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Some love for torpedoes please.

shinku#4469 shinku Member Posts: 164 Arc User
So after watching the fall finale of TRIBBLE, who's fallen in love with those torpedo sounds?
Having said that, they should buff torpedoes so they are on the same level as energy weapons.
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  • strathkinstrathkin Member Posts: 2,655 Bug Hunter
    edited November 2017
    Torp's haven't gotten much LOVE recently - especially given they only have 90 firing ARC. Season 14 saw a lot of things rebalanced - Torp's could be given a little love.

    In most TREK Canon often they are used as a very last resort because of their massive destructive power. Still game play is a bit different, it's not like players will hold firing torpedo's, until they're angry enemy takes too long to destroy. ;)
  • disqord#9557 disqord Member Posts: 567 Arc User
    And, more importantly, giving more attention to mines would be great!

    Torps do need a bit of a boost, but to nowhere near the same level as mines.
  • shinku#4469 shinku Member Posts: 164 Arc User
    > @disqord#9557 said:
    > And, more importantly, giving more attention to mines would be great!
    > Torps do need a bit of a boost, but to nowhere near the same level as mines.

    I find mines annoying TBH. I keep releasing them when I'm not moving. It also auto closes the dialogue box when my own mines explode.
  • postinggumpostinggum Member Posts: 1,117 Arc User
    They released both a starship trait and miracle worker ability that boosts energy weapon damage following a torp. As always the good stuff has something of a paywall.
  • shinku#4469 shinku Member Posts: 164 Arc User
    > @postinggum said:
    > They released both a starship trait and miracle worker ability that boosts energy weapon damage following a torp. As always the good stuff has something of a paywall.

    Which trait and miracle worker ability?
  • tremere12tremere12 Member Posts: 477 Arc User
    edited November 2017
    I wasn't fan of the Omega Kinetic Shearing nerf, but what's done is done.
  • allyoftheforceallyoftheforce Member Posts: 725 Arc User
    Torpedoes have long been ignored by the devs, purposely IMO.
  • captan2er0captan2er0 Member Posts: 828 Arc User
    Let's not forget suicide torpedoes that do more splash damage than legitamate damage to a target....
  • asuran14asuran14 Member Posts: 2,326 Arc User
    I would not mind it either, they could use a bit of a buff. Myself I would like to see a adjustment to the innate kinetic/torpedo damage damage reduction, either reducing it or tying the strength of the damage reduction to the shield power of the shield or the remaining hp of the shield facing that is hit.

    Though to be honest it would be nice to see some developement to make hybrid/mix energy/weapon type builds more competitive with pure energy/weapon builds. Such as introducing either consoles that buff a pair of energy and/or weapon types, though even some spec traits (starship or in general) that might give bonuses for using a mixed energy/weapon build (could be the buff varies based on the weapon/energy types comboed.).
  • smokebaileysmokebailey Member Posts: 4,467 Arc User
    I ALWAYS use some torpedoes with my ships. I feel naked without them. I use what I like, not what everyone else uses.
  • nixie50nixie50 Member Posts: 1,042 Arc User
    all they really need to do is make the damage proportional to shield strength, and maybe have the torpe actually, oh I dunno DAMAGE the shields? mine never do a thing to reducing my target's shields
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  • feliseanfelisean Member Posts: 688 Arc User
    Torpedos are already good vs unshielded targets (shields have 75% dmg reduction vs kinetic dmg). in addition there is a lot of shield pen stuff available, you just need to use the propper abilities.
    but if you want to see what you could do with torpedos watch this:

  • pottsey5gpottsey5g Member Posts: 3,762 Arc User
    Torpedo's are fine and with the right setup destroy shields. Its mines that need looking at. To many mines have bad stats.
  • shinku#4469 shinku Member Posts: 164 Arc User
    I could do with a spore drive though. Maybe lobi item.
  • lordsteve1lordsteve1 Member Posts: 3,492 Arc User
    Torps do work but the odds are stacked against you. You've gotta be committed to working with their mechanics, rather than just spamming and expecting them to work.
    It's all about managing cooldowns and maximizing shield pen.

    I think one thing that would make them much more effective and appealing would be a mechanic whereby a shield's resistance drops as it's HP's drop. This way using a shield stripping build or ability would still be effective to help your torps even if it never fully removes all the shields.
    Right now most of the torp damage is wasted on the shields, and even a tiny sliver of health can stop practically a full spread. But shields with only 10% HP or less really should be at risk of letting more damage though or just collapsing fully.
  • totenmettotenmet Member Posts: 586 Arc User
    So after watching the fall finale of TRIBBLE, who's fallen in love with those torpedo sounds?
    Having said that, they should buff torpedoes so they are on the same level as energy weapons.

    In stead of complaining learn to build ships. Torpedo builds do 200K+ dps in ISA in a good team. And Easy 100K+ in a bad team.

