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  • thx in PVP its very hard to cast HG (last boss tong as well). i usally dodge before casting it, but i think its cause of the control and not the animation canceling. hammers 3 sec with the low damage expalin why its so bad (i use it only when i need the control immunity, weekly garbage tasks)
  • who decide what is broken and what is not? TR broken? GF broken? OP broken? DC DPS broken? stamina drain broken? AP drain broken? umbush rin broken? vanish ring broken? shadowclad broken? sandys pants broken? chult last boon broken? reflect rings broken? ... as far as i see everything broken, i cant remember a fight…
  • OK 1) so when you finish a fight with 32 kills 0 death you actually doing us a favor? if you will use umbush ring and shadow encahnt you will reach 82 kills 0 death??? guess i have to thank you 2) you are saying some broken powers are legit, for example SoD + blood bath. but if I try to counter it with AP drain it's…
  • i think they allways add new things to make it intresting and create some kind of balance. all those rings and "broken" overloads are not much diffrent than your deadly combo or other classes powers. those items don't depend on stat and should give new players an option. the drains are fail i agree (even that AP drain…
  • only solo Q is active. they need first to improve the other maps. domination need Q like dungeons. (healer, tank, GS etc.) different rewards for maps
  • i think FF will have allmost same buff as FF in next patch. for now i use FF: if slow is needed (only dwarf king skirmish to be honest) if there is another DC in PVP if i want to do extra damage, i am not sure but i think the devine FF is stronger then devine Bts. also players dodge it less
  • from my experiance its depend only on the price. if its ceap its good for DC
  • @macjae as for PVE, if you play DC you should know most powers are not related to gear score. the only stat buff cleric have is power and it get nerf every mod. thats why DC looks easy to play. I have 3 PVP builds: AC virtuos, DO faithful and DO rightuous. in all builds i die 1:1 against any other class with same GS my…
  • next mod will be another nerf for DC. clerics are grabage in PVP and the best companion in PVE. thats it dont expect any buff soon
  • i am using stag, not the best for sure. but mount power damage is strong, even in PVP.
  • GF are strong. they can easy mark you and gain advantage bonus. strong pron combo to give extra damage as well. at some level you can't make mistakes with GF, like TR. don't forget you need to win, seprate the GF is sometime TR job :smile:
  • the WOL nerf is strong, it will effect 2 DC runs the rest are just usuall nerfs (stacks of FF and exaltation???) if you play DC you should get used to it. at one point we wont be able to do the daily grind and than will get buff. till than, all nerfs
  • i think dread is the best, but that it's biggest problem. many double DC runs and even other classes use dread. for many runs i think i will be more usefull with frost, plague fire or terror.
  • PVP DC is tough, all what ppl say above is corrcet. you need to focus on party heals and buffs (faithfull or rightuous), avoid 1:1 situations as you are uselss for it. the more ppl around you the more effective you are. *DO is probably better buffer, but AC at low GS is bit more tanky.
    in PvP as DC Comment by plavia January 2018
  • nice idea they should add PVP to random as well
  • i agree the healer paths are not good for PVE (virtuos can be nice for very high GS cleric) but saying cleric does not need to heals is wrong. in PVP if you don't heal you will be kicked. a new cleric that is not using BoH in dungeons will be kiced. even "easy" dungeons like elol or etos allmost all tong double DC i did…
  • PVP more dead than before this patch is more balnaced but still many had enough with broken meachnics. i don't see ppl wait again 2 years for the devs to fix it
  • i didnt say your guide is bad, with today playstyle data alone might be hard to understand. there are some situation i can't cast HG unless i try to cancel animation. for some runs with other DC or OP i might play completly different than my usuall combo. there are big diffrence between PVP to PVE and i might switch from…
  • nice but i think guide in youtube will be more helpfull now. game is combinations, animation cancel, positions, team 'work' etc. my personal input; Lance of faith 5 - makes damage like an encounter and cover small area Astral Shield 0 - PVP & PVE BoH 5 - PVP & PVE. for solo its uselss, but cleric is party class. searing…
  • there is decent matchmaking now, i don't think it only looks at GS. usually i lose 2-3 times and end up in low GS match. the probelm is not GS matching. the problem is that high GS player will eliminate the all other team with no chalange at all. every solo match now its same story. 1 or 2 players with 20+ kills and rest…
  • i use haste light with off hand feat on all PVE builds. if i don't use it with other AC i need to wait 10 sec for HG. it makes my daily usefull :)
  • what about beacon of simril?
  • thx @greyjay1 the other day someone ask me to bind exaltation on him in tong. for 2 days i couldn't figure why the camera move so fast. i switched my mouse battery, clean the red eye and for a while i suspect sour diesel actualy have diesel fuel in it. then i found the /unbind e
  • its hapen to me as well. several times but no one complained. (i am probably not as good as you) i think the matchmaking system actually works and 14k DC is same as 9K scrub now.
  • I didn't get it. all PVP damage is limit to 20-60% ? in your calcultion you assume 0 Arp. but if its not 0, is it? 1000 * (1 - 40%) * (1+Arp-DR%)*(1+Arp-DR1%)... and all cap to 20% *DR1 is any other source of damage reduction, asrtal shield for example
  • thx rank13 and 14 mixed stat are 40% stronger compare to radiat etc. its big diff now.
  • Merci @chiennedeluxe baiscly all DR worth spending except defence that can be counter easy.
  • i didnt understand. full exaltation gives allmost 50% DR, so it only works on 20% of the damage and reduce total damage by 10%? and it canot be negated? even piercing damage?
  • they have to change cleric soon, unless the new class is EXACTLY cleric role. (not OP) and even if the new class is super buffer, cleric will still be mandatory. for a while i was thinking tong 2 clerics will go away, but no. 1) damage need to go up. across all powers and daily. if needed cleric should have 10% fire…
  • allmost every post now is broken SOD or broken pants. unlike umbush rings you can not blame others for it. allmost all sandy players i see are top guilds/alliance. (you need lot of gems for it) insetead of complaining here, why dont you take it to you alliance? as for SOD, i didn't see the dev admit its broken. allmost all…