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Dranuur Gauntlet - Orions refuse to play with us =/

doctorstegidoctorstegi Member Posts: 438 Arc User

Not sure what happened but enemies became friends and it only costs a the price of a 30 minute penalty.
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  • warpangelwarpangel Member Posts: 9,427 Arc User
    I also just had this. Orion enemies show up as friendly so it's impossible to destroy them to continue the mission.
  • kaggert27kaggert27 Member Posts: 124 Arc User
    I'd like to add I just had this happen, mixed Fed, DSC, Rom, Klingon players so, its all around, none of us could do damage to them as they spawn in as friendly. Resulting in everyone having to take leaver penalty due to happening at start, the only non-timed section of the TFO. KszuG5r.jpg
  • jheinigjheinig Member Posts: 359 Cryptic Developer
    edited April 2019
    Under investigation.

    EDIT: Found some possible data issues, made a fix, submitted for testing.
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  • sthe91sthe91 Member Posts: 2,443 Arc User
    It appears it is going to get fixed tomorrow. So that is great news for those affected by this bug. May the fix work. Thanks. :)
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