amount of energy and mass was likely to occur. The placenta simply does not expand inside of the womb without reason, the same for the Dark Matter that expanded from Zero Point, the point of the Big Bang. Without any reason to expand, there simply is no need for the Big Bang to exist and Dark Matter to expand.

    Therefore the necessity behind the Big Bang and Dark Matter expanding at Zero Point is because of the sense of a biological input needing the output of the Big Bang. Whether as a result of the concept of First Life or the concept of traveling between two Universes being the reason for the Big Bang is rather irrelevant. The fact is that minerals, planets, gases, etc. do not have any need to reproduce or expand as they are not living sentient biological lifeforms. There are two forms of mass in the Universe, you have Active Mass, which are life forms that include all aspects of biological life from the smallest bacteria to the largest deep sea or deep space creature. The other type of mass is Inactive Mass or mass that does not have the ability to formulate, invent, design or apply any instance of energetic activity. Types of Inactive Mass would be minerals or elements from the Periodic Table along with interactions such as two atoms colliding together. The need of Active Mass will always direct Inactive Mass to expand. Therefore the need of Active Mass is what caused the Big Bang and Dark Matter to take form, from which life emerged from creating our Universe in the Void. The Void is not a Universe. The Void is infinite or a region of space-time that expands in all directions at the speed of infinite and is measurable by using Pi.

    The notion of God often used by religions to profess knowledge of all things is degeneracy without being able to formulate any theory. When people say that "It is because of God." Those people are using nothing more than generalized words and phrases as they try to promote themselves as all knowing. Semantics and nothing more as they try to create illusions in the persons mind where they hope to make the person believe that what they are seeing is coming from God that God has directed the person to make everyone believe in. 99% of the time such people are losers and only value the notion of God in wanting to be rich and wealthy or the practice of cutting down trees that is made into paper and put into their pockets. They believe that the more trees you have in your pockets means the more oxygen or life that you have. Not even wrong due to the fact that people without money still exist and live even though they do not have the paper affirmation of "In God We Trust" in their pockets.
    Science is renown for playing the God role here on Earth based on the findings of science that involve atoms. The goal of science just like religion here on Earth are the same, their end result is too simply take as much money from others that they can so that they can live an enjoyable life while others continue to work and provide them with wealth. Such people are in fact Active Rest Mass or Active Mass that has become complacent in the Universe spreading the seed of creation across the Universe as well as finding out what is out there in the Universe.

    Active Rest Mass are the type of people who believe they know everything and expect everyone else to believe them without questioning modern day politics and science. Basically Active Rest Mass are degenerates who want to keep Active Mass locked on Earth because they don't want anyone to be over them in the realm of space-time because in doing so, the Active Mass has taken away the ability of the ARM to fool people into believing that they are knowing. The more that humans explore the Universe by setting foot on planets such as the Moon and Mars, the lies that have been created by the ARM are exposed and rendered as such, nothing. Active Mass becomes ARM when it stops promoting progress and instead satisfies itself with complacent ideology based on what took place in the place. AM's that proceed through life in such a manner are in ARM's as they will try and discount any knew knowledge that comes along. The reason being is that the pseudo AM is nothing more than a copy of what was discovered, tried and tested and proven in the past. They simply restate facts that have already been proven without any ability to press forward. They don't want to progress because the stimulation that they use to generate their fake notions of God in the minds of the people would no longer exist. Take for example Einstein's Laws of physics. You can talk for days and days about his formulas without any problems. But mention something about a black hole or the Void where Einstein's Laws do not apply and suddenly you are the idiot and devil. The simple reason is because the book learned ARM conscript cannot fathom anything outside of the real of Einstein for main reason that Einstein does not exist or isn't needed for the Void or Black Holes to exist, yet both mediums do in fact exist but cannot be proven by Einsteins Theories.

    16. The Infinite-Energy Argument
    When Einstein wrote down his postulates for special relativity, he did not include the statement that you cannot travel faster than light. There is a misconception that it is possible to derive it as a consequence of the postulates he did give. Incidentally, it was Henri Poincare who said "Perhaps we must construct a new mechanics [...] in which the speed of light would become an impassable limit." That was in an address to the International Congress of Arts and Science in 1904—before Einstein announced special relativity in 1905.

