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  • Yea the post was made for fun i think, but the true is Gms forget about us, 2 years a go was codes for evry month with event gold , ancient gifts etc. Now nothing only spend promo ,charge promo pay pay pay and peple on servers are less and less, Last time we try to do 999 sq it took 40min its longer then run comon. Maybe…
  • It wasnt any glich this was time for charge chi for atack with red gliphed avalanche coz all skils drians yours chi and you wont use red gliph for strong hit coz you simply dont have chi. Now veno will show up and you tosted when she suck yours chi. plus you have to put almost all atack skils on blue gliph to get some chi…
  • Just give us back chi safe on Dragon rising and 30 chi on smite and will be good. Now BM is usless and all fun from playing with it gone. They make 2 pk quest and weeken bm as much as they can WTF. In my opinion its like all classes go foward and they reverced BM to state befor Gliph update.
  • And dont write you will have 80 chi back from hf on gold gliph coz cast of HF is so long that stun will gone befor you use HF.
  • And ofcourse forgot to mention that smite on Pike dont stun anymore and dont give 30 chi like it used to. So forget to get 1,5 spark in 4 hits on sword chi combo. So you wont be anymore hf monky coz you wont have chi for that you need 2 spark for cast hf and if you are atacked coz you close range class you need to use…
  • Yea thats a point. From wapon wich bm got r9 is only axes why if they force us to use 4 kinds of wpon they didnt give us rest of wep r9. Im ok with using all kinds wepons in fight its make bm unic but it doesnt change this how much chi bm spend on evry skill.
  • Im olny interested that in grup of GMs who planed chages was some bm player? Coz it look like some guy just read descrypiton on skils and make mix without knowing anything about gameplay with BM. Paralise skill wich with gray gliph make this class playble again coz let you safe some chi for atack with red gliphed river…
  • Bro you can ask for fix it wont change anything i try even make ticket but they say to be patiente, and they dont do nothingwith it. Last time i miss trial coz of it.
  • I got only one question . How long we can wait you repair this force log. Coz now if yours conection brake and you get DC Arc dont let you log in again for 20 min. Its 4th or 5th maintance and we still must wait 20min evry dc.This is a specialy anoying when you do something in big sq (like dup or ddh) then whole sq wait…
  • How long wont be able to log in again afther dc ? Its so anoying when you do trials or tw or another instans and you get dc and you must wait 15min to log in again, and ofc its not only you wait but whole sq must wait for you. Comon its joke you say its temporary but it take 3 weeks and nothing change.
  • GG i cant even log in my main coz i got DC while i was paling. To enter the game i must log in with f.. kin arc so i must first log in arc then click play on pather coz i cant long normaly. Becouse it says logining in to game then i says diconected. But if i got dc in game, game see me still online. So i cant use force log…
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