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Shifting 'clouds' of red and yellow squares...

I wasn't sure whether to start a new thread - read through a bunch of the missing textures thread but that seems to be a separate issue.

First, an apology - I'm doing this from work so I don't have my home computer with me, nor do I have any screenshots. Might try to take some this weekend. This actually started with the Solanae sphere stuff. My home computer is old. It's still great for CAD (I'm an architect) and was a great cutting-edge workstation 7-8 years ago. Despite the fact that the Fire GL card in it is not at all optimized for gaming (again, workstation), and the latest driver release is about 4-5 years old, it still manages to run most STO content at an acceptable frame rate (for me). Then the Sphere was released. No real problems with Worf's feature episode, but once I tried the actual sphere zone, my frame rate fell off the cliff. The worst areas were in an area that I think was referred to as a border zone or something. There were large patches of graphics that looked like a red and yellow chess board moving around.

My assumption has been that it is some kind of smoke or other atmospheric effect that my graphics card just refuses to render or somehow can't find the appropriate texture for.

I basically decided I can't play in the Sphere zones and moved on. Then Tuvok's FE was released. Again, not much problem with it, except for the EVA portion - when you're flying thru the remnants of the explosion, I had areas of checkerboard floating in space. Annoying, but it was just a little chunk of the episode.

Got to play the new FE last night. Right off the bat in the 'social' area, there are areas of this checkerboard hanging around all over the place, mainly around things I have to interact with like the consoles. Then on ESD, tons of it hanging around everywhere. It is awfully hard to see an Undine when he's hanging around that stuff. Even in space around Earth and Qo'nos, more checkerboards.

I get that I'm playing on sub-par equipment. I just wish there was some way to turn off these 'smoke textures' or whatever they are, because they're really getting in the way.
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