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  • As all ppl mentioned, Dex and Wisdom is the one you need for Archery. Focus first on Crit (100%) and ArmP (60% for normal content, 80% for normal Chult and 85% for Tong). Afterthat go for Power. Note: Get all posible Crit Ser from all boons. You do not need Deflection. it does not help anything for archery. If you play…
  • Currently, I am playing with Young Yeti (summon), Hunting Hawk, Lightfoot Thief, Dog and Damaran Sheppherd. Getting them from looting. My wish list is Air Archon, Fire Archon, Earth Archon, Hunting Hawk, Cambion Magus and Erinyes of Belial The combination of Archon are quite interesting for me. The Earth Archon is quite…
  • That would be an interesting point to change on the buff range.
  • I can say I agree on your comment @thefabricant and I am appreciated on any comments/feedbacks. :) It is a challenge to go for this kind of built. Anyhow, I am trying to see how could I (my built) do for the best dps out of the current asset and limitation of the built itself and how could I bring the value to the team in…
  • I thought I knew what is your concern, @thefabricant. Anyhow, the answering by @kangkeok is so true. Actually, we do not excommunicated because we are still keep talking :p As I did choose the DPS built for my play, my personal experience told me that distance is the most important factor for my DPS and survivability is…
  • Yes, it think so. I ever used CoA around the tank by CoA+RoA+longstrider+CoA+.... before, it showed a good damage. If CoA also crit able, it is interesting to test it again. But tank need to agro and invite mob to him not push them away :wink: Oh! That's not good.
  • I saw someone/build put 3 mounts with Protector's Camaraderie + 1 with Protector's Friendship. So, what would be a benefit of that? Is it to stack faster purpose or to ensure that bonus will be always on?
  • I knew what you mean. For party, to get the pet having more agro than the Tank is a kind of nightmare. I have sometime complaint by team member (when pug) that my Yeti interfear tanking. I am interesting if I could apply your concept on my Yeti, because I like its agro (It is even can agro on Orcus by itself :)) and it is…
  • Very interesting @qexotic on your strategy, to build agro/threat on pet.
  • I think it is quite an interesting anyhow to know it better on threat reduction. Nice to know that someone still experimenting on that :wink: Looking forward to know your result :p
  • Thank you :) Nice to know people who still like playing Archery :wink:
  • Many thanks @clericalist for sharing your opinion here! ‘Threat Reduction’ is the interesting one for Archery. Unfortunately, up to now, I could not found any post provide a solid information how does it work or does it really work properly. However, it is really interesting to try, Battlewise (3) + Owl + War Dog = 37.5%…
  • Deleting! repeated information
  • Deleting! repeated information
  • At Will: Electric Shot (ES) and Aimed Shot (AS) permanently! Just simple concept for me on At Will. If less than or equal to 2 foes, I used Aimed Shot. If more than 2 foes, I go for Electric Shot. Why does not go for Rapid Shot or Split Shot? First, I like to have one At Will for single target and another one for AoE and I…
  • I have got a problem that I could not post for the last content of mine. I am trying to figure out the problem. Note: I try lots of post and realise that ' Your comment will appear after approve'. :'( And I did so many trial posts.
  • Note: Magenta Text means wish to haveGear: Head - Vivified Trailblazer's Raid Hood Armor - Vivified Trailblazer's Raid Coat Arm - Vivified Trailblazer's Raid Bracers [current: Cambist's Gauntlets] Feet - Vivified Trailblazer's Raid Gaiters Main / Off-hand - Trailblazer’s Set / Aboleth Set / Brightsilver Set [Teak Aqaws /…
  • Note: Magenta Text means wish to haveHeroic Feat: Predatory Action (1) - Need point to spend, using daily many situation so nice to have a bit higher damage Weapon Mastery (3) - Crit Chance is a must! need 100% in combat Toughness (3) - Higher HP means more chance to survive Swift Footwork (5) - Better to have, many…
  • I play pure Archery-stormwarden built since the begiining of the game and still play it because I like this kind of play style. I could not say Archery HR is the best dps but for sure, we are not the low dps that could be ignored in the team. Archery is mid-high dps level, I would say :p . Instead of the dps, Archery have…
  • For Solo, I am currently use Young Yeti. It holder Agro very well for me. For Party, you can switch to any others pet or still working with Young Yeti (3 offense slot + 10% chance, for you or your companion, to become blood thirsty, increasing damage dealt by 10% is also nice). Only problem I found when using with Young…
  • Thank you @dread4moor and @wilbur626 for the input. It is now more clear for me how importance of the need of Crusing Pin which is stated in @dread4moor post and @wilbur626, guide build as well as several link.