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How bad is your Alt-icitis?

Well the title kinda says it all, So how bad is it? How many characters do you have ? Do they have themes? how are they split among the factions?
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  • reyan01reyan01 Member Posts: 15,364 Arc User
    Not really much of Alt-aholic really.

    I have seven characters, with only three being KDF Alligned (one KDF, one Romulan-KDF and one Jem'Hadar KDF).

    To be honest, some of my characters see little attention and I haven't played my Jem'Hadar char in any serious way since completed the ViL story arc.

    I did make a AoD character and ran said alt through the new Discovery-themed content but had no desire to run said character through the post-AoD STO storyline and the usual grind, and deleted that char.
  • burstorionburstorion Member Posts: 1,750 Arc User
    Twenty here

    Fourteen I consider my mains (mainly kdf/romkdf/jemkdf)

    Four I use for doffing, admirality and so on only

    Two that are glorified banks and contraband mules

  • sennahcheribsennahcherib Member Posts: 2,823 Arc User
    edited February 2020
    3 feds: 1 tos female tac, 1 alien female tac-sci, 1 ferengi female eng,
    5 roms: 1 female romulan-tac: my main; 1 female alien eng-sci, 1 alien male sci, 1 alien male tac-sci, 1 alien female tac,
    6 kdf: 2 alien females tac with different ships and build; 1 alien male eng, 1 alien female sci, 1 klingon female tac, 1 alien female eng)

    All of them have different ships, builds, costumes/uniforms and themes (for example, my tos is an hybrid tos/kelvin, some of my kdf are thought as free people in the kdf empire etc)

    I created 3 alien races with their stories and background.
    no jem and disco, jem are boring, and I don't like discovery.
  • fallenkezef#4581 fallenkezef Member Posts: 642 Arc User
    Only started just before the 10th anni stuff and quickly got my KDF toon to 65. Ran into a roadblock doing the Delta quadrant content as the Kor I got with the starter pack is just too squishy and I'm somewhat undergeared from leveling too quick so just been doing TFO's and rep/R&D grinding till I get the Khitomer which will replace my Kor till I have the gear to make her shine.

    So, out of curiosity and mild boredom I did alts for the other factions just to see what the intros where like, also getting the starter pack and inventory slot pack for free gave me incentive to do summat more with the fed.

    My toons:

    KDF Klingon Tactical (my main): Kezef Kor (Kezef is the name of an angel of wrath and vengeance from Hebrew lore)
    KDF Romulan Science: Sathariel (The name means angel of deceit)
    Regular Fed Human Engineer: David Scoltock
    TOS Human Tactical: Rose Thorne
    Discovery Vulcan Science: Hamaliel (The name means angel of logic)

    I'll probably level the Rom (after I get the starter pack) and Fed so I have a toon of every class doubt I'll ever get around to Dominion to be honest, except maybe to do thier intro.
  • ltminnsltminns Member Posts: 12,462 Arc User
    Sixteen, three Federation-aligned Romulans, four KDF, one Jem'Hadar, eight Federation (one TOS, one Discovery). I have been playing the Discovery Character almost exclusively since the previous Winter Event. This last Winter Event, I logged in a bunch of Characters to run the Winter Doff Assignments to gather Ornaments. I then started to level up Gamma Reputation, Crafting to 20, Specializations, and Commendations, where needed.
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  • foxrockssocksfoxrockssocks Member Posts: 2,461 Arc User
    I don't know off hand, but 15 at least. I have some that are based on flying a ship type, like Federation Cruisers, or weapon types like polaron cannons, and others that are built around particular ships like my Maquis Raider captain. Generally if I want to add a new ship to the roster and it doesn't fit with another character, or I don't want to stop flying the ship they already fly, I make a new character for it.

    It is something of a habit from launch when builds were a lot harder to change and much more inflexible, when we had to spec into weapon damage type and ship class. Still, I don't see a reason to trust the loadout system more now than when it was first implemented so I keep to my system.
  • captainwellscaptainwells Member Posts: 718 Arc User
    I currently have eight on my main account and six on my alt, but I've also previously completely leveled up and later deleted well over a dozen others. In fact that number of "transporter accident" deletions is probably even higher than that. I've created in-game characters and maxed them out of every race and/or species other than Bolian, Saurian, Rigelian, Gorn and Ferasan. I'm a lifetime member too!
  • I have one fed and one KDF, my system is a little challenged at the moment because windows broke something so I have to start up the laptop and see if the patch Thursday fixes it.
    "Look Agent Daniels I just don't think I would do well in 1200 years in the future."

