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  • No point posting a ticket when 99% of the time no one answers them anyway. As for the bluntness/rudeness, it's fine, didn't expect sugar-coated happy post. I'm sure someone will see this and know and answer anyway, so I'm not concerned about it.
  • It could be anyone, clearly, but I find it ridiculous that they can't be upfront and honest. Could be a **** for all you know. So excuse me but I'll keep trying to figure it out. This person could be on more servers as well for all anyone knows. So it doesn't belong only in the HT section,but sure put it here, i don't…
  • If they get hot under the collar that's fine. If they wanna move it that's up to them. Eventually it'll get answered anyway, just a matter of time. Sweetbot won't be any help for this. bumping this up again.
  • Ha, ha, very funny, Still looking for a real answer. Hope this can get answered soon.
  • Did that already, it's all inked up with random names and words.
  • Right XD Well sadly I'm looking for the correct answer not some fake answer. This guy was on my alts friends list (Got a full friends list otherwise I'd already know who it was) and he clearly changed his name and refuses to tell me who he was before his name change for whatever reason so I'm looking for an answer. Lawl.…
  • Lawl? what do you think Core Connect was for? Its clearly not against forum rules to ask who a player was originally. knowing who people were and friending them and such was the whole purpose of Core Connect before it was taken down. There is no crime in asking :)
  • Well like I said, I hope it gets level restricted in a week to a couple weeks.
  • I was actually surprised. I hadn't seen any for much of the day while I was on. So, just for kicks and giggles, I did on myself. Cleared it all to the Bigroom and sold the plvl. But, I had one hell of a hard time finding people for it. I even told my partner, they whined and complained because they wanted their precious…