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A Conversation with @LaughingTrendy – Insights on Her Role As Community Manager

ddesjardinsddesjardins Member Posts: 3,055 Media Corps

Insight into the inner workings at Star Trek Online and by extension Cryptic isn’t something we don’t get to know about on a daily basis. Beyond the great podcasts with the executive producers and development team members we see (and listen) to prior to a release, the role of community manager is a bit of an assumption by many.

I had the chance to get to know Morrigan (aka [email protected]) over the past 14 months and a few weeks before the launch of Agents of Yesterday I asked if she’d be willing to share some insights into her position and responsibilities of her job and it’s impact with Star Trek Online. Who knew at that point her role would be growing (more on that in the interview), and the craziness of the past few days would be consuming the forums and blogs.

The biggest reveal was how Star Trek Online absorbs all of our feedback from twitter commentary and forum tirades to podcasts. That’s right, they listen. Where possible, I offered context before the question.

Tonight, whilst she finished coding upcoming pages for the console release (very cool), we got a chance to finish up the interview.

A quick note: this interview does not address the T6 Nagus issue. My questions are identified by a bolded Lootcritter, and Trendy’s responses are in Cryptic Purple. I submitted questions in advance, and they evolved over time as her responsibilities expanded.

Beyond that, I hope you enjoy this peek behind the curtain.


  • daveynydaveyny Member Posts: 8,227 Arc User
    edited July 2016
    Wow, that was a great read.

    I bow my head to the Lady, that schedule sounds like a real killer.

    That is a daily schedule I wouldn't want to have.
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  • iconiansiconians Member Posts: 6,987 Arc User
    Good read. Glad it wasn't a podcast.

  • breadandcircusesbreadandcircuses Member Posts: 2,355 Arc User
    edited July 2016
    iconians wrote: »
    Good read. Glad it wasn't a podcast.


    Agreed; it's nice to be able to read through the conversation myself, at my own pace... I read faster than the podcasts speak, and if they spoke that fast I'd just end up having to jump back a few times to hear it. :tongue:
    Trendy wrote:
    This question is the best question ever and Morrigan loves it.

    Well played. :smile:
  • jcswwjcsww Member Posts: 6,375 Arc User
    Congratulations on the promotion, @pwlaughingtrendy! Definitely well deserved! Out of all of the Community Mangers Star Trek Online has seen over the years. You are by far, the best one we have been fortunate to have, in my personal opinion. Thank you for not only being incredibly good at what you do, but also for friendly, fair, and polite manor that you do it in! [=
  • gazurtoidgazurtoid Member Posts: 423 Arc User
    This is a good interview, and thanks for both it, and having it as a transcript rather than a podcast/video as others have said.

    We are definitely lucky to have Trendy - she does a great job
  • chozoelder2ndchozoelder2nd Member Posts: 440 Arc User

    I enjoyed this. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview, Trendy. Thank you Lootcritter.
  • davefenestratordavefenestrator Member Posts: 9,371 Arc User
    Thanks to both of you for this. Congratulations to Trendy on the promotion, and thanks for having had far more patience than I ever would to wade through the good and bad in the forums to gather feedback. Hopefully your minions doing it now are also made of sterner stuff than me, else they'll not long survive.
  • pwlaughingtrendypwlaughingtrendy Member Posts: 2,966 Arc User
  • antonine3258antonine3258 Member Posts: 2,390 Arc User
    That was a really good read - I certainly couldn't do your job (or probably that workload, for any length of time)
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