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Crashes on Prompts, to beam down, beam up, change map, enter the tailor... etc... etc...

STO is continually crashing on nearly every prompt that appears on my screen, and has persisted since the release of Age Of Discovery.

-Beam down prompts
-beam up prompts
-opening the tailor
-accessing bank/mail/exchange
-talking to Q
-the new mission (which I can't accept) (BECAUSE I CRASH)
-TFO accept popups when the queue is ready to go

I don't know what is happening, everything is up-to-date; video and system patches. Running Windows 10 (FYI)

I can't play the game, I can't even play my DSC character because they're in the tutorial part (prompts too often to avoid a crash)

on the plus side, if I sit my little ship in one place, don't open a window or run into a prompt, I could probably stay on STO till I decide to log out.

**DXDIAG didn't find any problems while I was attempting to resolve this on my own.

Your prompt attention into this matter is greatly appreciated.


  • ekypyrosekypyros Member Posts: 131 Arc User
    Enable Data Streaming in STO ingame Options
    The 99% Shild Pen Problem is True http://true-sto.ga/ (Warning German Content)
  • rachelj88rachelj88 Member Posts: 464 Arc User
    Ekypyros, I haven't found the "enable" data streaming but I've changed the only one I could find. I had reduced data streaming on. I've disabled that... thanks for the suggestion, but this issue has only been since Age Of Discovery, all of my options have remained the same almost for the 9/10 years I've been playing STO.

    the crashes are a bit much, they stop me from doing anything in STO. hopefully if this setting change (if the right one) allows me stability enough for me to just write a ticket.
  • hanover2hanover2 Member Posts: 1,021 Arc User
    This sounds like the same problem I'm having. I've changed nothing on my end, they pushed out a patch and now I'm crashing to desktop. This is not my problem to diagnose and fix.
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