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heero200heero200 Helper ExtraordinaryPosts: 3,827 Community Moderator
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Please Feel Free to Update If needs Be. Please note this is not the Official Info and as such you should keep checking for updates. This post should only be used as a reminder for standard Maint Times and info.
Server Status Provided By @nrglg (Reload Page To Update)
If there is maintenance tonight expect it to be the usual time unless any updates, from 11pm to 2am PDT.

PWI - Wings of Rebirth - EXPANSION

Patch Notes Links.

Maintenance is expected to last approximately 4 hours, so during that time you will not be able to access the live servers.
*Maintenance times are tentative and are subject to change at any time. Actual end times will vary depending on the progress of the maintenance.

Thank you for your patience and we apologize for the inconvenience.
This week's question.

DH, IBU or UP Which is your Favorite Instance and why?
If you have not done these before what are your impressions of them?


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  • heero200heero200 Helper Extraordinary Posts: 3,827 Community Moderator
    Thanks for the feedback given last week, I have had a rather busy week so hopefully I will get this defined and sorted in the next few days and may be a bit of feedback if I can.

    Going to answer this first, IBU is my favorite instance. Tho ill do all 3 of them i find the IBU timer is a good mechanic. You have 15 mins no matter what happens to do what you can. It must end after 15 mins!

    The only down side I can think of is it takes longer to make a squad than complete it.

  • tchptchp Posts: 20 Arc User
    I have to agree that IU mechanic is the most decent of the 3, however the way to get in suck has hell. Could have put that in an other quest. Doing supply every day for someone that has reach max LV is super lame to lose 10 minute walking doing nothing. And then get his charm and potion **** for 15 minute to get 1 good reward every 3 month.

    Seriously, Then UP and DH, where if you don't have enough damage you are screwed ! What the hell are they thinking over there.
    All those 3 instance are good for is emptying our pocket.

    Should do more stuff like Little foot where gear get nerf and put the team equal to the mobs, or have dungeon scaling in there somewhere.

    But what ever not gonna stop me from playing
  • mysticblue#1834 mysticblue Posts: 92 Arc User
    edited May 22
    I would like to do more of IU since I couldn't do it much when it came out.(It really is heavily reliant on teamwork)

    As for UP it is fun to do with a fairly decent squad otherwise it ends up taking forever😅.(I have a love-hate relationship with UP boss mechanics xD)

    DH is pretty fun to do too.(I like the first boss lol. The rush to make it to the centre,quickly finishing combos and then getting back to the stage is pretty fun for me)

    Personally I have been more to Warsong against any other instance in the game lol.. I like it more I guess since it's a relatively easier instance but has good mechanics which involve proper team coordination.
    And it's pretty quick too 😅
  • outofthedarkoutofthedark Posts: 9 Arc User
    are you guys fixxing something? or you missed price an item. at lest wait after Nation War.
  • csquared5csquared5 Posts: 148 Arc User
    Maint is 1 hour early... cautiously optimistic that this patch has more than usual going on behind it? No news posts yet but still...
    »Go back to sleep...« PWI Youtube Channel

  • outofthedarkoutofthedark Posts: 9 Arc User
    as far as IBU i love it. but the toons that need that gear can't last one sec in there. the r9 toon that can get in can only make one item of each.
  • phage69phage69 Posts: 110 Arc User
    Please be a worthwhile update finally since u decided to kick everyone off an hour early RIP dailies D=
  • ghostryderghostryder Posts: 35 Arc User
    Yeah, caught me by surprise. I scheduled my chars to get their dailies done by the time maintenance started....but it came an hour early.
  • lunar9lunar9 Posts: 4 Arc User
    All of them are fun with a good squad....... and therein lies the issue. The divide between ones who know and ones who are learning is increasingly wide. At least 999/IU is time limited.

    Guess we will see what this early maint brings.....hope noone is stuck in NW land .........
  • bev1bev1 Posts: 13 Arc User
    could of waited to after nw was over
  • obielleobielle Posts: 637 Arc User
    I quite enjoy IBU out of all of them mostly because it's newer and exciting. It's also a fairly short run and it's guaranteed you won't be there for hours (except for making the squad). Also means I can go on my main instead of having to take a healer or a barb along.

    I'm a little anxious about the servers going down for maint an hour early with no info from PWI staff, especially if we're looking at a nice large update coming. We'll have to see...
    Roxxannae - Twilight Temple
  • jokerballadjokerballad Posts: 1 Arc User
    yea hope no one stuck at nw land and you should give compensation for those player who have disappointed with this early mt
  • truelittlegirltruelittlegirl Posts: 19 Arc User
    Well im hoping that this is something worth while, I mean shutting servers off 1 hr before schedule.... which cut us off of NW is moronic if its not something good. go ahead a just let us know whats up.
  • mysticblue#1834 mysticblue Posts: 92 Arc User
    I think they are obligated to provide a compensation code for the massive delay with the patch lol.

