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  • I was personally so hyped to check the new trial to just see it's unlocked only for people who get the pack! It would be fine if it was some exclusive items in that pack, but really not something essential to unlock a trial. I undresntad that the difference is only a week but it just kills the excitement.
  • I totally agree. In my opinion it is more expected to be somethintg challenging and exclusive but there aren't any items to chase, everything exepet for tittles can be earned from other sources and they're overpriced too. I like the general idea but the store is lacking so much.
  • I agree. That would let us actually choose instead of relying on luck and it's fun to grind for too when we can see the items in the store and how much they cost. We know what we're aiming for and how many days/hours it requires. Also that's a better usage of Participation tokens.
  • Exactly! Events are expected to be fun and something different then we are supposed to spend time for a chance to get what we are interested in while it was already okay the way it was! I personally was so excited for Griffon because I knew I will get it if I participate every day with some days to spare but now I wouldn't…