    It is a consequence of relativity that the energy of a particle of rest mass m moving with speed v is given by

    E = mc2/sqrt(1 - v2/c2)

    As the speed approaches the speed of light, the particle's energy approaches infinity. Hence it should be impossible to accelerate an object with rest mass to the speed of light; also, particles with zero rest mass must always move at exactly the speed of light, since otherwise they would have no energy. This is sometimes called the "light speed barrier", but it is very different from the "sound speed barrier". As an aircraft approaches the speed of sound it starts to feel pressure waves which indicate that it is moving close to the speed of sound, and before the existence and effects of these waves were well understood, they destroyed several aircraft in the mid 20th century; hence the old name of sound "barrier". In fact, with more thrust and the right aerodynamics, an aircraft can certainly pass through the sound barrier.

    The situation is different for light. As the light speed barrier is approached (in a perfect vacuum) there are no such waves according to relativity (destructive or otherwise). Moving at 0.999c is just like standing still with everything rushing past you at −0.999c. Particles are routinely pushed to these speeds and beyond in accelerators, so the theory is well established. Trying to attain the speed of light in this way is a matter of chasing something that is forever just out of your reach.

    This explains why it is not possible to exceed the speed of light by ordinary mechanical means. But it does not in itself rule out FTL travel. It is really just one way in which things cannot be made to go faster than light, rather than a proof that there is no way to do so. Particles are known to decay instantly into other particles which fly off at high speed. It is not necessary to think in terms of the particles' having been accelerated, so how could we say that they could not go faster than light? What about the possibility of particles that might always have been moving faster than light, and which might be used to send information if they can be detected without ever slowing down to less than the speed of light? Even if such "tachyons" don't exist (and we don't believe that they do exist), there may be ways of moving matter from A to B faster than light is able to travel from A to B by the usual route, but without anything having to go at a FTL speed locally. See the paragraph on tachyons below.

    As the speed approaches the speed of light, the particle's energy approaches infinity. Hence it should be impossible to accelerate an object with rest mass to the speed of light; also, particles with zero rest mass must always move at exactly the speed of light, since otherwise they would have no energy.

    As the speed approaches the speed of light, the particle's energy approaches infinity. Not even wrong. The particles energy would not approach infinity as the particle approaches the speed of light for the simple matter of fact that the speed of infinity does not require Einstein's Laws to exist. By Einstein saying that the particle approaches infinity is saying that the particle itself would stretch out in all directions as it is amassed the energy of infinity as it approached the speed of light. Light cannot occupy the realm of infinity because light needs gravity in order to exist. Since Einstein's gravity did not exist prior to the Big Bang, light cannot and will not exist at the speed of infinity. Particles that exist without the need of gravity that would have existed in the Void prior to the Big Bang however would and could exist at an exponential of the speed of infinity but would still never be able to reach the speed of infinity. One could theorize that you could travel close to the speed of infinity and be able to see the edge of infinity. Once again, not even wrong. If an object did approach the speed of infinity while in Void space, the object and viewer in the object would never reach the edge of infinity, but would merely occupy Void space at very fast rates. One would not physically go back in time in Void space time either. Saying that one would time travel as a result of approaching the speed of infinity is to say that the Void has a central starting point where particle decay could be assigned to suggest a relative age to all particles in Void space. Saying that Void space, that is infinite, has a measurable age is saying that infinite has an edge, like our Universe has, which can be approached and then crossed over into. if you did cross the edge of infinity, you would simply continue to occupy more void space and nothing else as infinity is not able to be achieved, at least not until Pi results in an end and non repeating number.

    Time dilation would not exist either as time dilation in the Universe does not exist. No matter how fast you travel from Point A to Point B, events on a planet would still remain unchanged. If you were to travel to a planet that is 24 light years away in 24 hours or a light year every hour, only 24 hours would have passed on Earth. If it takes you a year to travel to the planet, then only a year would have passed on Earth. If the planet has a longer or shorter day, time dilation in so much as time speeding up or slowing down on Earth would not exist. Say you are traveling from Earth that has a 24 hour time period to a planet that has a 12 hour time period. The planet is 24 light away and you are traveling at one light per hour. The events on Earth and the planet being traveled too would still exist in a 12 and 24 hour time period. The effects of gravity is what determines the time on each planet. Rather the person would have aged 48 hours or the amount of time of travel to and from planet X + the time spent on Planet X. If the person spent 12 hours on Planet X then the person would have aged 60 hours upon returning to Earth. There is no speeding up or reducing or even stopping the aging process which is based on gravity that is a function of the speed of light.
    Radiation however would factor into the aging process entirely. If a person traveling at the speed of light did not have the proper protection, then the traveler would experience increased amounts of light saturation to their body that would cause adverse effects, such as drying the skin up as a result of the body's fluid system not be able to keep up with keeping the skin moist as a result of more radiation being encountered.

