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Can't Login, get Unable to authenticate: Connection to the account server timed out



  • sgtken60sgtken60 Member Posts: 52 Arc User
    edited February 2019
    where2r1 wrote: »
    Well...it is almost 3PM Mountain Time...is this still going strong?

    When I got home at about 2:30PM, could not patch or log on. Shut everything down, rebooted and got on and patched up, then made a New Vulcan Alt.

    Logged off for supper, just tried it about 5:10PM EST back to the same ---- UNABLE TO AUTHENTICATE: CONNECTION TO THE ACCOUNT SERVER TIMED OUT.
  • iamynaughtiamynaught Member Posts: 1,285 Arc User
    Game crashed, got the launcher up just fine, loaded the game, got the character select screen to load , picked my character and after a few minutes, got booted out to login screen.

    "Connection to the account server timed out."

    I was really hoping we were past this. And as weird as it may sound, I hope it's actually a problem on Cryptic's end and and not another string of DDOS attacks like we had a few years back.

    I'll keep trying, not like I have anything better to do.
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  • fred26291#2759 fred26291 Member Posts: 1,055 Arc User
    I sent in a support ticket in case noones noticed yesterdays account server issues returned today.
  • judeconnorsjudeconnors Member Posts: 64 Arc User
    edited February 2019
    I remember now why I quit playing this game.

    Unable to authenticate: Connection to the account server timed out

  • where2r1where2r1 Member Posts: 6,054 Arc User
    I was able to sign on at 3pm....and finished my Omega daily....and collected the Vulcan ship. I think I got lucky.

    Not sure how it will go after dinner tonight...that is my usual play time.
    I think I will skip it...not gonna sit here playing roulette with the log in server.

    At close to lunch...about 11am Mountain Time...I signed on, played for 15-20mins. And just as I got to the Omega game on Vulcan, picture froze. I got server not responding, with the red letter with timer on my screen. Disconnected me shortly afterwards. Decided to wait till later...which is now.

    Ambassador Kael posted that the Omega event got extended to Saturday on PC.
    But, at least for me, the ship is no longer hanging over my head. I want to still farm those Omega parts and pieces.
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  • pomonagrange#3097 pomonagrange Member Posts: 112 Arc User
    Btw, when I was on STO an hour or two ago I also got logged out by the game to the in-game log-in screen. I thought it probably wouldn't do any good, but just for giggles I tried logging in there. It worked; I was back where I was (trying to buy something from the Exchange (not the dil/zen one)). Finished what I needed to do with one of my KDF characters, logged out. Thought everything was back to normal. Unfortunately not.

    I also hope it isn't a stupid DDoS attack. If it's server-related and/or software-related on Cryptic's end, that hopefully will make it alot easier for them to find the problem and fix it. If it's DDoS, I'm not sure what Cryptic can do to block it. Some online hackers and "script kiddies" seem to think it's funny to shut down a website (and the bigger the challenge the hacker or "kiddie" faces, the more they seem to enjoy overcoming it). Like in the 1996 movie "Hacker", only there almost all the hackers were depicted as the good guys.
  • fred26291#2759 fred26291 Member Posts: 1,055 Arc User
    The last time something like this happened last year at some point it ended up being just that, a hacker. I hope they can do something, they did last night by 8pm and after that it was fine the rest of the night. Hopefully they can fix it again and make it work.
  • painfullylargepainfullylarge Member Posts: 174 Arc User
    I thought yesterday was bad when swapping toons took agonizingly long. Today? I can't even get past the STO launch window after patching. "Unable to Authenticate".

