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Unlock Spiral Wave Disruptor Weapon at Lower Levels

So... I might have missed the "memo" on this at some point; but, is there a reason why the Spiral Wave Disruptor weapons only unlock at Mk 10 instead of allowing them to be used/claimed as Mk 2 weapons? It would seem (at least to me and I know I am odd) that if you are able to unlock the ship at character level 10: then you should be able to reclaim the weapons from the Dil Store instead of waiting for them to accessible at later levels. The Advanced Phaser Beams Arrays and the Advanced Disruptor Beams Arrays can be reclaimed at any level: so it would seem that the Spiral Wave weapons should follow this. If I am having a derp moment and missed something: please let me know.



  • inferiorityinferiority Member Posts: 2,821 Arc User
    The Spiral Wave weapons were added to the game originally with the T5 Galor, which wasn't usable until you hit level 40.
    At level 40, your weapons are optimally Mk X.
    I'd recommend waiting 'til level 60 though, as you'll likely find they're purchasable as Mk XII.
    Of course, since then the three T6 Cardassian Intel ships have been added as well as the T6 Keldon. T6 Ships also have been updated to be usable right out of the tutorial and the Spiral Wave Disruptors could do with an update to be usable at lower levels.
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  • husk10#9106 husk10 Member Posts: 61 Arc User
    edited November 2022
    I believe this goes back to when you could only acquire them by owning the T5 Galor which isn't a leveling ship hence the MK10 level lock.
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  • phoenixc#0738 phoenixc Member Posts: 4,713 Arc User
    A lot of other things have the same problem without being from T5 ships though, like almost every kit module in the season event stores and most fleet gear starting at either tier X or XII.
  • qultuqqultuq Member Posts: 946 Arc User
    edited November 2022
    Just take the infinity level ones off your Cardassian ship and put them on the ship you are leveling. Those ones level up to mk X anyway and they don’t cost dilithum.
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