    If a person on Planet X experiences radiation that is the same type of radiation on Earth over two days compared to 24 hours exposure to the same radiation on Earth, the person on Earth would have experienced more radiation causing their cells to age more rapidly compared to the person on Planet X. The reason being is that the person on Planet X would not have had a full days exposure of radiation, like the person on Earth did, due to the person on Planet X experiencing night and day which would reduce the overall exposure to the same radiation by half. Therefore the persons cells on Planet X would have aged half as slow as the persons cells on Earth over a 24 hour time period of being saturated with the same radiation. If the person on Planet X had stayed in the sunlight for the 24 hour time period or two Planet X days, the cells of the person on Planet X would have aged at exactly the same rate as the person's cells on Earth.

    Gravity only provides a value of resistance that requires a biological to intake and release a certain amount of energy to overcome. A biological however cannot overcome the effects of radiation causing the aging process, unless the biological is able to cancel out processes around it that keep radiation from interacting with the cells of the body.

    First off speed is not able to approach the speed of light because speed is not an object. Speed is the measurable distance that an object travels between point A and point B, in a medium, where the object generates a thrust value. The thrust value is comparable to the mediums interaction with the elements of the object where resistance is generated.
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    Is Time Travel Possible?

    Time travel is absolutely not possible. What time travel has really been as established as being is a roadblock for Faster-Than-Light theories. Time travel proponents theorize that if an object is able to travel faster than the speed of light, then the object will be able to occupy a point in time along any time line. With the possibility of people being able to change the past, the actual agenda of time travel theory is meant to continually discount FTL theories based on fear. Fear that is associated with a person possibly being erased from time altogether. Fear of the notion of humanity having control over the course of historical events instead of God. Time travel is not possible because in order to rearrange the time line you have to be able to exceed the speed of infinity, which is not possible. Time travel would have to take place before the moment in which the Big Bang occurred in order to alter the time line of the Universe. Time travel is not energetically nor semantically possible. You can put on a suit or armor from the 1500's but the actual time and date is still 2:00;3.13.2020.

    Anti-progressives also use time travel in the forward sense to make people fearful of the future, thus creating a barrier around the persons mind that keeps their thoughts focused on the now aspect of their environment. In reality now, does not exist either as time progressives at a basic 1:1 ratio. One second equates to an infinite number of events taking place at point in the Universe and the Void. For every second that passes there are an infinite number of variables that are happening that cannot be changed by an object traveling faster than the speed of light.

    An object traveling at the speed of light and faster will never be able to occupy all points in space-time because all of the points in space-time, both Primordial and Universal space happen at the speed of infinity. So, no time travel is not possible but is instead used as a method of controlling a persons mind to fear the future, to miss and want to experience an event in the past that will never naturally occur all while chemically maintaining a person's thoughts to what is called the here and now, which does not exist either as such an environment has already passed and cannot be regained ever.

    FTL allows an object to reduce the distance between point A and point B. Traveling faster than the speed of light would not change any historical events but would allow a person to see events taking place 100k miles away that they normally would not be able to see.

    For example a person is making tea on one side of the planet and the observer in the FTL object is on the other side of the planet. The FTL object would take 0.134 seconds to travel from point A to point B, one time. The person in the FTL object would encounter a 0.134 second difference in the events taking place at the tea pot location while the person at the tea pot would not encounter any differences in the time line events. The person in the FTL object traveling faster than the speed of light would not experience future events but would merely occupy the Tea Pot event at point B twice, within the 0.134 time it takes light to travel around the Earth. Traveling faster than the speed of light would reduce time it takes to travel from point A point B but does not effect the events taking place at Point B. The person in the FTL object would see more of events that he or she missed during the 0.134 second at Fast as Light Speed. Eventually as the speed of light increases , the person in the FTL object would be viewing the events at the Tea Pot location the same that person at the Tea Pot is viewing without any interruption.

    Once a state of equilibrium had been reached between the coefficient of the FTL object and the Tea Pot, traveling faster than FTL would only allow the person in the FTL object to observe processes within the Tea Pot users mind that would exist right before the action took place.

    Between the point of the tea being poured from the tea pot to the tea cup there is a small amount of time in between each action that hasn't taken place. Or the observable and un-observable.