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  • gaevsmangaevsman Member Posts: 3,102 Arc User
    33, for now...
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  • jamieblanchardjamieblanchard Member Posts: 542 Arc User
    I have quite a few toons myself. Largely Starfleet/Fed, and their assorted flavours, as it were, for the most part and mostly based on my own story characters, whose stories are modified for the Trek 'verse. I got a couple Jem Hadar toons whenever they came out, to unlock their assorted goodies.
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  • leemwatsonleemwatson Member Posts: 4,523 Arc User
    28 split across PC and XBox in total.

    17 on PC - 9 Fed, 1 Rom-Fed, 1 JH-Fed, 3 KDF, 1 Rom-KDF.
    11 on XBox - 6 Fed, 1 JH-Fed, 2 KDF, 1 Rom-KDF, 1 JH-KDF.

    Nearly all toons are themed on Energy/Ship type, but a few are just mules.
    "You don't want to patrol!? You don't want to escort!? You don't want to defend the Federation's Starbases!? Then why are you flying my Starships!? If you were a Klingon you'd be killed on the spot, but lucky for you.....you WERE in Starfleet. Let's see how New Zealand Penal Colony suits you." Adm A. Necheyev.
  • lianthelialianthelia Member Posts: 7,628 Arc User
    Have plans for around 30 but some I haven't built till I obtain the ships I want for them.

    Do I have themes? I would say so...I'm not all about DPS so each character uses different weapons so each character of mine is a bit unique from the others.

    Most of my characters are linked to the two factions and then I've made a few characters for the fractions.
  • szerontzurszerontzur Member Posts: 2,603 Arc User
    edited February 2020
    Over a dozen and I have fairly detailed plans for atleast 3 more, but my current stable is keeping me occupied for the time being. Kind of wish we had more KDF starter options(TOS, DSC, etc.) for the sake of variety.

    Yes, each one has its own theme, although I confess I've been a bit more lax with the bridge officer customization of the newer ones (especially the Jems.. for obvious reasons). As it stands, I've still got a few characters I really need to bring up to modern standards and the majority of them are still in T5-T6 reputation hell.

    As for the faction splint; unfortunately, it favors the fed side slightly just because there are more creation options for them(I like to have atleast one of each). The planned characters are KDF to try to balance things out again.
  • axegaijin13axegaijin13 Member Posts: 58 Arc User
    Fed: 16
    Rom/Fed: 5
    KDF: 18
    Rom/KDF: 5
    Disc: 2
    TOS: 4
    Dom: 1

    Total: 51
  • baddmoonrizinbaddmoonrizin Member Posts: 7,036 Community Moderator

    FED Liberated Borg, Male, Tactical
    FED Liberated Borg, Male, Engineering
    FED Liberated Borg, Female, Science

    KDF Liberated Borg, Male, Tactical
    KDF Liberated Borg, Male, Engineering
    KDF Liberated Borg, Female, Science

    ROM Liberated Borg, Male, Tactical (FED aligned)
    ROM Liberated Borg, Male, Engineering (KDF aligned)
    ROM Liberated Borg, Female, Science (FED aligned)

    FED Human, Male, Tactical
    TOS Human, Male, Engineering
    DSC Human, Female, Science

    KDF Klingon, Male, Tactical
    DOM Jem'Hadar, Male, Engineering (KDF aligned)
    ROM Romulan, Female, Science (KDF aligned)

    ROM Reman, Male, Tactical (FED aligned)
    ROM Reman, Female, Tactical (KDF aligned)
    FED Talaxian, Male, Engineering
    KDF Talaxian, Female, Engineering
    FED Joined Trill, Male, Science
    KDF Joined Trill, Female, Science

    DOM Vanguard Jem'Hadar, Male, Tactical (FED aligned)
    DOM Vanguard Jem'Hadar, Male, Tactical (KDF aligned)
    FED Cardassian, Male, Engineering
    KDF Cardassian, Female, Engineering

    TOS Andorian, Male, Tactical
    TOS Tellarite, Male, Engineering
    TOS Vulcan, Female, Science

    FED Saurian, Male, Tactical
    FED Caitian, Male, Engineering
    FED Rigelian, Female, Science

    KDF Nausicaan, Male, Tactical
    KDF Lethean, Male, Engineering
    KDF Orion, Female, Science

    FED Benzite, Male, Tactical
    FED Bolian, Male, Engineering
    FED Betazoid, Female, Science

