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  • I have been trying to find info on all the stats and numbers to aim for, is there an easy link to click do you know?
  • Hmmmmm, does permastunning players to death still exist? That was the main factor why I left, was so sick of it.
  • Sorry for the late reply, thanks for answering. I have been reading through the threads and sounds like my old Trapper is dead now which is a shame. I have not played at all since Mod 15... If I were to re-install I wouldnt know where to start lol, the stats have changed so much :(
  • I've not played since Mod 15... Kinda miss it. How is the game now?
  • I am in Q Snipe dude :) I dont think your Guild likes mine ha ha... Are you still in TLO Alliance? Some of the cheats I complain about are with them, 1 of the reasons I was not happy a while back in-game. We have been in the same Alliance once or twice :)
  • I have played as a Trapper in PvE ever since the level cap increase as I love the class and action... I dont mind big damage nerfs across the board, but if I cant play my fav way as of M16 I will have a break again like the Eurofishing mod, then just wait to see what happens in the future. I have not really played for a…
  • You are just babbling for the sake of it, if you dont want to answer the dude's question then just dont comment... Simples. As for me I will test things out for myself, if I am still about, and try not to watch too many of other peoples clips until I have ran through it myself.
  • No offence but stupid comment dude, not everyone has a PC as I dont have one either... You need to remember this part of the forum is for all formats.
  • Ha ha I have no idea on the time as I threw my pad on the other sofa and walked out lol... But looking at my clips it took me 9mins from the death of the 1st boss to the death of the 2nd one :)
  • Yes, since the Mod it came out... Although back then it was a lot harder and you had to get 4 people to play with you and disconnect without leaving the group. Now you can just solo in the private queue.
  • So thought I would give CN a whirl as not done it lately and wondered how long it would take in M15 still... Here is my story... :) Tal'Gath and up to here pretty easy and quick https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/wdj40/video/71297976 Ctyhlar took a while to get to and beat due to hallways full of enemies…
  • Funnily enough this happened in the random Intermediete queue a few days ago so I recorded it, nothing special just 5 HR's lol https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/wdj40/video/70459611
  • Agreed, problem is there is not enough playes to make IL PvP Queues as they have left it to go stale for too long.
  • It is because he cannot buy most of us solo players off! I have screenshot evidence of him buying wins for Marks of Potency and getting people to let him win games etc! Pity that was unfortunately how he got so high on the leaderboards! Even if he got there legit at some point I would not believe it now
  • Wooo I was wondering if your name would ever pop up in the forum... This is all you have to post? Just a heads up everyone this dude is one of the biggest cheats in game I have ever come across. Actually uses an Immune build in the solo queue and every single broken item/mechanic he can get his hands on. Even goes Immune…
  • Yes anyhoo the Overload Slot items you buy in the SH do not stack or give more uptime if you equip multiple... But the old Greater Red or Black Glyphs do. If you equip 1 of each different type it works out as 33% uptime, but if you equip 2 of the same type you get 100% uptime but ends up costly at 2hrs combat time each.
  • No they dont stack, but they do give you 100% uptime when you equip 2... So not a waste
  • I think it depends what Boon your Guild has when it comes to Slayer and Wards etc. For instance my Guild does not have the Slayer Boon otherwise I would equip it etc. But it does have the Wards Boon for an extra 10% on top of the 10% the wards actually give you. So I just chose whatever 2 classes are giving me the most…
  • Yeah nearly all players cheese this game its so sad :( You have invincible TR and CW going 20-0 or so in every game... SW glitching lagging the game up and getting tons of kills... Immune builds I have given video evidence to the dev's this one is that bad... GF reflecting 1000's of hits and double KV if these stick with…
  • Dude this is every SW on the xbox... Much like the TR where they are all just the same.
  • I honestly dont mind the odd stun, my problem is just too many players abuse the amount of them... Which is loads of different stun sources which in turn force players to not be able to play PvP. Its not really the players fault its the Dev's for just allowing too many to exist.
  • No, it really was pants, my keyboards not working so will tell you what I tried later...
  • So has anyone tried dropping all Crit and just going Power yet? I was thinking of trying it as Crit Chance is very costly now.
  • Ha ha sorry dude... All I meant was T Elven is great apart from against certain players builds, which make it worthless against them :)
  • Oh even though it can be useless at times Trans Elven still is worth it in the long run. It does allow you to fire off more attacks than a Shadowclad and I am glad I saved up for one in the end. I made a random clip last night... I joined this game and my team were no less than 500-0 down... I ended up winning and coming…
  • Its Trans Elven or bust... anything less than Trans is worthless as it wont block stuns. Just to note I have Trans Elven, CC Resist Boons and 1500 CC resist... It is still totally useless against a lot of players. TR will still slow and stun you to death with almost 100% success rate. I have had in every single game TR's…
  • Ha ha lol.... It makes me laugh even more now... Buff the enemy but remove our Piercing damage. They might as well remove the bow altogether and we just throw spoons at the enemy :)