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  • for me there are 2 points that are wrong. 1 - for such an important item, the drop is left to chance! it is like saying I transform the easy into the difficult through the useless. those who try it experience frustration and those who have obtained it expect others to do the same even if it is wrong. 2 - creates an…
  • no sorry. :smile: a few years ago the hunters worked but got heavily nerfed and hurt a lot. For several years no one has played a Hunter anymore. When I created this account they told me to choose any other class but not hunter, they were right it didn't hurt. Even now there are nerf signs.
  • "it to be destroyed." it is a provocation I know well after years that they will not destroy him physically ..... but they can do it with the nerf as they did in his time with Hunter
  • I agree that people who complain are everywhere and complain about everything. it is true that if you don't have the + 10% ring on dragons you don't do CoK Master and that's right. it is true that BoA is + 50% on everyone everywhere, this is wrong.
  • I remind you that THE RING has already been nerf once because it killed all the bos in 2 sec. I inform you that I have the ring and for this I can say that both the damage it does and above all the way to obtain it is an injustice. the real problem is that new players are running away when they get to do VOS-HC. it is…
  • For me the best solution is to give it a number of charges then a recharge time. It is quick and easy to implement and the difference between the classes flattens out.
  • I think the ring is the representation of not knowing what to do with players. let me explain better I create something divine so everyone spends months trying to have it instead always doing the same thing for months. so it gets so boring that any other game is more interesting. pity this setting is wonderful, there is a…