    For example the process of pouring the tea into a cup is a thought process that would exist in the subconscious mind but hadn't been preformed yet. We haven't gone into the future at all, all the person in the FTL object has done is to have closed the gap between the observable event, pouring the tea into the cup and the un-observable event of thinking about pouring the tea into the cup. Both still exist along the same time line of sequence of events taking place regarding the tea being poured into the tea cup. But, we can only assume that the person at point B is going to pour the tea into a cup based on rational societal behaviors that allows the perception of accessing a perceived future based on events that have already taken place and have been established as excepted norms. But without the event actually taking to observe the results to satisfy the perception of traveling into the future then time travel is not possible as the person in the FTL object is not able to actually determine what the person at the tea pot is going too do. Therefore traveling to FTL and faster speeds will only allow observable events that have taken place to be observable. The person at the tea pot could actually pour the tea all over the floor, which would be outside of the rational used to established that traveling faster than the speed of light can predict future events that can be changed, therefore time travel is not possible and never will be.

    Traveling the speed of light and faster than the speed of light however is possible, due to observable events of crossing a distance from point A to point B already having taken place in history where history has proven that an object can increase its speed value to reduce the time that an object takes to travel from point A to point B. Like I mentioned before, the universe is infinite and in order to change the variables of history by using time travel one would have to be able to travel faster than the speed of infinity. But since the speed of infinity is not obtainable traveling across the expanse at variables slower than infinite is possible and has been proven in the variables of the speed of matter itself in the form of light speed, a rocket, a dolphin, a man , a child and a turtle. All values of speed in crossing between point A and point B. Therefore gradients of speed would exist for matter between the speed of infinity and the speed of light.

    Yes, traveling faster than the speed of light does not create a time paradox. When you travel faster than the speed of light you are simply reducing the time that it takes to travel from point A to point B.

    There is no observable change in history taking place outside of the object traveling at the speed of light because those actions are not dependent on maintaining a speed of light variable.

    Example, one person is baking a cake inside of an object traveling at the speed of light while another is baking a cake on planet. Both start at the exact same time. The person baking the cake on the FTL object is one light year away from the planet where the other person is baking the cake.

    When the person in the FTL object arrives at the planet after five minutes of FTL speed, both cakes will have only been baking for five minutes.

    The only value that has been sped up is the distance that has been reduced by the person traveling in the object at FTL speed.

    Baking a cake takes specific types of ingredients, heat and gravity and time in order to bake the cake. Using the same the ingredients in both cakes means that the gravitational constant on the planet as well as on of the inside FTL object would have to be the same in order prove the parameters of the experiment correct.

    Using ingredients that are different to say that the cake backing on the FTL object baked faster than on the planet only proves that a different gravitational constant on the inside of the FTL was used to make the appearance of the cake being baked faster as a result of the object traveling at FTL speed.

    Regardless of the gravitational constant inside of the FTL object, the FTL object will still have traveled one light year in five minutes while the outside world functioned the same in those five minutes.

    The reason that FTL speed does work and that time travel does not is rather simple. Our Universe expanded from the Void which is infinite and travels at the speed of infinity. The speed of infinity is not able to be reached, but lower speeds of energy traveling through the Void are.

    Dropping a stone in lake we can see the ripple effect that is based on the shape, weight, speed and angle that the stone is dropped into the water.

    The Big Bang is much like the stone where the Void is the surface of the water. The water or the Void has its own rate of energetic interactions that are separate from the stone or the Big Bang. When the stone is dropped the water reacts in such a manner causing ripples to occur that over time subside due to the energy applied to the surface of the water not being able to be maintained. The stone that is dropped also creates ripples under the water.

    When the Big Bang occurred, the weight of the impact had to have been faster than the speed of light. otherwise the process of the cone being created that leaves behind the sphere of water, our Universe would not have been created.

    Matter traveling faster than the speed of light would have been needed in order penetrate the Void causing matter from both planes on either side of the Big Bang to experience to become active in a different state that then flowed upwards, through the cone and into the drop of water, our Universe. The force of the FTL interaction would have transferred from the point of the Big Bang through the cone and into the sphere allowing for just a few seconds of time for the sphere to remain separate and energy to be passed into the sphere before the collapse took place. After the initial amount of energy dissipated as a result of matter not being able to maintain the initial force placed against the Void, much the same way that the stone isn't able to maintain the ripple effect at the surface where it entered the water, the initial ripple subsided much faster than the sphere would. The resulting speed then becomes the speed of light.

    What is even more interesting is that the matter from Void and the matter that impacted the surface of the Void at just the right angle also became part of the Void as well and would be found elsewhere in the Void based on where the ripples dissipated at allowing more Universe to be created. With After Big Bang matter being rippled across the Void, the matter that impacted the Void would have a much easier time of striking the Void's surface, much like electricity will strike a location over and over again when primed to attract the lighting bolt.

