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Lifetime Subscription Not Awarding 20 Account Bank Slots

shaydowfallshaydowfall Member Posts: 9 Arc User
Filed a ticket and was told it was found to be a bug and asked to make a post here. As stated in title, the +20 account bank slots for purchasing the lifetime subscription are not being rewarded. My wife also bought a lifetime sub at the same time as me and did not get them either. A few people I have talked to in chat have said they have not either, as well as another post on this forum under support saying the same thing. I'm pretty sure no new lifetime subscription purchasers are getting them.

I hope this helps and I would like my slots please :)


  • alhanaescheralhanaescher Member Posts: 16 Arc User
    I too have the same problem, was told the same. So will add to this one rather than make a dupe thread.
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