    KDF Gorn, Male, Tactical
    KDF Ferasan, Male, Engineering
    KDF Klingon, Female, Science

    FED Bajoran, Male, Tactical
    FED Ferengi, Male, Engineering
    FED Trill, Female, Science

    FED Klingon, Male, Tactical
    FED Pakled, Male, Engineering

    FED Alien, Male, Tactical
    FED Alien, Male, Engineering
    FED Alien, Male, Science

    KDF Alien, Male, Tactical
    KDF Alien, Male, Engineering
    KDF Alien, Male, Science

    ROM Alien, Male, Tactical (FED aligned)
    ROM Alien, Male, Engineering (FED aligned)
    ROM Alien, Female, Science (FED aligned)

    ROM Alien, Male, Tactical (KDF aligned)
    ROM Alien, Male, Engineering (KDF aligned)
    ROM Alien, Female, Science (KDF aligned)
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  • mneme0mneme0 Member Posts: 498 Arc User
    edited February 2020
    Rom/KDF: 2
    Rom/Fed: 4
    Fed: 4
    TOS Fed: 4
    DIS Fed: 1
    Jem/KDF: 1
    KDF: 7

    Total: 25
  • kiralynkiralyn Member Posts: 1,538 Arc User
    12 or 13ish?

    6? Fed (Tac/Sci/Eng/Delta/Temporal/Disc/?)
    3 KDF (Tac/Sci/Eng)
    2 Rom (1 Fed, 1 KDF)
    1 Jem

    Theme-wise, each one has a particular energy they're using for their weapons. They sometimes have a particular color that shows up in most of their outfits. And one of my Feds is Elsa from Frozen, with Breen engine set/Tetryon weapons/all the Winter event Cold powers/bridge crew of Anna+Disney Princesses/etc. And a snowman pet. :# (Previously flying the USS Arendelle, now the Northuldra.)
  • sthe91sthe91 Member Posts: 3,651 Arc User
    edited February 2020
    I have 7 characters.

    1. Main- Pearl Bailey (man, name of a character in an imagined version of Star Trek, called Star Trek: Hollow Earth), Federation, Human, Tactical, Phaser build

    2. KDF- Korn (named after the band especially because of one of the singers), Klingon, Tactical, Disruptor build

    3. Romulan Republic/Fed- Ljun (name of a character made up for a fiction series I used to write in my notebook), Tactical, Romulan Plasma build

    4. Federation/Delta Recruit- Chad Turner (hero of a series of action movies beginning with the words The Mark and The Mark 2). Bajoran, Engineering, Phaser (might change not sure)

    5. Federation/TOS/Temporal Recruit- Shran, Andorian, Science, TOS phasers is my goal not there yet

    6. Federation/Discovery- Sarek Grayson, Vulcan, Tactical, DSC phasers is my goal not there yet

    7. Dominion/ Fed'Hadar/ Gamma Recruit- Janola'kan de Xavier (again, a character from my series of stories except the 'kan part), Jem'Hadar, Tactical, not sure if I want Polaron, Dominion Polaron, or Phased Polaron might stick with Polaron since that is their theme according to this game unless they change it

    I play mostly on my main and then sometimes on my others.
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  • kiralyn wrote: »
    12 or 13ish?

    6? Fed (Tac/Sci/Eng/Delta/Temporal/Disc/?)
    3 KDF (Tac/Sci/Eng)
    2 Rom (1 Fed, 1 KDF)
    1 Jem

    Theme-wise, each one has a particular energy they're using for their weapons. They sometimes have a particular color that shows up in most of their outfits. And one of my Feds is Elsa from Frozen, with Breen engine set/Tetryon weapons/all the Winter event Cold powers/bridge crew of Anna+Disney Princesses/etc. And a snowman pet. :# (Previously flying the USS Arendelle, now the Northuldra.)

    *polite clapping* very nice!
    "Look Agent Daniels I just don't think I would do well in 1200 years in the future."

    And yet here I am.

