Is there a way to play the "missing" episodes?



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    Oh, now there I do most heartily disagree! I loved the old system with the clusters and nebulae, in which there was an actual map, and sometimes you found R&D mats and sometimes it was a system to explore. And I loved the randomly generated planet maps. Yes, they were simple, but they were something new every time. I found them to be good content for late nights, when I was too tired for anything complicated.

    Exploration ground maps were frequently broken, with characters randomly getting stuck, or teleporting back to start if they got near anything interesting. It needed a lot of work.
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    echatty wrote: »
    He didn't use the word subjective (unless you were being facetious and argumentative). And I didn't see any condescension, merely allegory to explain what was done with the revamp.

    And it makes perfect sense to me too. Although I also miss the Exploration clusters, I'm not going to complain about them being taken away. And if the thread on the last podcast is accurate, they're working on another exploration design. I'll wait and see what goes on before passing my opinion.

    I did use the phrase "objective improvement" in my post. While the missions themselves are technically an objective upgrade (better assets, tighter storytelling, new VO, removal of pointless filler), it's fair to say that if one didn't like the new missions as much as the old missions, then the new missions being better or not is indeed a subjective matter. Opinion is, after all, subjectivity in its purest form.

    I stand by my allegory, though. No condescension was meant, I was merely trying to illustrate to some of the more stubborn among us why the removal of content is sometimes a good thing. Believe me, I miss some of those old missions too (I'm one of those people that liked Divide et Impera, and I really want a State of Q remaster), but to try to argue that most of them shouldn't have been cut is silly.
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    Oh, I miss some of the old eps too. Several of them. But I'm not going to cry over it. The game is still fun and I play when I can.

    Your allegory was perfect and I didn't see any condescension there at all.
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    I miss the old STF's, ground and space together, cubes coming in and then the spheres and you need to coordinate to make the mission work out, the ground part was just as long. what i missed most was KA around QS when people were LFG in chat in GO, and when you did get a group it is hit or miss if you make it past the two gates plus all the adds looking to jump into the past, that really sorted out the chaff from the wheat in the player base and provided a challenge.

    then.. they pulled terradome, the recreation of DS9, and then moving through the guts of the living station to find clones of Sulu.

    Hey, where is Sulu? :tongue:

    anyway, those are gone, dead and buried by Cryptic along with other retired missions.
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    There have been a number of comments remarking about people "crying" about the loss of the old episodes. That is not what this thread is about. While I do miss a number of the old episodes and think that some were deleted when they didn't need to be, there are others I'm either neutral to or in favor of, in regards to their deletion.

    One of the biggest problems I felt was in the game back in 2013 was that the arcs were extremely long which made leveling alts incredibly boring and repetitive, more so than it is now. However, although that problem was somewhat fixed in the revamp we do still have a problem where long time players are easily able to complete the content and then feel like they have little to nothing left to do.

    I don't want to have all these episodes brought back into the main story arc the way they were. Instead I'm looking for the OPTION for players who either curious or nostalgic, or simply just bored, to be able to visit an NPC and select many of these older episodes to play as a side quest, a similar set up to Patrol missions. You used to work with Commander Naomi Wilder in the old episodes, but she's gone now except for a name drop by an NPC. It would be nice to have the option of working with her again should the player feel so inclined. There were also some episodes where you interacted with Obisek prior to The Vault which makes his dialogue in that episode make sense, where he references seeing you again - even though in the revamp The Vault is the first time you meet Obisek - so it would be nice to have the OPTION to play those episodes and get to know Obisek's character more in depth like you could in the past.

    I'm glad that some wise souls like @trekpuppy kept the episodes active to be able to share them with people as best they can. Although I don't understand what you guys mean when you say you share the Accolades, could you explain that?
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    I can't think of a single instance of this. Does Ja'rod mention meeting Federation players before in Cure Applied?

    I don't remember anything about Ja'rod from the old Federation storyline but I do remember noticing the discrepancies in regards to Obisek, T'Nae, and the Bajorans. Also, there were more interactions between Starfleet and the Hirogen that were also cut in the revamp, and I think T'Nae makes a remark about the character having found out who Sela's Delta Quadrant allies were even though that entire story arc is no longer available.

    You met Ja'rod in Saturday's Child, and then again in The Tribble With Klingons. Obisek was not featured in any of those removed episodes, and I can't think of a single line of dialogue that he says that is in any way a reference to them. The same goes for the Bajorans.
    tribble with Klingons and Rapier or no worse than anything in the Klingon war arc. In fact a couple of the others are not as bad as people say

    The Tribble With Klingons at least had some interesting ground assets with the facility, but it wasn't much of a story. I had no love for Rapier, as it was just another trudge through a generic Starfleet ship interior. I guess meeting Weyoun Eraun ;) before Operation Gamma was kind of interesting, but the rest was just like all of the removed missions, lots of ground enemies to kill in a barely-disguised maze, with not much else going on to break up that monotony. Oh, and there was also the matter of very little reward for any of them. Most paid about 1/4 to 1/3 of a level in xp for usually a longer time on map than modern episodes.

    These were just dull and disorganized, with you bouncing back and forth between fighting Romulans with a couple of Hirogen missions thrown in, and then one fighting Klingons and one fighting Devidians for whatever reason, with no narrative progression through them to tie it all together in the Romulan arc. Same as above but with it jumping around between Terrans, Dominion, Cardassians, Undine controlled versions of most of these, and again a single Klingon one thrown in to remind you of the war storyline in the Cardassian arc. They never progressed, and there was no payoff to them. The Klingon War, especially after the revamp, at least focuses on B'vat's story for the later roughly 2/3, barring the interlude of the Devidian FE series, and comes to a conclusion at the end. There is still at least one overly-long clunker in it that could stand a complete rework, The Doomsday Device, but it's now much better than anything that was removed.
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    caltair wrote: »
    Although I don't understand what you guys mean when you say you share the Accolades, could you explain that?
    "Accolades" is the name of the chat channel where accolade hunters gather and help each other in the game. We share the missions there whenever someone needs them. We can not share accolades... that would've been neat. :)

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    The only time I've seen where you 'meet' Obisek is during the space battle in The Undying, when you repair his ship and he warps out with the thalaron triggers. At that time, you do not know who he is, not until The Vault.
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    gaevsman wrote: »
    Honestly, for me, some of the missions that where retired where really, really bad.. like Divide et Impera..
    I switched to KDF after playing that mission and never looked back.
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    The maps for at least some of these missions are present in the Foundry. An author could replicate them. I don't believe anyone has but a good creative starting point (which we've talked about on the Foundry Roundtable) could be to use one of the old plot lines for a new mission. That also opens up the possibility of expanding what Cryptic had originally with more elaborate characters, combat, and narratives.
    Someone went and made a semi-copy of Divide et Impera. It's tweaked a lot though.

    Honestly some of them were interesting. One of them has you get ambushed by Hirogen. Then forced to do some Hunger Games style crud on a planet to make the Hirogen back off.

    Do we still have one with the planet the Tal Shiar infected with some disease to force the colonists to be loyal to them? That was an interesting story too.
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    Some of the missions I miss and others I don't so much alike Divide et Impera. Even though I played through those missions before they disappeared. I got to say, Cryptic is much better at making maps then they used to. And the storylines make sense more so than they did.

    Unless we are talking about the Ico War. The Heck? But that's the largest in the making storyline they created like ever. Since it was teased that Hakeev was working for someone bigger.
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    Fed Rommies CAN play the missions, they can't accept them, but if they're in a part with a fed member and they do the mission, they'll get the accolades when doing the mission.