    Here is another example that FTL is possible and does not effect or create time travel.

    You have object that is traveling at the speed of light and will travel for thirty seconds. You have a turtle inside of the object that will travel ten meters.

    In those 30 seconds of Fast as Light Speed Travel, the turtle will only have traveled ten meters under its own speed. The turtle will also have traveled the same distance as the object does at FTL speeds for 30 seconds as well but will not have accelerated its own speed of travel based on the velocity of the object.

    Now if the object travels 15 seconds at FTL speed turns around and travels back to its starting point from 15 seconds earlier, the turtle will not have experienced time travel and will not be at the starting line but would in fact be crossing the finish line while the object returned to its starting point.

    An object that is inside of an object traveling at FTL speed will not cease too exist when traveling at FTL speeds as long as the object inside of the FTL object maintains a gravity threshold based on the amount of gravity from the planet that object originated from.

    There is a fundamental particle present in every metallic atom that allows matter to exceed the speed of light until matter impacted the Void at just the correct angle. Otherwise the matter traveling through the Void at FTL velocities would not have been able to maintains its Primordial cohesion and would have simply fallen apart. Like I said there is a particle that acted like a connector that held all of the atoms in our Universe together as one mass. In this mass the connector had a central engine that created a field that flowed through each connector and shielded each atom the Void as well as the other atoms from interacting with other atoms. Otherwise the mass of atoms would have disintegrated before the point of impact with the Void. The point where the mass of stored atoms impacted the void that caused the atoms to suddenly and very rapidly replicate themselves at billions of times a second that caused the Big Bang and for the process of atomic fusion between atoms to take place.

    Now explain to me how the free roaming atoms of our table of elements roaming around the infinity of the Void prior to the Big Bang all came together at the point of the Big Bang to create our Universe?

    The elements on the Periodic Table function in a precise manner based on gravity. Gravity that did not exist prior to the Big Bang but did so afterwards. In order for the elements of our Universe to have existed after the Big Bang there would have been a formula necessary to reproduce each individual atom over and over again during the Big Bang. Such a recipe would have existed prior to the Big Bang and would have been protected from the Void before the actual Big Bang took place. Therefore there is a process, element or particle in space that will infact shield an atom allowing it to travel faster than the speed of light.

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    We, the explorers

    From the very beginning of time all life in the Universe has the fundamental thought process of exploration.

    The roots of the tree dig deeper in the soil searching for water while its branches reach upwards towards the sun.

    The honey flies through the air searching for the next flower to collect nectar from.

    Life is always searching, exploring. Exploration is a fundamental process in all life across the Universe. Without exploration there would be no life in the Universe.

    No matter what time of the day it is or what season, life is always exploring whats around the corner of wall or what is on the other side of a curtain. Exploration is the thought process that gives all life its source of purpose.

    The dolphin swims for hours on end searching for food.

    Even down to smallest bacteria, the single and sole founding principle that binds all life, whether that life is plant,animal,microbe or mammal, the cement that binds all life together is exploration.

    Humans, like the tree grow, from a small seed, and over time we look spacewards like the branches yearning for sunlight, while our feet yearn to take hold on on distant planets.

    Space exploration and colonization of space, moons and planets is not only a fundamental thought process of all life. Space exploration is a fundamental right for the human endeavor.

    There is no rational reply by anyone to the fundamental right of humans venturing into the unknowns of space and colonizing the Moon and Mars. No other human other life in the Universe has the right to deny us our fundamental right to exist through the process of space exploration.
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    A New Device

    This new device is based off of the mysterious device that the Enterprise found in the episode 'Future Tense' that was bigger on the inside than the outside. The hull contain warp and impulse engines from a shuttle plus sensors and phaser arrays. The inside would be designed based on the interior the mystery ship for a single pilot but built to Star Fleet standards. The hatch to the interior of the ship would be located under a panel on the decking plate of the ship. When opened the ladder and conduit lead to the much larger interior section of the ship. Much larger meaning, at least ten times the size of the interior volume of the mystery ship.

