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nitocris83 Community Manager

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  • bobdredds#9435
    I posted this in another place but i noticed the other posts were from 2015. Loving the new mod and pleased to see many of the early issues fixed. Combat is more fun under the new system. I have one issue I would like to see fixed and because the trolls will take up too much chat space tomorrow I will put it here. The change appearance isn't working on many of the undermountain equipment and I want to keep my image intact. Please fix this.
    May 20
  • vulkoonar999#1208
    hi thanks maybe i posted this in the wrong place but i appreciate it just the same.Hey a feedback suggestion: add a character active mechanic bracket on the other side of the tool lip of the UI on the on screen HUD, would be nice then add four on the either side above those two(race, artifact, major item and equiped weapon) would be awesome hence unstoppable as a Barbarian Class Mechainc has a short cooldown sloted to key q within the tool lip of the hud.This way the plater is geting more quick loads for needed actions that require a planned a specific use that is area, target specific and then in turn allow a toggle on the 10 stack bracket as to give the player the ability to use the day or charge limit affects of something of the staff of the maji that has 25 charges now you get the point, that would eterate would magical items with multiple functions could work within a game like NWN that could be used by the player.Then even toggle out the the 10 bracket mechanic tool-skills.
    May 19
    • vulkoonar999#1208
      hence theres 18 skills in [email protected] in 5th now for 22 by 3.5 standerds, the point each could be a toggle set by the Bracket Mechanic tool option in game to switch catagory hence-character, item, race, skill, artifact, mount, companion, pet, minion(summoned stuff), tool(instrument gathering/crafting), exploration(parkour)

      there ya go, you people at cryptic are awesome have a great day like, this feedback check out other feedback on the page server laters.Have a AWESOME weekend guys.and kodos to perfect world entertainment.
  • diotelp
    Hi, on the devs last stream i QQ'd that my cleric dps had to choose between 4 feats that i didnt really want to use.
    I recently made a barbie tank and now i find that ALL my feats are tied to powers and im gonna end up only using 2 feats... WTF is this
    May 17
  • vixazarahv
    Alliance of Heroes Season - Season rewards

    I'm sure it's been mentioned before: the new artifact weapons for each class available in the Season Store for the 2019 Season seem woefully underpowered in light of the fact that the Undermountain weapons vastly outpower the Seasonal Artifact Weapons, and we haven't even earned enough Tokens of Heroes to be able to buy the set yet.

    I'm not certain the rewards are even worth earning, unless there's a secret plan to upgrade them?
    I just wanted to make sure this was brought to someone's attention.
    Maybe an update post could be assembled to address this.
    I'm sure it's going to come up a lot, really soon.

    I'm only messaging rather than starting a thread, because I didn't want to start a flood of spam posts on this topic.
    May 16
  • bigguy702#4261
    With all the mass changes to the companions can we get a sheet showing which category they all fall into to make our life easier. This would help everyone and the Console players to prepare as well.
    May 15
  • demonmonger
    this patch bugged teneberous enchantments.

    previously all enchantments before slotted would say their proper % chance per rank.
    but once slotted they all said 8% chance proc chance.
    This update today make it so all enchants before slotting say % chance with no number, and after slotting also they say % chance. no value is listed, this the enchant never procs.

    these were previous enchantment % proc values.

    rank 15 = 8%
    rank 14 = 7%
    rank 13 = 6%
    rank 12 = 5%
    rank 11 = 4%
    rank 10 = 3%
    rank 9 = 2%
    rank 8 = 1%

    please fix this asap

    thanks Julia <3
    May 14
  • sooty#4663
    Hey Julia, thank you for the response more in-depth response to my Q&A question. Please also tell Thomas thank you for the follow up as well! That meant a lot.

    I do have a follow up to your follow up though, if I may. While most of us gamer tweakers are fully aware that reaching stat caps in current content doesn't mean we'll be capped in scaled content, my question was more generalized with intent. I am fully capped on everything in the current content and have built a set of armor pen gear to be able to at least hit that cap for scaled content, but doing so I have sacrificed soooo much of the other stats. Generally speaking moving forward in the game, as a player who dedicates hours a day and a ton of money to this game, am I now no longer to expect to feel powerful in older content because of this scaling? As a gamer that min/maxes everywhere I can, should I expect that in scaled content, the intent is now that I am not supposed to be able to hit multiple stat caps?
    May 10
  • violencebf22
    Do not tell me where you can find out about upgrade "Part of set Tales Set" ? Thx for help.
    May 4
  • hordehound7
    Yeah i get stuck all the time man im assassin rogue
    May 1
  • aandrethegiant
    The GUILD DIRECTORY of Neverwinter somehow lost its PIN position at the top of the Guild Recruitment section. I DID update the top post so Im wondering id that somehow kicked it down. Can you please re-pin it as its the most read post in that section and I've been working on it for over 6 years. Thanks!! :) https://www.arcgames.com/en/forums/neverwinter/#/discussion/468938/the-guild-directory-of-neverwinter
    April 29
  • teamstephon
    is there a reason why you guys wont let us xp from the maze engine quest and why you had to changed it from level 70 to 80 cause after seeing Temple intrusion hard as well that none of my toons can solo that one so why even bother making the game hard if your not going to let us play while reaching 80
    April 28
  • ruslan1404#8974
    Russian server localization

    send to you

    news on the euro came out and we do not have.

    I represent the whole community of players. you can check for activity and I am active

    ask what moderators are doing on the server, RU
    just edit and delete our posts?
    we therefore go to you for the euro. without understanding the language.
    You need to refer to the drider server or we will understand what is not needed.
    April 27
  • ruigat911
    When will Russian localization be brought to mind?
    April 26
  • rysiek86
    Good day. I posted a thread in Wizard Feedback on prewiew shard section around 20:00 05.04.2019. I saw a mistake and wanted to edit the text. After i posted it again the whole text disappeared :( is there a way to put it back there again ?? I am sorry if it is not your concern or duty to respond for such question. If theres other person who could help me with the problem Im looking forward to any support :) Have a nice day :)
    April 6
  • teamstephon
    after seeing the 2x seals come back why couldn't you guys not give us at least 40 cause after seeing that in Barovia and not having fun in this event that all it did was made me stop playing so why couldn't you guys not make up for this to make the seals better very disappointed
    March 30