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Launcher crashes after update

I clicked on STO to play it today, the launcher wanted to update, it did, and after it updated it now crashes momentarily after it loads. Everything gets garbled and the window suddenly can be scrolled.

Presumably the patching went wrong. Anyway I can fix the launcher?


  • minyaksayurminyaksayur Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    I have the same problem. I even tried to login it just completely crashed the launcher.
  • allenscottallenscott Member Posts: 28 Arc User
    edited September 2018
    I also have this problem. Played fine yesterday. Today it has crashed every single time while connecting to the patch server. The launcher becomes completely scrambled, followed by bug report. Cannot force verify files as the launcher is completely scrambled.

    Update: Just updated Java just in case, no luck. Still cannot log in or patch.

    Update 2: Still can't get into STO. I've used system restore, flushed or updated about everything. Support replied, but offered little that I hadn't already tried. Hoping to hear from them again today. Otherwise I guess It's off to a different game for awhile until they get it sorted

    Update 3: FIXED! I believe a recent launcher update has fixed my problem, hopefully all of yours as well. Cheers!
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  • cleomavendorfcleomavendorf Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    I'm having the same issue as well
  • fovrelfovrel Member Posts: 1,402 Arc User
    For two days the STO launcher crashes for me too. A window is shown with which I can send an error message. I could start the game after several tries. Randomly I did not get the error message window.
    I just took a look into the STO map and there were lots of text files. There also was an application file CrypticError. I moved everything to the trash and could start/run the game without any problems.
  • rivaellerivaelle Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited September 2018
    same problem here. Updated my launcher last 2 days ago but after that, the text and input box where you login are jumbled. Whenever you scroll up/down, it goes like an old windows pc error wherein it multiply the text until its all white on certain portion

    They say the launcher is made with java and updating it might fix it but that's didn't work for me

  • tyler002tyler002 Member Posts: 1,402 Arc User
    I haven't had this problem, but have you tried changing the client from the 32-bit to the 64-bit one (or vice versa)?
  • adam1989#1039 adam1989 Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    I have the same problem and i don't know what else to try
  • rivaellerivaelle Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited September 2018
    tried to clear browser cache, updated chrome (i read this fix somewhere before regarding launcher stuck in loading) still didn't work. So i just slept it out since i'm getting frustrated already,

    And here i tried again and viola! somehow it got fix, not sure how.

    P.S Look like this is more of an ISP issue for me. Whenever i used my 4g enabled mobile data to play (which i usually do since it's faster) the text/input box mixed up. But when i switch to my other line/dsl, the launcher seems to be fixed.

    Maybe you can try this one and see if it works for you guys
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  • leadme2kirkleadme2kirk Member Posts: 1,260 Arc User
    Launcher updated yesterday and I got security certificate error. Reinstalled, login was fine after that. Tonight I can get on Tribble but Holodeck will not load characters. The launcher is taking forever to load and the game is writing a new localdata folder on the drive but not in the game file folder where it is usually found.
  • My screen looks exactly like rivaelle's. I sent a support ticket but so far I've only gone through the typical java, firefox, virus, admin starting steps. Btw, I did force the client into 32 bit mode, no change, so I switch it back to default 64 bit mode. Purged the internet temp directory, cleared the browsers, flushed dns. released and renewed. Still the issue remains. I did notice however that when you first start the launcher if you are quick enough you can click the forums, options, news, links up at the top (The ones that are suppose to be there, IE: Click on forums and it will open our browser and take you there.) If you miss it though. The glitched portion takes over. It looks like the "embedded" url browser is overlayed on top of all of it. With a page that just won't load properly. And then you can't click the links at the top. (Options, forums, etc. The ones that are suppose to be there.) Anyway, hope it gets fixed soon. It is just odd how a few of us are affected and so many are not.
  • *Side note (I'm a steam user) So it's not a Arc related thing. ^ noticed all the Arc User posts.
  • dragonhawke777dragonhawke777 Member Posts: 10 Arc User
    I have tried it on both steam and arc with the same results as everyone else has run into. I have uninstalled a number of times and still get the same launcher error.
  • minyaksayurminyaksayur Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    Yep, still the same problem after 3 days, don't know what to say. I guess I'll play other games for now. May be next launcher update will fix it.
  • adam1989#1039 adam1989 Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    it looks like they have fixed it.
  • zedbrightlander1zedbrightlander1 Member Posts: 12,729 Arc User
    edited September 2018
    I didn't have this problem yesterday, but I'm having it today. :disappointed:

    Edit - Absolutely cannot get into STO today. Tried every thing I could think of. :cry:
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    Sig? What sig? I don't see any sig.
  • adam1989#1039 adam1989 Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    never mind it was working, not any more
  • arionisaarionisa Member Posts: 1,370 Arc User
    Just checked and it's working fine for me.
    LTS and loving it.
  • zedbrightlander1zedbrightlander1 Member Posts: 12,729 Arc User
    Yeah. It's working here again, too. Let's see if it keeps working.
    Sig? What sig? I don't see any sig.
  • visualecho1visualecho1 Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    It's been DAYS! =(

    I'm Having the same issue, tried reinstalling 3 times and even fresh install on a new computer, as well as all the other things mentioned here. Also, tried updating .net and Java (in addition to the other things previously mentioned in post above) with no effect. On the fresh install on the new pc, it worked until it updated, but promptly garbled after that.
  • cleomavendorfcleomavendorf Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    STILL not working for me
  • dcrose1168dcrose1168 Member Posts: 10 New User
    edited September 2018
    yup been 2 days and have made it online once for 2 minutes then crashed. now im timing out on character select server. Something has to be going on server side. Also launcher just grinds for the better part of 10 min before it attempts to log on.
  • captainjk740captainjk740 Member Posts: 45 Arc User
    I am having the same problem listed in prior posts. You would think that someone would fix this issue.
  • lazzmanlazzman Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    Just tried to open sto and it wouldn't even patch for me. Getting pretty fed up of this, I've spent more money that I really should of in this game, and now I'm locked out behind a problem loads of others seem to have, that no one seems to be doing anything about. Just a simple acknowledgement from devs that there is an issue would be nice.
  • discojerdiscojer Member Posts: 426 Arc User
    Just had a new launcher update and it now seems to be working again
  • jakito71jakito71 Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    I was playing the game and had to log off for half an hour and when I came back to play, the launcher updated and now it just keeps crashing every time it tries to verify the patch.
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