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  • Anyone else notice how this is another thread that has gotten zero feedback on our feedback...? Just saying Players feel ignored in many threads. People that get ignored when trying to help fix the broken game the dev's placed in our face and we get zero information about anything or told to basically shut up from a…
  • I honestly don't understand what it is with Dev's now a days wanting to just kill their games because that's what happened.... A changed needed to happen but yall went and just removed EVERYTHING also this game is so far from "Being closer to what DnD actually is" Its not even funny. Dev's you had a job to make a great…
  • As someone who has played neverwinter forever I still think removing the damage buff from hallowed ground is punishing it. The daily is now the size of dinner plate. Also that was how Hallowed Ground worked LONNGGGG ago IDK how many mods ago but it use to heal allies on it. Its healing is also not the strongest either it…
  • I personally hated the Buff meta... I play a Healer to heal. BUT with that said I also feel like cleric still needs the ability to provide SOME buffs. Like Hallowed Ground is a shell of what it use to be and its sad to look at as well as use with how nerfed it got. I just wish cleric could keep the healing it has (although…
  • I more meant I take the at will aggro and the shout for threat generation and that should be AT LEAST able to hold aggro somewhat but its not. And there isn't tanking abilities really for barbarian. A tank normally can hold aggro while also support/self-sustaining themselves. Barbarian fills like its in a super weird place…
  • Warlock's aren't overpowered... All the other classes are just very underpowered.
  • Ok but having to stack all the aggro abilities on to my bar when I would rather play a different way with my tanking is IMO stupid design. Like Im sorry but this Mod is making it feel very pigeonholey like you can't play at all how YOU want to play because there is no viable versatility. In Mod 15 you had the option to…
  • @asterdahl Even with having all the aggro abilities put on you still can NOT keep aggro even slightly. I also found even using the shout (which is suppose to put you at the top of the enemies threat list) You actually don't ill pop it to try and peel off the healer or squishy DPS but the mobs just ignore me and continue…
  • Shatter Spark seems to be a bit hard to get to actually heal. You can use the spell but it sometimes doesnt actually heal and it also seems the radius of it is smaller than it says.