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SPOILERS, Season 04; Ep. 01 "Kobayashi Maru''; ETC.



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    naabal421#0722 naabal421 Member Posts: 162 Arc User
    edited December 2021
    I dont normally like to double post but....
    reyan01 wrote: »
    And on another note..... having seen the trailer for S4 Ep4, am I the only one wondering whether Tilly might be leaving DSC to be the 'known' character for the rumored 'Starfleet Academy' series?

    Just speculation, of course, but with Saru having returned and taken the XO post, and the resident science genius role filled by Stamets and Adira, it doesn't seem as if Tilly has a clearly defined role anymore and I wouldn't be surprised if that's the direction they're taking her in.
    Based on the newest episode, this seems sooooo likely now.
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    kayajaykayajay Member Posts: 1,990 Arc User
    All of the Disco characters have a tinge of being unnecessary...everyone's unnecessary in "Mike's World", but for some reason, Tilly seems to have the spotlight on her as being even more unnecessary. It's a shame, because it's basically only Tilly and Saru who had any character development whatsoever.

    I don't understand why they'd cut loose a character they'd put at least some effort into...although maybe they consider she's taking the spotlight away from characters that they want more attention on. It might also be the actor, who could rightly feel that the show is doing nothing for her career.
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