    After the revamp Beams are no longer the only ones good in DPS.
  • burstorionburstorion Member Posts: 1,750 Arc User
    Mines work well if you manual them, have the chase trait - and use kinetic magnet to ensure they hit. The mines do need a huge damage boost though considering their dps is...sporadic... to say the least - some mines also need bigger aoes and bigger models - your and your allies can see

    For some mines, I'd make them have an aoe effect before they explode or additional effects if they hit

    For example

    Chroniton mine

    Deploys 4 chroniton mines, due to chroniton decay the mines when deployed possess a spreading area of effect (5% speed decrease (controlx derived), decreasing with distance from mine) that expands over time to ten km before detonating (as per mine timeout)

    Plasma mine

    Deploys 4 plasma mines - on impact/detonation when detonated the mines leave a single lingering plasma vapor cloud on the target that affects shield hardness and turn rate as the rcs thrusters are damaged


    Deploys one ultra heavy mine. Unlike all other mines this volatile payload is armed and seeking on release and will only detonate when the player ship is out of the 2km aoe - If the player is nearby it will lurk near the enemy hull until they have exited the range - when in detonation range, if destroyed it will detonate

    As to the deployment patterns, I'd have them affect the chase range and detection

    Deployment pattern beta

    Deploys a net of mines. Each mine in the net networked, their sensors are extended to 10km in a 360 degree sphere - if one mine is triggered, all beta deployed mines will follow it for 10 seconds, ensuring a hugh chance of tracking - once one mine breaks the net deployment and then loses the track, all mines revert to standard tracking after the ten second period

    Deployment pattern alpha

    Deploys a line of mines - Eschewing tracking for a brute force search, the tracking range is increased by 1km but over time the line will lengthen, bringing the mine into enemy contact - all alpha deployed mines moving towards the enemy for ten seconds before returning to standard mine behaviour (but with the alpha tracking range buff)

    Due to line formation, multiple hits on the same shield facing (during the 10s track period) will be slightly multiplcative due to repeated impacts on the same area
  • asuran14asuran14 Member Posts: 2,326 Arc User
    edited November 2017
    I would not mind if we saw more use of cluster torpedoes, or at least that these fun hybrid torpedo/mine type weapons could gain benefit from some of the effects of torpedo/mine based boff abilities, even if it were only partial benefit from both torpedo an mine boff abilities. I mean the idea of being able to use a weakened torpedo-spread/heavy-yield or one of the dispersal patterns on the cluster-torpedoes actually sounds quite fun to use.
  • nimbullnimbull Member Posts: 1,552 Arc User
    I remember when the big red ball of death from the T'varo was potent. You could red ball everyone and yourself quite nicely in one big delicious explosion. They changed it a while back I think from plasma to kenetic damage. Just hasn't been as much fun since.

    Regular topedoes I don't bother with. To much effort to get anything effective out of them that didn't come by default in the TV show out of space dock. The only ones I really use anymore are the energy type torpedos because honestly they feel like how regular torpedoes should work in this game. (AP, Disruptor, Plasma lobi, etc)
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  • natureyouscarynatureyouscary Member Posts: 64 Arc User
    Think a great start would be increasing their arc. They're horrible to use on slower cruisers. Doing the dip dance isn't fun on 7 turn speed lol maybe 120-180 arcs?
  • ssbn655ssbn655 Member Posts: 1,894 Arc User
    Wow ... OP Torps don't need it. Let see there's the Disruptor torp boosted by energy wep stuff to wicked levels, the Crystiline torp boosted by energy stuff, then there is the killer torp the rep neotronium plus others who do high dps. These three by themselves show torps dont need your boost.
  • ssbn655ssbn655 Member Posts: 1,894 Arc User
    edited November 2017
    I could do with a spore drive though. Maybe lobi item.[/quote LOL you don't know the gme! Trjctor jump! Sing Jump! TRIBBLE... Not my trek Not my Klingons Not my Feds.
  • startrekronstartrekron Member Posts: 231 Arc User
    They should make separate slots for torpedoes with some ships getting different amount of slots.

    Another option could be every ship has torpedoes but give them a limited compliment like we saw in Bridge Commander, refills happen automatically when docking at a space dock. Compensation for limited compliment of torpedoes would a good sized amount of damage and/or crits.

    "Live Long and Prosper but always carry a fully charged phaser, just in case!". Arrr'ow

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  • strathkinstrathkin Member Posts: 2,655 Bug Hunter
    One of the REPS does have a Space Trait that increases Torp Flight speed by 33% and damage by 12.5%. Honestly however I still think the base damage of Torp's and Mines is a bit lack luster.

    I've always wondered why Enemy NPC's have far more success with Projectiles/Mines but then again...

    ...I suspect it's because many NPC's often have 2-5x the Hitpoints all too often; so when were hit we really feel it. It's why I chuckle even with the Iconian console how little healing I can receive with Engineering/Science Team I/II; even with Techie, Regenerative Control Synergy, or Shield Frequency Analysis Traits slotted and two full points in Hull or Shield Heals. :'(

    At least they left us some HOPE with Miracle Worker Specialization to pursue. :*
  • usskentuckyusskentucky Member Posts: 402 Arc User
    I’m on the edge of dropping my torp-sci build. It’s still effective but nowhere near what it was before the nerf bat hit it. Going into arena these days I’m one of the few players not flying an escort with permanent immunity and the ability to oneshot with cannons. But that’s balance, right? Just upending the meta every 7-9 months so that everyone gets a shot at being on top for a while?
  • soullessraptorsoullessraptor Member Posts: 353 Arc User
    Torpedoes could do with a small buff, I think. Also more clarification as to what exactly counts as what for damage perks.
    Maybe give more weapons like the Crystalline or Nausicaan torps with energy damage.
    Mines, though... those could do with a ground-up retooling. They're so very situational as to be nigh-on useless.
  • asuran14asuran14 Member Posts: 2,326 Arc User
    If they had not created the mine-chase trait, I think it would have been so interesting to either make another trait or boff using a similar idea. Though maybe with it being tied to being a weapon-buff for torpedoes or beam/cannon weapons called mine-marker, which causes your already armed/laid mines (up to a limit of course) to travel towards a target that was marked by the boff ability.
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