Temporal Battlesuit Doesnt Work On Boffs

fred26291#2759 Member Posts: 1,044 Arc User
When i try to put the Temporal Battlesuit viuals on a bridge officer i cant. but yet the helmet works.
however, the iconian fully goes on bridge officers?
How come one does and one doesnt? I really could use the Temporal Battlesuit as a costume on one of my Boffs.
Also, when i tried all the battlesuit visuals on the test server they all went on boffs EXCEPT the temporal?

please advise?

Thanks, Fred.


  • ashstorm1
    ashstorm1 Member Posts: 637 Arc User
    We've been having the same issue with the visuals for the Lobi store Tzenkethi armor. The BOFFs costume option is missing a lot of parts, and so far it has never been fixed.
  • angrytarg
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    The temporal set was never available for boffs since it's introduction. It's probably not intentional, however at this point we can safely assume it's the way it is now. It'd be nice if the issue will be fixed but it'll probably be a "backseat issue" for a long time.
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  • fred26291#2759
    fred26291#2759 Member Posts: 1,044 Arc User
    I also sent in a support ticket to the main support area. hopefully if this doesnt work that might get someone to look at it. The rest of them work so theres no reason why this one shouldnt.