    12th Century Swedish knight turned Star Trek Captain
  • nightkennightken Member Posts: 2,800 Arc User
    edited February 2020
    9 with about 4 planned

    kdf klingon tact, biotech theme
    kdf nausicaan eng, nausicaan theme, delta
    kdf joined trill sci, kelvin kdf theme

    fed human eng, haven't found a good theme yet
    fed bajorian tact, bajourian/DS9 theme
    tos fed andorian sci, temporal theme, temporal

    kdf rom romulan sci, dyson theme
    kdf rom reman tact, reman theme, delta
    kdf jem'hader, vanguard, vanguard theme, jem'hader

    the planned:
    Lincoln synth/android/holo
    lib borg rom

    so a pretty minor case all things considered.

    if I stop posting it doesn't make you right it. just means I don't have enough rum to continue interacting with you.
  • legendarylycan#5411 legendarylycan Member Posts: 36,855 Arc User
    how are you going to make a fek'ihri? unless i missed something, none of the different subspecies seen can be replicated in the aliengen​​
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  • nightkennightken Member Posts: 2,800 Arc User
    how are you going to make a fek'ihri? unless i missed something, none of the different subspecies seen can be replicated in the aliengen​​

    probably using discovery klingon parts and really messing with the proportions til it looks twisted enough for me. though I mostly mean ships for that character.

    if I stop posting it doesn't make you right it. just means I don't have enough rum to continue interacting with you.
  • evilmark444evilmark444 Member Posts: 6,551 Arc User
    I've never been much of an alt player in STO, I've always had them but usually stick to one character for whatever period of time. Lately though the revamped event system has made me appreciate my alts more, and each day I use a different character for the daily TFO so that it's never the same from one day to the next.
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  • warmaker001bwarmaker001b Member Posts: 9,169 Arc User
    I have a lot of alts, but less of them these days. I can't realistically play as much as I did years ago and keep all my alts up to speed in quests, equipment, etc. That's just impossible these days for me. I even had resorted to stripping what I could off a bunch of old alts and then delete them.
  • phoenixc#0738 phoenixc Member Posts: 3,886 Arc User
    edited February 2020
    I currently have 27 characters split between two accounts.

    Most are Romulans of some sort or another, though some of them represent individuals from other races/cultures that have joined the Romulan Republic, and several of them are from other timelines (like a few of my characters from the tabletop paper-and-dice based DS9 and FASA Star Trek games that I adapted to STO). One character plays on the "space elf" aspect of Vulcanoids and is a Drow I played for many years in Second Life adapted over (she uses mainly Nukara rep equipment as a play on the spider motif).

    That is followed closely by various Federation types (though some of those are simulations of non-Fed character types, like a Kobali and a few conjectural First Federation types). I mostly did canon aliens, though a few are custom, and one is really out of the box (I was in a funny mood at the time) and is actually one of my characters adapted over from an urban fantasy game tabletop RPG called "Mage the Ascension".

    Pure KDF comes in a rather distant third (and most of those are Orions) though about a quarter of my Romulans are KDF-aligned. I would probably play KDF as much as the other two if there were some of the more elegant Orion ships available instead of lumbering garbagecans styled after Haraad-Sar's eyesore of a barge (even just a T6 version of the peanut would help though Intruder or Interceptor styled ships would be much better).

    Lastly, I have one single gamma recruit that I never actively play (I barely ground it though the starter scenario, I find "just playing the numbers" incredibly boring and there is nothing about a Jem'Hadar to build on for a real character so it is an unpleasant drag to use on the ground) but do some doffing and R&D with it for the benefits to actually playable characters on the account (I used to use the ship for space farming, and it is not a bad little ship, but with the T6s from events I do not need it for that anymore). I do have "Vorta" made via the Romulan and Fed "alien" generators though and plan to get the Dominion temporal ship for them if it ever comes off of "new" status.
  • echattyechatty Member Posts: 5,680 Arc User
    edited February 2020
    20 on my LTS acct.

    Most are Fed

    3 FedRom (1 is LB)
    3 Klingon
    1 FedJH

    The rest are various Fed-aligned races.

    3 Aliengen
    2 Tellarite
    1 Cardassian
    1 Human
    1 LBHuman
    2 Caitian
    1 Joined Trill
    1 FedKlingon
    1 ToS Human

    5 on my F2P acct

    1 Trill
    1 DiscAliengen
    1 JHFed
    1 RomFedDR
    1 FerengiFed
    Now a LTS and loving it.

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  • shrimphead2015shrimphead2015 Member Posts: 487 Arc User
    33 so far but I plan to have more . Each character flies a different ship just to make it more interesting. I just hope they add more captain slots in the future before the dreaded day when I reach the limit.

