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assetstudiesassetstudies Member Posts: 12 Arc User
I have been encountering this issue frequently for the past few months. I almost NEVER receive Lukari marks for successfully completing the missions at Gon'Cra. I get all of the rewards *except* for the marks.


  • roninwolf1981#2968 roninwolf1981 Member Posts: 371 Arc User
    How long has this been going on for? I've been doing the missions and I've been getting Lukari marks just fine...with the one exception being the Asteroid Towing mission. It's only the Asteroid Towing mission that doesn't reward any Lukari Marks for me.
  • genrldestructiongenrldestruction Member Posts: 188 Arc User
    This sounds like 1 of 2 issues I see often, though I haven't really been able verify.

    1.) Reset bug. If the zone has been re-captured, I don't get marks for re-re capturing. This one is hard to get around. I've even seen it after the zone reset for the dreadnoughts (might happen more if not all 3 dreadnoughts are defeated? Which is helpful when one of them bugs and isn't targetable.)
    2.) DPS gating... This is the real PITA. If you are a casual player with "standard" dps... and someone with 5,000,000 (not actually much of a exaggeration) dps that destroys all the tzenkethi before you can do anything to them... then you're not going to get even a participation award. Suggestion: go to another area in the zone that doesn't have other people in it... if you can manage it. Switch to a lower pop instance if you can. I know... it's supposed to be "multi-player", but this zone is just made for (un?)-intentional griefing. Your best bet is flying off somewhere on your own. If you are a power-gamer (one of those 5,000,000 dps captains), leave lower DPS captains alone, you might be preventing them from getting their just rewards.

    This zone really needs to be gone over and debugged.
  • juryriggedforumjuryriggedforum Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    I'm seeing the same problem as Roninwolf, just noticed it the other day. I usually do the King of the Hill objectives, but can easily manage the towing objective solo, so I'll do it if the KotH are completed.
  • phoenixc#0738 phoenixc Member Posts: 4,719 Arc User
    They did a major rework of Gon'cra sometime around 2019 which made it at least playable (before that zones would flip back almost before you got to the next zone), but it is still buggier than a flea circus.

    From what was said when they tried fixing it, it is apparent that the design is deeply flawed. Also, in one of the Ten Forwards it was mentioned that few of the people involved in making any of the battlelzones are still in STO which probably does not help in fixing them. I do hope they get around to doing another fixing pass on it fairly soon, but it probably won't happen that soon, if at all (the devs in that stream had a very low opinion of the kind of carnival-in-a-parking-lot style of battlezone that Gon'cra is).
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