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  • Wszystkie serwery mają średnią populację, ale większość ludzi gra na wielu kontach. Nie jestem pewien co do polskich gildii, ale powinieneś wypróbować zarówno serwer Dawnglory (Europa), jak i Tideswell (USA). Warto zacząć bez używania prawdziwych pieniędzy. Po prostu poproś o pomoc, a szybko osiągniesz wysoki lvl. ;)
  • Odd, I also use an in my case old NVidia GFX card and 1920x1080 doesn't give any problem with my FPS with max. GFX settings in PWI. But thanks, a lesson learned: for hardware problems we should just ask what type of hardware people are using, if they tested the hardware and this happens a lot on my server, if they ever…
  • Below Description you should see another block named Attachments. You can click on Add file or just drop your files in that block.
  • In the support pages this answer is given.
  • Your computer got bored. joke of course.Around the time you wrote this there was a "small" dc. You should be able to enter the game however you can have a laggy connection. It's just the amount of active people playing at the moment lol
  • It's much easier: If someone applies you can accept: he/she will be in your faction. If someone applies and go offline you can accept but he/she won't be in your faction. Conclusion: your executors need to be active, the possible new member should be too. If someone goes offline there is no need to invite that character…
  • The problem is't the 4 bil but how to get the 4 bil. Just like mounts. You could buy an 11speed mount for 200 mil (sometimes on Tideswell) but you can also try to get the mount from a pack which is much cheaper. Then there are players who will never get the gold coins since they altered their gameplay, getting enough coins…
  • We used Arc points in the past but PW stopped us from getting them. No support since it was stopped. To receive points we used to log on daily (in Arc) and do a quest. In Arc we could convert the points in to (online) coins which we could spend in the PWI boutique. You wasn't able to find anything about this topic since it…
    in Arc Points Comment by bruinvis July 2020
  • Nice to see this one but it's better to move it to off-topic discussion if you want it to stay. In the past I took a lot of damage but I was actually playing (active) back then. Used to have a 'sind-barb' (name from facebook group) a.k.a. full arcane barbarian. I know when I was only lvl 50 R9R and other high lvl people…
  • No comments so your question is answered: none of is have that problem. I think some kind of software you are using is causing your problem. Maybe answers can be found in Support Desk; you posted in General Discussion.
  • And thinking about the advertisements itself: the game is made in China while we use the game in the USA or Europe. Different companies so maybe the money will stay at China while we see (and ignore) the advertisements. Also thinking a server merge will show us the game have less players as we (players) expected. A new…
  • You can use it by 'making' it at the Wonder Market so you can finish the quest or to place it somewhere in the homestead. Buying from the merchant can be done if you are in a hurry and don't want to spend days to just get some Plum but like everything else in PWI that's more expensive than just wait for just another day…
  • You have to do the Gardening Manual Page quests but you also need to upgrade the Wonder Market because Plum can be found using Gardening Manual II (if lucky). The Gardening Manual II contains one of the following: * Pear Tree * Willow * Birch * Plum * Garden Plant * Reed
  • Lol, that's what he wrote: "In order for all of your characters to receive prizes, you must log into each character. No logins will be counted if you stay logged in the game continuously.".
  • no need to go in pk mode since a genie can be used; many video's online like this one. edit: there are also easy mobs near Tomb of Shining Tide that can be killed to level pets.
    in Veno Pets Comment by bruinvis May 2019
  • Lol, could log in several times but in worldchat some people wanted to know why they couldn't log in a 2nd account.Strange to see since they where online on an account already.
  • I've changed the ini file myself after closing Arc. Then I started it and was expecting Arc would use my settings but Arc just changed the settings back. I don't care about it much since I will not install any other game. Will check the Arc forums if others already posted it. Thanks edit: have written it in the Arc forum
  • Something else not working: Arc doesn't write "home" in the ini file so when starting Arc we see "games" first, no matter how many times we try to change this setting. ;)
  • The only way to enable the 64 bit client is to send your money to PWE and hope they want to make a 64 bit elementclient-coinsink, one day. Better just to buy a computer that enables you to play right after you went afk and kick that crappy laptop out. The only 'freeze' I've seen so far is in Adventure Kingdom but that's…
  • Welcome back. Dreamweaver and Raging Tide servers merged to Tideswell. News about that server merge can be found here.
  • Spend 3 lucky coins on a blessing. Hell, that was fun! A blessing for 1 complete hour! :)
  • Then again there are people who don't need to use a credit card or scam other people by selling FC or unneeded items. I like this game because of this :) but if you think this game will 'die' because you don't have fun anymore there is also a possibility to move on to another game.
  • Two different things. For blessing codes there isn't any designing/developing needed, there's no need to fix it. In the past there was also someone who wrote about the blessings in 'our' forum. Kinda odd that this thread (as for many other threads) disappeared. Currently we can get a blessing via Wang Tsai but it will cost…
  • something like this is online for a few years now:
  • 12072 would be Fultonville, NY. Hope the people there can join our counting. :D
  • yyeM80Nm for 10 war avatar pack s + 5 pack a kz4Aebzr for hyper exp stones, spirit charm, 10 event gold and platinum guardian charm
  • I don't know who wanted it this way but you can log in on multiple accounts. Even the dude who uses bots on all servers does it, having more than 2 accounts online (would be abusing this game but ToS isn't clear about that) In short: you log in with arc, use task manager once you're in PWI to close arc and then start arc…
  • Same goes for me and didn't have to wait 5 minutes but could connect again within a minute! Think force log isn't needed since we need Arc to start the game.
  • Was this for catshops (.info)? We all know the bots that fly around in Archo, the bots who checks the auctioneer and the famous bots. They are all allowed since they are in the game for a long time now. GM's aren't smart enough to just "move" or "ban" the bots and telling us they can't do anything about it…