    In the hidden section of the ship would be the engine room, bridge and other facilities commonly associated with a Captain's Yacht. The human space is used as creature luxury for humanoids using the ship and is able to sustain ten humans for a month. Otherwise the ship is crewed by 125 holograms. The holograms exist in another state that is based on the stasis tubes from The Thaw that allows the holograms to create holodeck like environments similar to the environment that the Clown used to keep his captives safe. The only difference is that the holograms only need a stasis container the size of Rubic's Cube. Each Stasis Cube is connected together allowing an additional 125 rooms, 30 feet x 30 feet x 10 feet to be created for the purposes of analyzing data collected by the ships sensors, as storage for cargo that can be transported outside of the ship along with areas for experiments. Each room on the third deck is capable of storing 2500 cubic feet of cargo that is beamed into the 3rd deck via several quantum compression transporters

    Ten human sized stasis beds allows humans to interact with the holograms inside of the lower rooms much the same that the stasis beds were used to protect the captives of the Clone from the outside world.

    The equipment used to increase the volume of the second and third deck is located on the second deck. After the initial equipment to create the two lower decks has been built to enlarge the void under the ship, the equipment is beamed to the second deck and then removed from the 1st deck.

    This type of ship, only one in known existence, is used by the Science Academy of Star Fleet to gain access into regions that are very hostile to larger ships but only moderately dangerous to shuttle craft sized ships. Studies on planets that would normally require a standard sized exploration vessel are now able to employ the Deep Exploration Shuttle instead. The DES also has several mobile holographic emitters that allows the holographic crew to accompany the human crew on extended missions away from the DES.
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    Newly discovered black hole is pointing directly at Earth.

    With the black hole pointing at Earth and has been for billions of years, I would have to say that Einstein’s Theory on FTL propulsion not being possible is no longer valid.

    Somewhere in his equations he probably factored in an unknown force that upsetting his equations, that force could have been the black hole effecting the region around Earth, not directly, but through a chain of events. Events that are present near the black hole that chain through the Universe until the only outcome is that accelerating to FTL speed would require infinite power.

    The only source of infinite power that would have effected Einstein’s equations would have been the black hole pointing directly at the Earth.
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    I found this image of an organism, not certain what it is yet, on the Max-Planck FB page.


    The dish like section in the filament I found in the photo taken of Vega is very similar.


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    Astronomers have discovered the existence of a supermassive black hole that looks to be the oldest and most distant of its kind we've ever encountered – and it just happens to be aiming its bright particle beam directly at Earth.

    Perhaps the planets that are also in direct alignment with PSO J030947.49+271757.31 would more likely to be habitable or have life on the planet. There is probably a direct correlation to life on Earth resulting from the red shift created by a black hole beaming directly at Earth.

    How did red and blue shift effect early plant life on Earth?

    Is red and blue shift from a black hole necessary for plant life to exist on Earth?

    What amount of red and blue shift is needed for plant life on Earth?

    Does the black hole generate the red and blue shift necessary for plant life on Earth to exist?


    Plants are particularly prone to photo-oxidative damage caused by excess light. Photoprotection is essential for photosynthesis to proceed in oxygenic environments either by scavenging harmful reactive intermediates or preventing their accumulation to avoid photoinhibition. Carotenoids play a key role in protecting photosynthesis from the toxic effect of over-excitation; under excess light conditions, plants accumulate a specific carotenoid, zeaxanthin, that was shown to increase photoprotection. In this work we genetically dissected different components of zeaxanthin-dependent photoprotection. By using time-resolved differential spectroscopy in vivo, we identified a zeaxanthin-dependent optical signal characterized by a red shift in the carotenoid peak of the triplet-minus-singlet spectrum of leaves and pigment-binding proteins. By fractionating thylakoids into their component pigment binding complexes, the signal was found to originate from the monomeric Lhcb4–6 antenna components of Photosystem II and the Lhca1–4 subunits of Photosystem I. By analyzing mutants based on their sensitivity to excess light, the red-shifted triplet-minus-singlet signal was tightly correlated with photoprotection in the chloroplasts, suggesting the signal implies an increased efficiency of zeaxanthin in controlling chlorophyll triplet formation. Fluorescence-detected magnetic resonance analysis showed a decrease in the amplitude of signals assigned to chlorophyll triplets belonging to the monomeric antenna complexes of Photosystem II upon zeaxanthin binding; however, the amplitude of carotenoid triplet signal does not increase correspondingly. Results show that the high light-induced binding of zeaxanthin to specific proteins plays a major role in enhancing photoprotection by modulating the yield of potentially dangerous chlorophyll-excited states in vivo and preventing the production of singlet oxygen.

    Therefore the black hole that is aimed at the Earth would, in some manner, assist in creating red shift that would help protect plants from excess light. Micro black holes in a solar system might also create essential red shift for plant life.

    Photoprotection is essential for photosynthesis to proceed in oxygenic environments either by scavenging harmful reactive intermediates or preventing their accumulation to avoid photoinhibition.


