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Stuck loading at 98%

This just started Tuesday. I was able to log in fine on Monday. I've verified all my files, reinstalled STO and it's the same thing. I log in, choose my captain and it begins to load but always stops at 98.x

Anyone else having this issue? I have no problems with other online games I play, just this one. I'm about to throw in the towel.


  • ekypyrosekypyros Member Posts: 176 Arc User
    Try in Launcher Optionens Safemode ! and Start STO
    In Game at Chaar Choosing Screen First Go Option and Enable Stream Datas Options ! Or Disable when mor the 6 gig Ram !
  • supersith4realsupersith4real Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    This is now happening to me as well. I was playing up until 20mins ago when I joined a random tfo. It loaded to the exact spot your pic shows then sent me back to login screen. Now no matter which captain I choose i get the same result.
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