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  • These insignia have never been "worthless". The ones with some worth were usable on crafting with enough of the others required, the one crafted wasn't bound. It just wasn't practicable to keep all of them. Now it makes no difference, prices will tend to be nearly same for all. Btw your green insignia is now really worth…
  • The last professions update with the cheap 550 prof/focus tools already crashed a lot of the good working system. Masterwork tools and equipment went nearly useless waste of AD. I think if their actual developers would add something, this could be death to the system. They may have absolutely no feeling for logical…
  • It will not get harder for all. It should just require more game activity than getting 800Gold, buy 1000 of each required material from materials vendor NPC and craft with morale restoring without real limitation. This is not an "Event", this is just a "crafting orgy" transmuting gold to boxes with Zen store content. If…
  • Nobody asked for a "cap". In fact this Gond crafting is totally unbalanced. The richest just buy Gold from others, crafting boxes all the day. They do not have to play the game to earn anything for the crafts. Thousands creations of wonders each event if they have time. In fact they crash prices too for those who don't…
  • Some people just didnt get that the materials are not only dropping. You can craft them in workshop for just some steel ingots and few others buyable at materials vendor. It's now easy to craft 200-300 "creations of wonder" packs each day of the event if you have enough gold or buy materials on AH for AD. Absolutely no…
  • This is an event. And the "creations of wonder pack" should have a minimum of rarity. From one Gond event to the next it`s got now an absolutely mass craft without limitation as used in any other event. A bit of challenge would be if there would not be unlimited workshop morale. Or if I had to craft some materials on some…
  • Quartermaster's: Bag of Goods Chance at Rank 12 had 5% Chance I think? The only reason why I bought 2x for about 1,3Mio AD. And now after Changes it will have 4,5% at Rank 14? Damn that makes massively unhappy.