    Chlorophylls are essential for light-harvesting and energy transduction in photosynthesis. Four chemically distinct varieties have been known for the past 60 years. Here we report isolation of a fifth, which we designate chlorophyll f. Its in vitro absorption (706 nanometers) and fluorescence (722 nanometers) maxima are red-shifted compared to all other chlorophylls from oxygenic phototrophs. On the basis of the optical, mass, and nuclear magnetic resonance spectra, we propose that chlorophyll f is [2-formyl]-chlorophyll a (C55H70O6N4Mg). This finding suggests that oxygenic photosynthesis can be extended further into the infrared region and may open associated bioenergy applications.


    PSO J030947.49+271757.31 is 13 billion light years away from Earth. Earth is 4.543 billion years old. Thus the region in which Earth formed in was already encountering Red and Blue Shift light from the black hole for 8.457 billion years before the Earth formed.

    The last time that I checked Red and Blue shift are forms of light that plants due in fact interact with or is that not true either? Therefore Red and Blue shift does impact the way that plants grow and develop on a planet and as such PSO J030947 would effect the plant growth and development on Earth.

    Red Shift or Bathochromic Effect: A change in absorbance to a longer wavelength (λ).

    http://faculty.chas.uni.edu/~manfredi/860-161g/UV-VIS terms.pdf


    The Sun is 4.603 billion years old and is not much older than the Earth.

    Rocky and Ice chunk debris passing through the Solar System for many billions of years before the Sun formed would have experienced pre-Sol System Red and Blue shift light coming from the black hole. The material contained in the rocky and icy chunks would have experienced red and blue shift long before the Earth was formed. The red and blue shift light interacting with the elements would have caused other interactions to take place that could have created microbial plant life necessary for the Tardigrade to feed on while in space. The Tardigrade can survive in space longer than any life in the Universe that we know about. Without some type of plant life for the early Tardigrade to feed on while post-Big Bang debris coursed through space, Tardigrades probably wouldn't exist.

    Therefore due to the red and blue shift of the black hole, planets or post Big Bang debris that is closer to the black hole would have experienced red and blue shift at a faster rate than Earth, meaning that planets closer to PSO J030947 that are aligned to the black hole similar to how Earth is, could have life on them.

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    Here is an article from 2015 regarding lab-made coronavirus -
    There is no evidence that this is true; scientists believe that an animal is the most likely source of the coronavirus.
    Science 'believes'. Scientists don't function on belief, the notion goes against their scientific foundation. Meaning that the scientists don't know where the virus came from because they are scared that virus might actually have been made in a lab and released on purpose.
    Scientists really don't know where SARS-CoV-2 came from which is B.S. seeing as how SARS can be grown in lab. If SARS-CoV-2 can be grown in a lab then the scientists should know where a naturally occurring version of the Coronavirus came from. Since the SHC014 was grown in lab, there should be no reason why the virologists do not know where the SARS-CoV-2 virus came from.
    The reason why the virus can't be defeated is because the wrong type of attack is being applied to a virus that is not the correct virus.
    The Chinese were to fast in containing the virus. Its almost as if the Chines knew.
    Here is a spreadsheet I did of the outbreak in Ohio.
    Based on the trend the outbreak should mushroom cloud in several weeks.


    This is a spreadsheet of the last 5 days from 3.25 to 3.30. I added in an additional day as a +/- variable.


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    Are we fighting a virus that came from humans or are we fighting a virus that came from the Universe?

