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  • all i know is that i more or less quit already - i look at updates or ingame perhaps once every day and log out 5-10 minutes later. Gaunt is way too rare to even get lucky and hit its active time, and its not fun. DD is rare and boring already.. .and i cant even work on alchemy anymore.
  • Wow... i stopped playing for several days... came back and its still ignored.... just amazing... PE really did it this time.
  • why not single 3x diff colors instead of a pack. Its putting wrong color to wrong spot. For CW the main color is blue... and everythign is already blue.
  • Whats with the people getting this small pony riding guy pic in their avatar now? Also dye is the only ok thing... that mask would look <removed derogative word use> on a thiefling. Too bad you cant chosoe which color goes where -_- The main color blue... on a already blue mage armor booo.
  • i think i asked it a while ago - it MAY happen, without any given date. Could be months or years.... or whenever populaiton drops low enough. And whats with these profile picsOo who messed up the forums.
  • even worse... i came to check if it was fixed.. and i also noticed i have this.... unusual profile pic at forums... this isnt me Oo
  • ill wait only until after this patch... why should i keep getting punished by their bugs that they absolutely ignore. While others are goign to 20 im stil lstuck at 10 - so PERHAPS in a month, when <font color="orange">HAMSTER</font> fixed and i reach 20 - anythign worth crafting has dropped 20x in price already so its…
  • AND nothing about the stuck alchemy prof? really?... iv been stuck at level 10 since it didnt level up for a week now. Ticket was closed as " solved" also... ffs. This is the last patch-chance i give PW... if its still broken im off to play other games.
  • ARGH... so now i cant even level alchemy.... i have nothing left to do in this game anymore.... Not to mention they have had over a week to fix this. They close tickets as solved withotu fixing it. I give up on this game... iv reached my limit.
  • NW-DFHDG2BLH the finding the artifact had a issue i forgot to put into the feedback: I never got the chest at the end and once i left the dungeon i was back in protectors enclave with no ingame feedback option. You can walk to The Girl and talk but you have no quest to finish - quest item remains in inv also.
  • the list is broken somewhat - due to the fact that some peopel use capital letters and some dont. You could add a ID column to Review ME and then the results/feedback - then you can collect results based off id so capitalization and typos wont matter.
  • Im not expecting tons of reviews.. but at least 1:1 ratio. I could "play" through another 5-6 missions and still end up with 0 reviews at the end. Simply cuz most of the missions that do get reviews are short: 15-20 min ones that are generally on the top of the list. And "another 5 days additively. Eg. you reviewed 4…
  • So overall its still the glorified "i review yours if you review me" single posts. Perhaps for the same reason the username in the feedback list shouldnt be visible.
  • Well at current rate its still flawed - i feel no reason to review others quest if my own doesnt even get a single review. There is somethign wrong if certain number of quests , usually on top get loads of reviews andothers get none at all. Even the statistics shows 1 review but there isnt - 2 playthroughs - mine and my…
  • Id say it needs more adjustments - quests that have got review should be put at the end of the list - to give new quests a chance. Current pattern lookign at reviews is that people choose only the shortest quest in the top of the table, ignoring the rest. Also, the quest should be removed from review list if it has got a…
  • NW-DBN367L9U hmm i did submit once again after i reviewd/posted feedback.
  • Posted/reviewed. However i have two form submits.. forgot comments on the first one.
  • edit on pause!!! For some reason during the publish one of the portals has moved inside a wall. need to fix it. ///fixed
  • also localized keyboards that use ALT GR for @ is a problem - when writing handle in mail, it closes the mail window instead.
  • after tryign gaunt .. foundry is the last thing to keep me playign here - and now i cant even make my own missions -_- Boredom like that makes you look for new games.
  • and whats with thel ats dungeon - i got the iron tabernacle share but not the armories one - does this mean the other side got the other share - so nether side can get to the last dungeon? and .. .tbh this all was looong and almost no reward.
  • The gaunt is alwo insanely laggy as soo nas you enter combat. Iv never had this kind of rubberbanding - in town or in dungeons.
  • That removes another AD source = more zen= more $$$
  • So who even crafter those leadership chests before? with less items and mroe... POTIONS... why should anyone waste that much tiem on those now? Or rather... whats worth wasting time on at all now? AND NO - stop begging for "pvp balance" - unless they actually separate pvp from pve, if you keep askign that, they WILL *** up…
  • All i know is that i wont be lvl ing leadership anymore.. ill do alchemy instead - its 100x more worth the time. Leadership needed boost not nerfs. Boxes with hp potions? Who the hell needs hp potions if you can CRAFT or BUY them + they drop alot. The 1h mission to 2h was <font color="orange">HAMSTER</font> aswell - it…
  • unfortunately the unlock door linked to the "animated" wooden door didnt lock it - you could still open it without the key. Using invisible walls etc doesnt really feel right - the hole that connects two areas is 2x smaller if you dont add a "default" door.
  • its not just cleric... last patch broke and messed up several CW skills aswell, GWF is still more or less the most useless class.
  • These leadership nerfs were completely uncalled for - the AD rewards were a joke already - yet they got nerfed even more. Chests sucked hard - and got nerfed even more (who cares about hp potions if you can craft AND buy them and they drop alot). The time increase on one of the few doable xp missions at med lvls got ****ed…
  • Time based doesnt work - how do you define how long it is? It needs to consider the number of maps, the size of maps, the number of encounters, then umber of quests. And even further a more authorized group of players (large group) that would define if its worthy of more advanced rewards (afterwards it would be available…
  • hows it 4k/hour? You need to run foudnry 4 times to get the 4k daily reward and thats it its on cooldown.