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We can dance ...or can we?



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    tomaswilletomaswille Member Posts: 119 Arc User
    i think a lot of you take the risa dancing waaaaaay too seriously!

    Oh.. I don't think it's really about that specific incident anymore tho. I think people here are prooving why those dentals shouldnt be in the game anymore. :) You really think this incident was a one-timer?

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    originalspockoriginalspock Member Posts: 809 Arc User
    It really is sad when I see clear ignorance of actual laws being quoted and twisted based upon situation and word nomenclature.No one asked for real life personal data, no actual intent has been established other then to troll a video game party. So please do us a favor and stop quoting crimes that are nothing to do with actual law.

    As for the term Griefer, that's only for people who inhibit progress or ability. Since dancing close to someone doesn't TRIBBLE progress of any sort, that doesn't apply. Troll and or Harassment sure, but stacking charges and allegations is more of a witch hunt then common sense.

    The OP is better served making a topic about the in game report feature. However we both know that money and personnel is the only thing that allows faster response times. The world isn't perfect, people should learn that. Do what you can with the resources you have, stop expecting Cryptic to solve issues of being offended.
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    pwlaughingtrendypwlaughingtrendy Member Posts: 2,966 Arc User
    tekehd wrote: »
    I don't generally have the issue, others do, and I have seen it. So I really do not give a hit about your tiny little opinions, TRIBBLE.

    Hey guys, just a head's up! If you want to prove your point, name-calling isn't the way to go! It's not civil, it's immature, and it also leads to a bannin'.

    /hammer swingith.
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