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Game hitching

I installed the Ryzen 5800x 3D after updating my MB BIOS and now the game is hitching every ten to twenty seconds. It did fine the night I performed the update and installation. The next morning this started happening. The showfps command shows an all red graph and a purple spike when it hitches. Sometimes when this happens it happens twice in a row (audio buzz and some pixels flicker). ARK, Destiniy, Warframe, SWTOR, and other games are all fine. I can see the FPS drop from 270 to 200 when the hitch occurs.

From what I understand, this had been an issue with higher end AMD CPUs and some Intel CPUs. I believe it had to do with "core parking". There had been an update that fixed this so that STO wasn't affected by it. I have my power profile setting set to avoid this.

So far my only guesses to resolve this are to reinstall all of the AMD drivers or reinstall the game itself.


  • sthe91sthe91 Member Posts: 4,584 Arc User
    Have you turned off On Demand Patching in the Star Trek Online launcher, turned on Force Verify, and let it patch? Also, make sure there is no Windows Update in the background. Thanks.
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  • rebuilthk47rebuilthk47 Member Posts: 94 Arc User
    Thanks for the suggestion. I disabled On Demand Patching and turned on Force Verify. Windows Update doesn't run unless I let it. The hitching is still happening.

    It doesn't happen when in the character select screen, if that means anything.
  • husk10#9106 husk10 Member Posts: 61 Arc User
    What video card do you have and are you running in Full Screen or Windowed mode?
  • rebuilthk47rebuilthk47 Member Posts: 94 Arc User
    I figured out what was going on... sort of. This is a strange one, so bear with me. For the record, I am by far not new to PCs, building and understanding them. Built my own PCs, network... this is child's play for me. Yet I have never heard of this within what I have experienced, and am not entirely sure as to why this was happening and how the solution fixed it.

    My original thought was it's my PSU (or something hardware related). My PC is making a strange electric buzzing/whining sound that is faint in other games, but loud in STO. It probably was happening from it too. However, and this is where it gets really weird, When in the current space swarm event TFO, the buzzing/whining is gone entirely. Yet in Sector Space, the Badlands, or anywhere else it exists. When the game hitches, the buzzing/whining stops until the game stops (less than a second so it's short). When the game hitches, I also see artifacting. Again, this is ONLY in STO, otherwise I'd say "Oh no! My GPU!". Not even Halo Infinite has this issue, or at least if it does, it's not noticeable, the buzzing/whining is faint, and there's no visual hitching.

    I replaced my PSU (8yo and planned to anyway). Got it all hooked up for a power on test. My Corsair K55 keyboard is acting weird disconnecting and reconnecting. I opened Windows Update and ran it just to see if it would fix it (it hasn't). I opened STO to test and... I hear the buzzing/whining, but it's coming from where my CPU is. As I mentioned, I updated my BIOS going from a 1700X to the 5800X 3D. "Now what could it be?" I noticed in the list of things in Windows Update an AMD_Display_(I missed the rest) driver. I decided to let it go until it finished that. Once it did, I opened STO, and THE PROBLEM IS GONE!

    HOW?! WHY?! I DON'T KNOW! I have no idea what was causing the electrical buzz/whine, nor why a driver would make it stop, but that is what has happened. My only guess is that the driver helped with power regulation somewhere somehow.
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