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  • alcyoneserenealcyoneserene Member Posts: 2,407 Arc User
    4 Mains: 1 for each of the original 3 factions plus an extra Romulan, 2 Sci 2 Tacs
    3 support mains: Sci KDF, Engi Rom/KDF, Tac Fed

    Main Account
    **1. Human - Main
    *2. Bajoran - support main
    3. Betazoid
    4. Andorian TOS/temporal op

    5. Human DSC

    *6. Joined-Trill: Delta Op - support main

    **7. Romulan - Main
    8. Romulan/KDF

    **9. Romulan - Main

    *10. Reman/KDF - support main
    11. Alien/KDF

    **12. Orion - Main

    *13. Orion - support main

    14. Jem'Hadar

    Alt Account
    15. Alien - Main

    16. Alien

    Plus a few more I never do anything with, storage space, box openers, abandoned and placeholders.
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  • dojihajimedojihajime Member Posts: 25 Arc User
    So I posted this in a hurry in the Morning before work. As such I didn't answer it myself.

    Currently I have 38 Characters with plans for at least two more [I have 4 open slots]


    DSC- Human, Female, Tactical, Ship Theme - Swords
    DSC - Human, Male, Tactical, Norse Demi-god, Ship Theme - Norse Myths
    DSC - Vulcan, Female, Engineering, None, None
    DSC - Alien [Drow], Female, Science, None, None
    TOS - Vulcan, Female, Tactical, None, Ship Theme - LARP Nations
    TOS - Andoran, Female, Engineering, None, None
    TOS - Human, Female, Science, None, None
    TOS - Tellerite, Male, Tactical, None, None
    FED - Joint Trill, Female, Science, Goth Girl Band/Section 31, None
    FED - Human, Male, Tactical, Firefly, Ship Theme - Mocking Names
    FED - Ferengi, Male, Tactical, Wells/29th Century, None
    FED - Cardasian, Female, Science, Cardasian/Odyssey, None
    FED - Human, Female, Tactical, Game of Thrones, None
    FED - Human, Female, Science, Mirror Universe, None
    FED - Alien [Drow], Female, Engineering, Early DS9, None
    FED - Bajoran, Female, Engineering, Bajoran Militia, None
    FED - Andoran, Female, Tactical, Kelvin Timeline, None
    FED - Human, Female, Tactical, Female Sheppard [Mass Efffect], Ship Theme - Normandy upgrades
    FED - Human, Male, Tactical, STARFLEET INTERNATIONAL Fiction Crew, Ship Theme - Monarch of the UK
    FED - Liberated Borg, Female, Tactical, Star Trek: Enterprise Crew, None
    FED - Caitian, Male, Engineering, Undiscovered Country, Ship Theme - Comic and Cartoon Cats
    FED - Ferengi, Male, Tactical, Female Crew with TOS Mirror Universe uniforms, None
    FED - Vulcan, Female, Science, Vulcan Crew [Mostly], Ship Theme - Female Scientists
    FED - Klingon, Male, Engineering, DS9 Uniforms, Ship Theme - Famous Generals/Warriors
    FED - Human, Male, Tactical, TNG Uniforms, Ship theme - Canadian Army Battles


    FED - Romulan, Female, Tactical, None, None
    FED - Romulan, Female, Engineering, None, None
    KDF - Reman, Male, Tactical, None, None
    KDF - Romulan, Female, Science, None, None

    Klingon Empire

    KDF - Orion, Female, Science, None, None
    KDF - Klingon, Female, Science, None, None
    KDF - Liberated Borg, Female, Engineering, None, None
    KDF - Ferasan, Female, Engineering, None, None
    KDF - Cardasian, Male, Engineering, Dukat's youngest son, None
    KDF - Joined Trill, Female, Tactical, None, Ship Theme - Pirate Ships
    KDF - Alien [Drow], Female, Tactical, Drow Household sisters, None
    KDF - Gorn, Male, Engineering, None, None
    KDF - Orion, Female, Tactical, None, None
    KDF - Klingon, Male, Tactical, Old Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps Persona, None


    KDF - Jem'Hadar, Male?, Tactical, Jem'Hadar Vangard, None
    KDF - Jem'Hadar, Male?, Engineering, None, None
    FED - Jem'Hadar, Male?, Tactical, None, None
    FED - Jem'Hadar, Male?, Science, Gamma Recruit, None

    Waiting Ideas

    Starfleet Marine Corps Crew
    Starfleet Intelligence crew

    Star Trek Online Player

    City of Heroes Refugee
  • fallenkezef#4581 fallenkezef Member Posts: 642 Arc User
    I'm toying with the idea of using the alien race to build a KDF Human.
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