    I appreciate the extension to the event due to these login issues, but I also think it's unfair to those who are now even further behind on their endeavors.
  • painfullylargepainfullylarge Member Posts: 174 Arc User
    Oh, and when it does get past the "unable to authenticate" it then hangs at the "engage" button with the message "unable to connect".
  • fred26291#2759 fred26291 Member Posts: 1,055 Arc User
    I actually was able to get on after lunch and do the endeavors. Tonight i was gonna work on missions, and bug Nog and the Krenim, but oh well i guess thats not gonna happen. Hopefully they figure out if its an attack or a glitch and fix it faster than yesterday, I have a friend who hasnt gotten her dailies done at all today and desperately needs to get on to do them today.
  • arkyboyarkyboy Member Posts: 118 Arc User
    I logged in played a couple of characters then got kicked timed out tried to log back in kept getting Unable to authenticate: Connection to the account server timed out. 30 mins later tried to log in again got in just fine. Been playing a couple of hours with several different characters then same thing got kicked tried to log in & got Unable to authenticate: Connection to the account server timed out message. please fix this it's very annoying & I know I'm not the only one the FB STO page is full of comments of people having the same issue.
  • neoncactus1neoncactus1 Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    Same here although I just got home to play, shard maint screws it up sometimes. Sent a question into support. Funny we can log in here but not the game???
  • painfullylargepainfullylarge Member Posts: 174 Arc User
    Got the game window open finally...that was amazing progress. Timed out immediately.
  • madmart6909#9946 madmart6909 Member Posts: 13 Arc User
    I'm having the same issue and its not just STO neverwinter is doing the same thing
  • cuntiousmaximuscuntiousmaximus Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    This is happening to me as well it started last night I thought that's why it went down for maintenance today but it looks like the problem is still there.
  • renata666renata666 Member Posts: 284 Arc User
    Interesting. And this seems to have started AFTER their emergency maintenance that was SUPPOSED to fix this problem.
  • zhurt#2080 zhurt Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    Yeah this is starting to get really old at this point. Spent lots of money in the past week and now cant even get my monies worth. Priority access is a joke especially since I know people are playing right now.
  • draco#1110 draco Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    I'm having it too. I thought you guys fixed this yesterday. Really starting to get annoyed with this, and there isn't a quick way to contact someone so we know you guys are aware of the issues.
  • dutch54#2239 dutch54 Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    Having the same problem.
  • sumnerussumnerus Member Posts: 39 Arc User
    I've been trying to log in almost 2 hours now. Furthest i got was the Loading Characters screen before timing out and being kicked. I'll try again tomorrow.
  • nommo#5819 nommo Member Posts: 1,105 Arc User
    While this does indeed sucketh I'll just try to be patient until Cryptic can learn & do something about it. I was able to DL the patch earlier today but didn't try logging-in until a few minutes ago & I'm the same it seems launcher won't even connect.
  • eazzieeazzie Member Posts: 3,262 Arc User
    sumnerus wrote: »
    I've been trying to log in almost 2 hours now. Furthest i got was the Loading Characters screen before timing out and being kicked. I'll try again tomorrow.

    Can take a few attempts to get past the character selection screen. Just need to keep trying
  • foxman00foxman00 Member Posts: 1,330 Arc User
    They are working on the issue folks, Sheesh. They have already said they are aware of the cause, and it is effecting all games. They are not sitting down having a three hour lunch break. Those poor techs are most likely pulling very long shifts and getting just as frustrated.

    Plus, parts of the fix might be out of their hands.
  • paulythebpaulytheb Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    It's like Deja' Vu all over again.
    (Note to self - Don't say anything bad about Drizzt.)
  • jollyroro#2752 jollyroro Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    edited February 2019
    Also having the same issue. Steam connection Charter ISP Connecticut location
  • Now I have connection to server time out issues now WTF...
  • starkymanstarkyman Member Posts: 158 Arc User
    having the same problem here
  • zhurt#2080 zhurt Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    I cant really say I share you attitude about this Foxman especially since when you start a ticket with them you almost never hear back. I mean I have had one in for 3 weeks about me not being able to claim my ships purchased.
  • There wasn't any problem till a hour ago. But now im also having the same issue.
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