Rate a Character thread. Hot or Not.



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    mayral wrote: »
    Nothing, you can ignore itb:laugh It doesn't concern you

    XD Otay dear :P
    Yup im back in game ya'll ;D
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    CANUS_MAJOR - Archosaur: I do really like the barb,
    additional with that fashion it looks very funny and made me laugh a lot!
    Since I find it hard to make something nice/or funny with a Lion-barb face
    I give you 3.1/5 ◔͜͡◔ points, for that creative idea (if it been yours).

    Lady_kerou - Heavens Tear: The mystic is very cute,
    I like bright colors anyways, it makes her look soft and angelic.
    Sadly I already saw often such kind of color-face constellations, thats why I "just" give it a
    4.1/5 ツ. I like her face expression, too. She looks innocent it fit
    well the concept of the character.
    The veno and the cleric I can't really give voting on, since it's hard to see the faces in details.
    About tideborns I am very picky and I can tell, hard to please.
    The feeling I get when I look at her face is not touching me. It's numb. It looks death,
    and the eyeballs are too big and dark, it gives me thoughts of her beeing in a kind of delirium.
    I did give her a 1.9/5.
    The wizzy is cute, I do like male hairs on female chars, til the point that they don't look
    bugged and weird from the sides. Won't like to rate on her since I can't see the face in exact details.

    XMickie - Sanctuary: Oh yes the "asian dolls".
    As you already said, some people like it some people don't. I appreciate balance about looks.
    And that dolly of you reminds me a lot of those .inis you get of the w2i.wanmei.com
    http://w2i.178.com/list/85388498870.html website. I don't like the mini mouth of them,
    and the face symmetry. I like the colors you used and how you combined it
    with the fashion and the spidersilk hair - that I anways totaly love. Vote: 3.1/5 シ

    leonaxle: I do really like the mystic,
    she got something fresh and mysterious about her expression.
    She reminds me a little with her look of the spirit of the Wildling girl, Ygritte from Game of Thrones.
    That is a very strong but still feminine character. Vote: 4.0/5
    About the archer I like the colors a lot. The "Snow White" colors go well with the makeup,
    the face-symmetry is well done and look natural to me. Vote: 4.2/5 ˚▽˚

    [Note:✿❤★ Please don't feel mad or sad about votings, everybody got a different taste
    and therefore a different opinion ★❤✿]

    Here is my main, my venomancer Chibiusa. I play now since a few years on the lovely Dreamweaver.
    I may later upload my cleric, wiz, mystic and more... gosh so many alts...lol *~*


    haha thanks a friend of mine and me were joking around about the idea, and I ended up running with it, the bobble head look though was one I made previously to the fashion choice. b:laugh
    The loudest person in the room, usually has the least to say... b:chuckle
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    I was just thinking... b:chuckle
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    Tell me what you think. b:cute




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    Here's mine again, made him look a bit creepy! b:shocked


    Love the hair! It suits your character very well. 5/5
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    So this is my character she always loses clothes in water it's a weird yet pretty hot bug LOL
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    Not really the best pic buut

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    odd lookin
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