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New choice pack coming to Mudd store - the dreads are coming



  • mustrumridcully0mustrumridcully0 Member Posts: 12,963 Arc User
    edited November 2020
    lordbeefy7 wrote: »
    give us new content....stop rehashing old rubbish and marketing it as new.

    While I'm not interested in these particular ships, people have been asking Cryptic to give us a way to account unlock lockbox ships ever since the very first lockbox was introduced. These Pick-3 bundles do exactly, and again only because we asked for it.

    It is a kind of monkey's paw wish fulfilment though, they just went from one unaffordable option to another just as unaffordable one.

    I don't think it drives the exchange up though, Lobi is primarily a zen thing just like the c-store is, though it does not help balance it either. The thing that has the most potential would be to adjust the odds of getting better phoenix tokens a little, not enough to saturate the field but still enough to encourage opening phoenix boxes for more than upgrade tokens and bare admiralty cards.

    I guess it is a monkey's paw thing, but I can't help but blame the people that wished for it: "I don't want to gamble, gambling is horrible, won't you think of the kids?! Just put it in the C-Store. It needs to be an account unlock, too, otherwise I will never be interested". "Here it is, in the C-Store, as account unlock." "Whoa, that's way too expensive!"

    They just should have said the last thing the first time, because that was probably the real problem with the whole thing for most people anyway. Though in that case, they probably wouldn't have gotten a distorted wish fulfillment, but instead rather none at all, because Cryptic isn't going to leave money on the table. IF they know that they can make a certain amount of money from a product, why should they settle for less?
    I think that's also why we see "underperformers" like these ships in the bundle, too. They don't need to do this for ships that are still highly sought after. But older and weaker ships that everyone that really was willing to buy at the Lockbox/Promo/Lobi prize for an account unlock - sure why not. YOu might get some people to buy that otherwise wouldn't have.
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  • t0m#2593 t0m Member Posts: 34 Arc User
    what is the plan in general with those choice packs? will choice packs ever come back once they disappeared? everything else appears and disappears quit often and regularly in mudd store. ... i missed the stealing time pack so it seems. i mean i do like that they open alternative ways to claim ships normaly locked behind promo or lockboxes, but this artificial scarcity approach to maximize financial income is kind of anoying. it's digital content. no real reason except money to remove them and add new ones after a short period of time. they could easily add packs instead of replacing them and still would make their share (like wiht the regular zen ship-store). on the other hand ... most ships i need i need just once. so i go for exchance for what i need. if only ppl who open boxes would know about good ships. or the other way around. the mostly take ships a lot of player seems to like. not because they are good. but because they are known.
  • foppotee#4552 foppotee Member Posts: 1,704 Arc User
    At this stage Cryptic should just follow their gamble offerings selection process & just let that particular player(s) that bought the bundle choose which (3) ships they want.
  • peterconnorfirstpeterconnorfirst Member Posts: 6,225 Arc User
    t0m#2593 wrote: »
    will choice packs ever come back once they disappeared?

    I'd like to know that as well. :'(
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    felisean wrote: »
    teamwork to reach a goal is awesome and highly appreciated
  • postagepaidpostagepaid Member Posts: 2,899 Arc User
    Not touching muggs market.

    It's just another facet of cryptics greedonomic policy to use the game to milk fans of trek for all they can. If they respected players they'd do the decent thing and place them at a reasonable price without all the nonsense of overinflated prices to make a discount appear good. The muggs market approach only highlights how the beancounters see the playerbase.
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