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  • (thumbsup) PS all stuff is gone, game deleted. Thank you for good words guys. Have fun
  • I splitted some stuff with folks in guild last night. So Bolt should be a bit more then 1.8 ilvl lol) Some stuff in bank as well. check mail. idea is simple - purple items. most of people are scarred by the fact that you have only 60% success change. but here is math - Average scenario - on line of 3 items you have 2/3…
  • Im gonna do a giveaway. probably tomorrow since my pc is now installing w10. So if anyone wants something particular that I have in possession or might have ( HR from mod 2 hehe) write in thread. A a gratidute I can share mechanic to make 1m-2m AD a week. No botting. + ~0.5m-1m if botting. One thing - i better give…
  • and we don't. HR as a class here is both stands. Not one. End of conversation. Rest is for people with something else except 'wonna place you in what is want' Was it smart to try to make classic 2 spec Ranger class in one ? nope. Build styles are Archer ranger, Two-blade ranger, Beast Master with roles of primal striker /…
  • Just cause he is funny entertainer and is not too boring yet. Sometime even hilarious I mostly play melee HR. since mod 2. Not that I don't respect good archer folks but for me class was always about being fast and agile hit-run-hit style of play. And yeah melee sucks badly now. No control, no dps, no suitability.
  • well i laughed well. Thank you lol. obviously you have 0 idea on current HR state) Hr is a <font color="orange">HAMSTER</font>. true. Has to to be fixed. true. But I hope they won't let people with "such knowledge" even near to HR fixes. Cause well we gonna get one more idiotic "fix" again
  • it is hard cool down. I m not even sure if it is 15 of recharge speed after recovery application or before. Anyway it is hard 15% from swiftness itself. one of the fixes could be making it recharge speed increase work same way are recovery where 100% is 1/2 of skill time. HR mod 2 had great interactions where melee was…
  • @ralexinor has a point. HR now is a "patched" class. HR is nothing even without 2 of 3 feets. Just play pure archer or combat to feel it. Whole class is list of broken unfinished nerfed mechanics.At this point mod 3-4 HR was way better even thought had broken issues. Having reduce of cool downs is great, same as giving HR…
  • just make it same way as HR piercing fix - after DR. Game has too much piercing really atm