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  • Thank you for the swift reply. So presumably I was mistaken about opening a box, and the bounty board didn't reward anything extra I didn't already have, so wouldn't necessarily notice what was received.
  • Thank you, I'd love more of those hints applicable to Mod 20. Hopefully those hard workers who are testing their recommendations will publish them soon. The wonderful videos available so far have been great, although I've heard they've put the AH price for what they recommend sky-high!!!
  • I'm a terrible tank on my Paladin. Not much better on my Fighter, but I enjoy tanking on both toons. What is the problem please?
  • How is a community manager supposed to answer that?! :) Some say it should have been delayed longer, others complain that it has been delayed at all. Its's "You are damned if you do, and you are damned if you don't". Please give the guys a break :)
  • Just got "Invalid Username or Password" (when it wasn't) so pure guess is that they are rebuilding the login server. Now it's back to "The Server is unavailable at this time" which could mean they've downed it until the login one is back up. Hopefully that gives some a clue as to what is going on, although anything…