Defera Invasion Zone Crafting

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I'm trying to craft the Fractal Remodulator, but anytime I confirm it, nothing happens. I have enough materials.


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    Yea I wish they'd take this out of the area and just put in the Phoenix store, I honestly got many items up to 20-27 of the 3 types on one toon still just don't have the incentive to keep trying. As it took me several hours, and it's just a bit too long for the Fractal Remodulator. Mostly as I was trying to earn it for Bridge Officer's mostly, all my captains have the Omega set or Klingon so it re-modulates instantly--just sad you have to wait 10s before you can do it again.

    NOTE: Sometimes Borg can adapt within 2, 3, 4 or 5 seconds at times; others it takes longer.
    ╘ why all my captains have several weapons capable of physical damage that bypass shields.

    I've informed the Community Manager about this 4-5 months. I heard from him one time since he started years ago. Now I realize he won't comment about future changes or things they may consider changing, as he only makes announcements when the team is ready to announce a change. Still this is one I suggested they move to phoenix several (5+) months ago maybe?

    I'm glad I gave up after getting one of the three types to almost thirty, as I'd have been sad if I got all the way and then could not buy it like you. I'll tag him again hoping may he'll read it and ask his extended team to reconsider this.

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    Still unable to craft/buy items from Defera Invasion Zone Merchant. Why has this gone on for so long without being addressed?
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    Honestly not sure.
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    Definitely still an issue, It worked for awhile around 2019, I know because I crafted several hundred consumable items, some of which were not at the time bind on pickup and I put them in the fleet bank. Some of them are still there lol. Anyhow, its busted now, thats for sure. I cannot craft anything, and every time I go to Defera, I get more of these now useless crafting materials.

    Cryptic, would it really take that many man hours to fix this? Or here's an idea, give us a new list of items to craft that are actually useful past captain.

    Thank You