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  • Thanks for this. Confirming this is still an issue. Dropping the quest and going back and killing them in the final room worked for me.
  • <3 benecor works like a charm! thanks!
  • Pointing the fingers at a "WoW Conspiracy" is almost a conspiracy in and of itself. I've been around MMO's for quite awhile now. EverQuest for 8.5 years, then WoW for another 5(and counting) and now checking out Neverwinter (enjoying it enough to actually drop the $$ for the Hero's of the North). All the message boards…
  • No, it stopped being beta once they started accepting real money and declared no more wipes. A real beta is for debugging and stress testing the servers. Then wipe everything for a live launch where everyone starts off fresh.
  • No need to run back to the Protectors Enclave for these. Use the control bar, 4th from the left for instant Wondrous Bazaar access.