    For the time being the patch itself would be a huge relief :p
  • darkfightr2darkfightr2 Posts: 16 Arc User
    yea hope no one stuck at nw land and you should give compensation for those player who have disappointed with this early mt

    People were having log in issues and mass disconnects for 3 whole days.
    I dont think pwi cares enough about 1 extra hour of our time wasted and poor communication between mods and player base.
    I dont think there will be any compensation unless its a huge **** up (bigger than 3 days of messed up servers).
  • truelittlegirltruelittlegirl Posts: 19 Arc User
    guys, i really want to point out this is not a 1 hour early shut down to fix something. They would have done that during maint as they have an est time of 4 hrs for maint and usually only use 2-3 hours of that time. They simply either messed up, there was a much bigger issue than we realize, or they are launching the expansion.

    I doubt it is the expansion though tbh, usually we get previews for expansions and patches that usually tend to be done is a 3 week progression... releasing info in 3 previews.

    but i am ultimately interested to hear the reason for shutting server down during an event. anything you can tell us about this hero? or was that not told to you? I really think communication needs a huge revival here.
  • obielleobielle Posts: 637 Arc User
    edited May 22
    It's the expansionnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    The patcher updated and looks like we can patch now

    Gonna be a long night as I try to update the wiki. I'll be making an update post sometime in the next 24-48 hours with progress so people can read up on the new stuff. For now I'm rushing to add all the new class information while I wait for servers to come up.

    ALSO! Here's the PWCN patch notes for the update: http://w2i.wanmei.com/news/bulletin/20181023/80929.shtml

    EDIT: @heero200 some more feedback on the forums now haha, is it possible to make Technician/Edgerunner sections the in Class Discussion section of the forums? I'll be linking to these from the wiki so it'll be good for people to start up discussions there.
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    Roxxannae - Twilight Temple
  • metamorphasismetamorphasis Posts: 32 Arc User
    The last communication we received from PWI was over a year ago. Patch notes, a year old. Shutting down server abruptly an hour early. Zero communication or care regarding their player base, it seems we are left for dead.
  • vorredvorred Posts: 7 Arc User
    edited May 22
  • truelittlegirltruelittlegirl Posts: 19 Arc User
  • metamorphasismetamorphasis Posts: 32 Arc User
    Seems the patcher is already updated and new version.

  • meleeexpressmeleeexpress Posts: 5 Arc User
    edited May 22
    Seems the update is new fun
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  • heero200heero200 Helper Extraordinary Posts: 3,827 Community Moderator
    Sorry all really busy.

    I'll get back to people where I need to as soon as I can.

    Also I didn't know they where doing expansion or I would have said about servers going down earlier.

  • eaglestormeaglestorm Posts: 46 Arc User
    Well, I like all 3 but IBU is my fav, as it's fast paced and less than 17 minutes long. Fun Fun Fun. Only pet peeve with this instance it the dark soulstone for entrance is not stackable and really should be considering we are getting them mailed with log in reward.
  • splendideyessplendideyes Posts: 313 Arc User
    its called "999"
    IBU is a pain relief.
  • lunar9lunar9 Posts: 4 Arc User
    heero200 wrote: »
    Sorry all really busy.

    I'll get back to people where I need to as soon as I can.

    Also I didn't know they where doing expansion or I would have said about servers going down earlier.


    We know you would have said, and will get back to us Heero. Your attention to keeping us up to date when you get less than satisfactory communiques is much appreciated.
  • lolitalottielolitalottie Posts: 19 Arc User
    its called "999"
    IBU is a pain relief.

    Glad someone else said it
  • sondoksondok Posts: 91 Arc User
    its called "999"
    IBU is a pain relief.

    Why 999? And tbf on TT it's called IU.
    lvl 101 ea from Lost City.
  • fededominofededomino Posts: 126 Arc User
    NEW Client , named WINGS of Rebirth
    i dont hope we have another reawakening , that will leads to nowhere , reawakening never was usefull ,instead China should make an overhaul of fix everything and make better instance Lv 100 THAT is FUN where TT gear 99 can go without be a pain , Rank 9 gear belong to TW and stuff like that , not for Dailys stuff , by my self i will never go R9 , if it can`t go put it on museum
  • extrememomnessextrememomness Posts: 4 Arc User
    Checked this msg to see if patch notes had put in - nope, but they should be - i'm downloading patch and its about 70% done. Will we ever get patch notes for expansion patch? I hope so.
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