    You can track the pandemics as far back as 542 AD. When you track the pandemics since 542 AD, you will see a trend of small outbreaks that lead up to large outbreaks then small outbreaks and then large outbreaks.
    Like I said these pandemic have been tracked since the year 542 AD. The recent outbreaks that have occurred have been smaller and smaller due to advances in medication and communication.
    Without 100% lock down of the entire planet, which is not possible, the COVID-19 outbreak should last about a year and see the loss of life maybe half the numbers of Spanish Flu.
    What is causing these pandemics is rather simple to understand. During pre-historic times there were different groups of cavemen that ate the brains and uncooked meat of other humans and animals.
    As a result Prions Disease formed in some of the humans brains. Prions that ate some of the brain functions of the humans. Most likely the targeted portion of the brain was the ability for the human immune system to rapidly process new infections and develop a defense against those infections. A very surgical procedure much like the surgical procedure that the Emerald Cockroach Wasp uses to pierce the brain of its cockroach victim.
    As non-brain eating cavemen and brain eating cavemen mated the DNA was passed onto new generations of humans. DNA that had been effected by the Prion effecting portions of the brain. As a result and over time, the Prion has been learning and evolving to strike at the center of the human brain that effects immunity, just like the Emerald Cockroach Wasp.
    The SARS-CoV-2 therefore must be a relative of the Prion. Prions are misfolded proteins with the ability to transmit their misfolded shape onto normal variants of the same protein. They characterize several fatal and transmissible neurodegenerative diseases in humans and many other animals. In this case the Prion has evolved in so much as the Prion has been able to fold its proteins to the same shape as the ACE2 Receptors.
    Viruses are intelligent rather the host that creates the virus is intelligent. SARS-CoV-2 has been able to jump from humans to Big Cats, meaning that the “accessory protein” of the virus must somehow be linked to an aspect of knowing and infecting an “accessory” or a pet of humanity. Cats are commonly very close to humans at numerous times and have been known to get very close to a humans mouth at night. Close enough to allow the infected cat to pass the virus into an infected humans. Just like the Zombie Rat virus makes a rat less adverse to a cat and even becoming excitable to the point of the cat eating the rat. Like the cat, the human body is the only known reservoir that the virus has been shown to reproduce in greatly. Cats therefore might be carriers only.
    Another aspect that must be looked at is the effect of stars diminishing in the night sky. The stars are present during the day, we just can’t see them. For 24 hours a day sunlight that has taken millions of years to reach Earth continually provides a ‘shield’ for the Earth. Star like Betelgeuse that are relatively close and going through changes could cause the Earth to experience a dynamic change in the light spectrum that saturates Earth on a daily basis. Subtle changes in temperature and light emission values that allows new viruses to emerge that would have otherwise not be able to survive.
    If you were to map each star within 250,000 light years of Earth you will see that the shape of the SARS-CoV-2 virus does take shape. The round part of the virus becomes the Earth with the protein spikes being a suns interaction with saturating the Earth with both Seen and Unseen Light. If you turn one of those lights off or turn it too a slightly different brightness, the bugs come out like cockroaches at night.
    On 10.12.2019 between 0139 am and 0142 am I took several photos of the star Vega through my 127 mm Star Max. Looking through the photos I began to find strange filaments or artifacts.
    The images below are real artifacts and have not been photo shopped into the image.
    Artifacts that resembled a large breasted women, and the words Joxey and sight. I also found an artifact that appears to be a cat with Squiggler beside it.

    I believe that these artifacts were a communication from some sorta of life trying to warn me about the future.
    The large breasted woman becomes the warning involving the virus attacking the TMPRSS2 serine protease, or a woman with large TRIBBLE that teases. I called the artifact the Vanant of Vega and as you can see from the image below, she does in fact invoke a chemical sense of being a temptress.
    Like a hot woman that you want to touch but know that you shouldn’t as she will break your heart. Stay away from the hot and beautiful women as they want your heart and money, a professional at teasing - Social Distancing Warning Artifact.

    The Vanant of Vega


    JOXEY was a warning artifact that converts or folds into the word Jockey. Like a fighter pilot or horse track rider one must be a Jockey or an ACE in order to win. The virus effects the ACE2 protein receptor. When the 2 is converted into a letter it becomes the letter B. Traditionally the letter B has a lower top bulge which is like a female that has a smaller breast. Two aspects of the Vanants warning that a virus was coming.



    Middle image, a Squiggler besides what appears to be a cat. Another warning from the Fatheads that the virus would be passed onto the “accessory” or pet that humans co-habitate with the most.


    Humans must protect themselves by wearing oxygen mask systems similar to the systems that people on air need to wear all of the time.

    The mask must cover the nose and mouth. The air tube would be connected to a battery filter Eye and hair protection must be worn as well as gloves. The filtering system should then be connected to a small oxygen tank.

    Washing the hair with anti-bacterial soap is also a must as the virus can become nested in the hair and then washing into the eyes or mouth during bathing.
    We don’t know what the virus will become in the future nor do we know how it will effect the humans genome as a result of infection. We do not have a vaccine either. Until a vaccine has been developed we must ensure that future generations are not effected by the SARS-CoV-2 virus causing an even larger outbreak on the order of plagues from the past. Plagues that could wipe the human race out entirely.
    We must maintain social distancing at all costs, we must breathe clean air and keep all viruses from entering out body until a a vaccine has been developed. This is not the fight for life. This is the fight for our existence as a species against a virus that either came from space or can from humanities past. A virus from the past that like the cannibal only wants to consume all human life.

    Based on the ACE2 being converted to the word ‘base’, there is a central source where the virus originated from.
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