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Click Item and does not equip......disappears

I was awarded the impulse engine as part of the Breen Zero Point set. I clicked to "equip" and the item disappeared. No longer in inventory and did not get placed within my ship's Impulse Engine slot. I have submitted a ticket and get no response from support. Anyone else have this problem?


  • pomonagrange#3097 pomonagrange Member Posts: 112 Arc User
    Not exactly. I've had a reward item not appear in a character's inventory (or overflow bag).

    My two Romulan characters finished "Installation 18" on Nimbus III. I chose the "pirate fleet" reward each time ... the reward doesn't appear in the inventory for either character (or in their overflow bags) ... but when I try to re-run the mission and choose the same reward, I'm told that I've already chosen it. Where is this invisible reward item that I chose the first time? I wish I knew. It's easier to just give up hope that the visible reward item will ever be given to my Romulan characters. Hopefully it doesn't happen to Fed or KDF characters.

    I've reported this in a bug report to Cryptic. I'd really rather not have to run the mission yet again to be able to choose (and actually receive) the reward item. At level 65, the space battle at the end - before beaming back down to Nimbus III and talking to Horace Jones - can be suicidal for me ... and that's just on normal setting (I'm a casual player). Any sign that the bug has been fixed? Not yet. I guess the only way to check is to re-run the mission yet again. Yay.
  • poddlipoddli Member Posts: 75 Arc User
    OP, check the Visual's tab on your ship. The engine may have gone there as it has a visual effect.
  • arionisaarionisa Member Posts: 1,409 Arc User
    Check your shuttle/small craft, for years this game has had a tendency to put items on your shuttle instead of your starship. And it doesn't only do it when actually equipping, I have had more than once that I head out for a new star system to find my ship barely moving, I look and my warp core is gone, I find it on my shuttle. I usually use pretty much the same gear on my Starship and shuttle and I used switch them back and forth when needed, leaving that spot empty on the one I wasn't using. I learned to keep my shuttle fully equipped with something in every slot. It is only if I have an empty slot on my shuttle that my starship gear will randomly get moved to my shuttle instead, usually when trying to equip it, but sometimes just on a map change.
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  • sthe91sthe91 Member Posts: 1,073 Arc User
    If this is a bug, it should be in the Bug Report section of the forums. Thanks. :)
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