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Controller support

Asking if anyone has found a 3rd-party app that allows button combos on an xbox controller. The in-game mapper only allows one controller button to be used at a time giving ~20 commands to cover at least twice that for full controller support.

I don't mind doing the work to do the mapping but the controller buttons in STO seem to activate on press, not depress which means only the first button is recognized. Champions allows combos like rtrigger+Xb and therefore opens up ~50 different command slots available.

I have tried STO keybinds (limited by the game only allowing one controller button per action), Joy2Key (can't activate an entire tray at a time) but have not tried xpadder because there is no trial and I am not wanting to pay for an app that may not work. Anyone have a solution? IF I run both STO keybinds AND Joy2Key together I bet I can make it work but that is an awful lot of effort to set up every ship on every toon like that when it really is not that big of a deal for Cryptic to transfer/adapt some code they already have.

Anyone have an easier method? Maybe a keyboard gamepad? Those have mixed reviews.

Flying anything with a decent impulse speed is much more fun with a controller.
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