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So, the TOS faction is in fact more like an extended alternative tutorial



  • thutmosis85thutmosis85 Member Posts: 2,358 Arc User
    edited May 2016
    teknesia wrote:
    Maybe. I hold my judgement entirely until it releases. Still, they were said to have spent something like 6 months on this. I doubt what we've seen is the result of six months running. If that's what they chose, then I really would have lost respect for them, but my gut says no. I'm thinking it's gonna be more than just oooo scan this item. More like a ton of time travel shenanigans with cameos and added content to boot plus a faction agnostic bit of content that makes the most sense from the perspective of a temporal agent.

    Well ... still holding my judgement on the "other stuff" ... "cross-faction-arcs", "new Rep" etc ... "Future Proof" & "Iconian War" was quite enjoyable after all ...

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  • evilmark444evilmark444 Member Posts: 6,950 Arc User
    Maybe the Dividian arc will leave TOSers stuck in the past again? Only thing I can think of that would give us more TOS specific missions and still make sense
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  • jaturnleyjaturnley Member Posts: 1,218 Arc User
    jtoon74 wrote: »
    When you consider that their are TOS ship types upto Admiral, you have to imagine that there is far more TOS content, plus I seem to remember that on tribble before the LoR you could only play up to your decision to become Klink or Fed.

    I also read something from somebody saying that their was TOS content upto about level 40 but I can't find it now so, Sorry :/

    I was in the camp you are in, then I played The Battle of Caleb IV - where they kill my character, blow up my ship, and transplant me to the end of the Fed tutorial with the literal explanation of this beats being dead. There's no way around that, no continuing the original story - you're dead, and history says you're died right there. They put in actual content where you're welcomed and sent to the tailor and Quinn's office, so it's not like its a placeholder.

    I was one of the early LoR testers, they did restrict play, but they did so by just not letting you get to the next mission until they were ready. With this, it's 9 character levels as TOS and off you go to play as much as you want as a 2409 Fed.
  • awlaforgeawlaforge Member Posts: 235 Arc User
    Three words: "Work In Progress". I am with @teknesia . I'll reserve judgement until "summer".
  • teknesiateknesia Member Posts: 860 Arc User
    edited May 2016
    awlaforge wrote: »
    Three words: "Work In Progress". I am with @teknesia . I'll reserve judgement until "summer".

    Cool. I hope it's good. If not, I'm building a fed Intel/Engineer that's bad TRIBBLE right now so whatever.
    If it does turn out to be good though, I don't want to be the TRIBBLE that bashed the devs for nothing over this. It certainly sounds like there's more to it than they're able to let on. Maybe they didn't actually do too much, but I think that's more of people's memories from DR and Angelo(that's the dude's name right?)'s handing of the situation along with Al Rivera doubling down. I miss Trendy being more active on the forums, but she's been good to the community so if she says that she'd rather us be patient and doesn't want to spoil too much than I'll give her the benefit of the doubt. Also, while I disagree with some design choices made by Z-Rex(more races!), she has been with this game a long time and has done some good stuff too. I have to believe that someone that invested into the process, that invested in her work isn't going to give us "just 6 episodes". I think that we are getting the faction we asked for, but that some of the episodes are so close to similar that without a context that would spoil the xpac it wouldn't be of much use besides negative speculation.

    Cryptic really turned a new leaf for me last year when they did Delta Recruits and pushed out the Iconian War and has been very gracious in giveaways. Salami Inferno has generally been a low key, but positive community wise EP. So, with the olive branch of a hint of what might come with AoY, I'll give them the benefit.
  • jtoon74jtoon74 Member Posts: 409 Arc User
    Theres a new post in media section.
  • teknesiateknesia Member Posts: 860 Arc User
    jtoon74 wrote: »
    Theres a new post in media section.

    ummm... there is?
  • aeonjeanaeonjean Member Posts: 137 Arc User
    For all the ppl harping on content, LoR has 5 arcs + 1 re-purposed arc. Assuming this is an expansion in the same vein, , AoY should at least have the same.
  • jtoon74jtoon74 Member Posts: 409 Arc User
    teknesia wrote: »
    jtoon74 wrote: »
    Theres a new post in media section.

    ummm... there is?

    Sorry, got no idea of how to post links, but its in the Starfleet media Corps section called "CONFIRMATION on Agents of Yesterday content from a reliable source", for anybody who might be interested.
  • antonine3258antonine3258 Member Posts: 2,391 Arc User
    I'd worry about explaining my retro 23rd century ships, if I wasn't flying next to a retro-22nd version Kumari, etc.

    Still, suddenly tutorial and regular process has really hurt my gathering anticipation of AoY
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  • orondisorondis Member Posts: 1,447 Arc User
    How about we relax.

    There's over a month to go before the expansion goes live.

    I'll admit, if there's nothing else TOS-alt only, I couldn't really call it a faction.
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